Top Tools to Make your Website Super Fast in 2015

A good website is one which excels in design, offers great ease of use and is easily visible over the internet. Additionally, it has to be engaging, quite sleek and should guarantee ultimate surfing experience. All these factors prove to be nothing in the absence of awesome speed at which the web pages can be downloaded. A fast website is the search engine’s favorite too as people once on reaching there do not want to go anywhere else.

Here are some of the magnificent speed-accelerating tools which provide unbelievably fast website:

> Image Optimizer

A website is unimaginable without images and graphics. EWWW and Kraken are the two great image optimizing tools which reduce the size of the image automatically, even before you load it on your system. Not only it saves the designer’s time in resizing the images, but also makes image downloading real fast.

> PageSpeed

An awesome tool by Google, this helps the user know everything about the website performance. This tool reduces the non-responsive phase of a said webpage and also affects the bandwidth usage considerably. The tool applies the best website management practices and alters the functions of the features such as CSS, JavaScript etc for ensuring better speed. [JavaScript JQuery Library]


The Optimus WordPress plugin reduces the file size of uploaded media files. Depending on the image and format, reductions of up to 70% are possible. Several kilobytes can be saved per image—these savings contribute positively to the performance of a website as well as SEO. This lossless compression technology reduces the image size without ever altering the quality of the image. Optimus HQ also comes with the ability to convert images to WebP format which has been known to further reduce PNG images up to 26% in size.

> Webpage Test

This tool is available online for free. It analyzes the speed of various browsers functional in different parts of the globe helping you pick the one which best suits your needs. Lots of diagnostic information in the form of video reports and resource consumption charts are available with this tool for making the website faster.

> Page Analyzer

A variety of page analyzers are now being made available to the designers. Their role is to find the bottlenecks, provides suggestion, point out bandwidth affecting modules and reducing them for a very fast website speed. PageSpeed Insights from Google is a great analyzer which provides handy solutions for increasing the site speed.

> CSS Sprites

It combines images into the least number of files and also reduces the number of bytes in which any image or text file is to be downloaded. Combining the content into single sheet allows the user to employ a variety of content types into the website making it richer without getting heavier.

> Expire Header

Assigning expiry date to HTTP requests stores the repeatedly used information on the user’s hard drive expediting the process of retrieving it on the very next visit that he pays on the website. Mostly, images, scripts and stylesheets are assigned the expiry date to make the browsing experience rather enjoyable.

> Y!Slow

This is another website speed analyzer which runs really fast and delivers umpteen numbers of checks within the matter of seconds. Most of the solutions offered are made handy to use and the user gets real time analysis of what is wrong with the website and how to plug the loopholes.

> Leveraged DNS

Google DNS is ideal tool for making the website faster. Every time a user tries to use internet, the data is sought from this phone book kind of arrangement. The more leveraged the DNS is, the faster is the website. Public DNS allows the user to open even the complex pages within a blink of an eye.

> Chrome Dev Tool Audits

This tool comes with integrate website speed analyzers and also provides some handy solution to improve on this aspect. You can get the break-down of utilization of web resource and web page performance in a matter of just one click.

> Chrome Dev Tools Timeline

Timeline tools give the report of events which are taking the longest to complete. It also points out those scripts which occupy memory space and take longer time for processing. Various important performance issues such as slow downloading of animation, poor graphics processing speed and shuttering scrolls can be solved with this tool.  This is one of the most detailed tool for improving the website performance.

Making a website faster is a big challenge. If the code of making the website easily accessible is decoded properly, the website is more than likely to fetch the user attention. So, in addition to making the website sleek and smart, make use of website speed enhancing tools too and win customer loyalty.

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