10 Best Wireframing Tools Available for the Web Developers!

Wireframing can be defined as providing basic skeletal frame to any website. It makes use of in-depth visualization and breaks the whole product into elementary pieces so that it can be developed on the base provided by the wireframe. Building a wireframe correctly is actually half the work done and the further route to developing the website full-fledged is made rather clearer on its basis. A number of wireframe forming softwares are available in the market which complement the complexity of the website under construction.

> Visio

It works for Windows environment. Visio is unique because of its emphasis on technical drawings which help visualize better on the overall structure of the website. It comes with add-on tools which allow easy export of any HTML template onto it. Price ranges from $599 to $900.

> OmniGraffle

Suitable for both Mac and iPad. This wireframe supports responsive designs. Alignment of a variety of diagrams, layout ideas and process charts is quite an easy task with this tool. Thus, the user gets to experiment with a variety of tools and plug-ins and other elements while designing the website layout. Price is $ 49.99.

> FrameBox

FrameBox allows the designer to run the webpage under construction as a unique URL. With the help of texts and labels, functionalities of elements can be explained. It provides effective support when the website building is a team activity. Price is nil as it is available free online.

> FlairBuilder

FlairBuilder works for both the high-fidelity and low-fidelity platforms. This tool has lots of drag-and-drop features and all the elements planned to put in use are employed as clickable prototypes which can be shared across the platforms easily. It is priced at $99 and can be used for both Windows and Mac.

> MockUps

Balsamiq Mockups allow the user to use drawings, buttons, lists and many more features to provide concrete framework to his ideas. Mostly, the prototypes are kept rough in order to retain the manual touch in designing the layout. It can be used across Windows, Mac and Web-based interfaces and is priced at $79.

> Axure

Axure is helpful for making interacting UI interfaces which are to be used across various platforms. It has an integrated sharing function and can be used for designing websites as well as apps.  Prototypes prepared are of interactive type and these can be run on both the Windows and Mac. It costs between $280 and $590 approx.

> iPlotz

This also comprises of clickable prototypes which can be shared across the devices. It is ideal tool for team workers and offers lots of instruction and coding tools, which allow the user to share the idea with actual coders and project managers. It is available free and may fetch some cost, too, in some cases.

> InDesign

This tool is capable of providing touch-and-feel appeal with the help of convincing graphics and animations. The tool allows creating handy libraries of various elements, which can be used as and when required. Thus, the transportation of templates, buttons and messages becomes very easy. It is operation on Mac and Windows and is priced at around $650.

> Penultimate

This is the most synchronized and flexible wireframing tool and it makes use of age-old handwriting for creating web designs which can run on iPads. The flexibility to alter the elements allows the user to fiddle with various designing ideas. It makes use of syncing ability of Evernote and combines it with copy-and-pen experience.

> Uxpin

This tool creates design which is focused on solving problems and making the design as functional as possible. It is ideal for UX interfaces. It syncs well with the designing platforms. As a starter, you can avail it for free for a particular trial period. It will surely find you buying it for lifelong use.

Wireframing is more of an art and creativity and is just impossible without innovative thinking. The role of a wireframing tool is to make sure that whatever the visionary has thought in the mind, it is translated as it is on an interface. No matter how advanced the tool is, it is surely yet to beat the handiness and flexibility of a pen and paper.

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