3 Vacation Policy Templates

When you think about it, employers do not really have the obligation to give any kind of vacation schedule time, at all. But, of course, if they do not, they should not expect any employees to walk through their doors and daily work for them, either. Plus, employees need rest every now and then if they want to ensure their health care condition remain stable.

So, you need to come up with a company policy that can govern how employees avail of vacation time and when they may do so. Here are some helpful ideas, so continue reading.

What should your vacation policy include?

Whether you are handing out unlimited vacation time or  a structured one, you have to make that perfectly clear in your business policy. Make sure to write down all the rules for the policy and  then distribute it to your employees. But if you have assigned dates on when the employee can take his or her vacation calendar, then answer these questions to help you build a proper vacation policy:

  • Do all of the employees get the same number of vacation days or do they differ in terms of position?
  • At the beginning of their general employment, do employees get all of their days in one go or do they accrue them as the year goes by?
  • Is there a vacation day roll over and, if so, how many days?
  • Do these days expire?
  • Do part-time employees get vacation time?
  • Is there a maximum number of days that an employee can use during his or her vacation?
  • Do these employees get paid if they take their leaves? Go through your country’s laws regarding vacation leaves to get this information.

Holiday Vacation Policy Template


Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy Template


Vacation Schedule Template


What do your employees want?

A lot of companies have received employee complaints stating that they do not get enough vacation time.  You can mitigate this problem by having a discussion with a few employees to give you input on how they would want their vacation time to be laid out. Doing this ensures the following:

  • It shows that you are a good boss since you are valuing their opinions and that you care about what they think
  • They will let you know what they think is fair, so you can better develop the vacation policy
  • They give you creative ideas on how you can implement the vacation policy

You can also conduct employee surveys that will give you the information you want. All you have to do is send an email, and then wait for the responses to start rolling in. Just be sure to assess all of them to determine what is fair so that you can make a vacation policy that everyone can agree on. You can also see vacation budget

Distribute and Enforce the Policy

Once you have everything ready, then all you have to do is to roll out your policy. Make sure that it is written down in the employee handbook and that everybody reads it. You also have to include information on what should happen if employee abuse the vacation system in your company. You can start out by giving them a written warning, or if the employee has taken too long to come back, then you can put them up for employee termination.

If you would like to learn more about vacation policies or any other type of company policy, you can find more great articles on our site.

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