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4 Employee Evaluation Letters

It is important for every company to make sure that their employees are performing according to standards. To this end, managers often conduct employee evaluations so they can gather information about an employee’s performance within a certain period of time. Here are some examples of employee evaluation templates you can purchase and download for use in the workplace. We have also provided some tips on how you can write these letters effectively.

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Staff Employee Self-evaluation Template

How to write an employee evaluation letter

If you want to write an effective employee evaluation letter, here are the steps that will help you out:

Start with positive praise

Start things on a positive note by writing genuine and deliberate praise for all that the professional employee has managed to accomplish within that year. You should try to find anything positive to say to the employee, unless there are certain circumstances that prevent you from doing so. Even those who are performing poorly would have done at least one positive thing that you can mention in the simple letter. Just remember that you have to be very specific when you point out what the employee did well. By being detailed, you are showing the employee that even if you are not directly working with him, you are still actively monitoring his progress and you notice his contributions. You may also see employee transfer letters

Identify the goals achieved or exceeded

Every simple job position has its own smart goals and objectives that need to be accomplished. So, it is the job of the evaluator to look into all of the key goals that the employee has been tasked to accomplish. If the employee has failed to meet these goals, then you have to state that in your general letter. Also, you owe it to yourself and the employee to point out what could have been done so that the employee could have met those goals and objectives. Be sure to provide fair commentary if the missed objectives were acceptable based on the circumstances that the employee faced, the different official business challenges, or any alternate priorities. Collect all this information before the performance review because it will be helpful for the employee to know what he needs to work on.

In the event the employee managed to go beyond the expectations of the software company, then sing all the praises you can. You want the employee to feel appreciated, so be sure to point out those accomplishments that have had the greatest business and department impact. You can even use this as a way to tell the employee that he will be rewarded for his efforts with either a employee promotion or a raise.

Self-evaluation Template

Checklist Sales Representative Evaluation Template

Identify constructive feedback

When employees fail to meet certain goals, you have to point out what the employee needs to do in order to improve in certain areas. Remember that you have to make this as specific as possible; being general in this aspect of the letter will do little to nothing for your employee. You should also take note that the point of this basic letter is not to just identify the weaknesses of the general employee, but to make use of his strengths to help him improve. A lot of assistant managers make the mistake of just telling the employees to keep working hard on something they are struggling with, instead of telling them how to improve on the things that they are already doing well to make them shine even further. You may also see employee recommendation letters

Outline the new expectations set out for next year

After all the previous steps have been completed, now you have to tell the employee what you expect out of him for the next review. You have to write down a set of new goals that the employee has to complete—ones that will help the employee improve his performance within the workplace. This section of the letter should not be too long, but it should be clear enough for the employee to perfectly understand what he needs to do in order to meet performance plan expectations. For an employee who has been continuously underperforming, then you have to state that there will be consequences should the employee fail to meet expectations and hint at the possibility of employee termination. However, for any other employee, try to set a positive and optimistic tone to encourage the employee that he can still improve and develop his career within the company. You may also like employee resignation letter

If you would like to learn more about employee evaluations, or other related topics such as how to create an employee evaluation policy, then check our other posts.

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