Everything You Need to Know about a Warning Letter

It is a widely accepted norm that most entrepreneurs rely on their employees to perform their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. However, since they are all humans, there are some instances that they violate the rules and regulations set by the company. In some situations, these violations are unintentional and forgivable while other times you just need to stand firm on the ground and enforce a disciplinary action to set them back on the right track.

Reprimanding an employee about his misbehavior or poor performance is not always an easy task. However, the majority of the companies have a policy on the process of imposing a disciplinary action on their employees that the HR department need to follow. Commonly, the HR manager will call the attention of the employee and will verbally warn him or her about the issue. However, if the employee continues to misbehave or fails to comply with the company policy, then the warning will escalate to a written warning. Issuing a company warning letter is considered to be the best HR practice no matter what policy violation the employee has committed.

What is a Warning Letter

A warning letter, which is also considered as an HR warning letter, is a formal cautionary document that is sent by the HR manager to the employee to inform him or her of misconduct and details of consequences that come if the employee fails to change his or her ways. While a warning letter informs the employee about his misbehavior and negative traits at the workplace, it is important to keep it at a professional level in order not to offend the employee.

One of the main purposes for writing a warning letter to is let correct the action of the employee. And since a warning letter is part of the disciplinary process, you provide the said employee with a chance to become better and be a productive and efficient part of the whole organization. Even if you are an HR issuing a warning letter is probably the last thing that you want to do.

Before you issue a warning letter to an erring employer, it is important to observe the following considerations:

Does writing an employee warning letter sounds difficult? Sure, it does sometimes, that is why a lot of people choose to download a job warning letter instead.

Warning Letter Essentials

Let us face it, a warning letter can be something that is scary to receive. However, it is the company’s way of helping the employee transform into a valuable asset, but it can also be a tool to discharge or terminate his or her employment contract with the company. In today’s sue happy society, issuing a warning letter can be a tool that can protect your company or organization from a potential lawsuit.

When it comes to writing a warning letter, it is important to avoid randomness. The warning letter should contain accurate information, along with detailed descriptions of the conduct or performance that has been raised. In order to write an effective warning letter, it is important that you know what significant elements to include in the document.

Although there are various types of a warning letter, it is crucial to always consider it as a form of a formal letter. With that being said, you must know and follow the proper format of a warning letter, regardless of its nature and purpose. In this section, we will provide you with the key components that must be included in the warning letter.

Things to Keep in Mind

We all understand that when writing a letter of warning to an employee, you have to be sensitive yet maintain a professional tone. So if you are tasked to write a warning letter, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Different Type of Company Warning Letters

Employee Behavior Warning Letter

Commonly, this type of company warning letter is given to an employee has:

Employee Absence Warning Letter

An employee absence warning letter is often issued by the HR manager to the employee when the latter has shown absenteeism for a specific duration of time. Here are the following grounds for issuing an employee absence warning letter:

Employee Poor Performance Warning Letter

An employee is expected to perform well in his or her duties and responsibilities, as well as reach the daily or weekly quotas required by the company. In the event when a certain employee failed to function well in his or her job and has miserably failed in achieving the required quota for consecutive days, then the employee may be given a warning letter about his or her work performance. The following are grounds for an employee poor performance warning letter:

First Warning Letter

As what it implies, a first warning letter can be considered as the initial warning issued by the HR manager. It initially informs the erring employee of the employment infractions that he or she has violated. It should also state the corrective actions to be followed by the employee to prevent any further disciplinary actions.

Final Warning Letter

When the employee has received the first warning letter from the HR manager, he or she will be given a period of time to comply with the corrective actions for improvement. However, if the employee ignores the corrective actions given by the company and continues to commit the same violation over and over again, then the HR manager will have to issue a final warning letter to the employee.

Tips for Writing a Warning Letter to an Employee

Sample Warning Letter Templates that You Can Download and Use as References

Writing a warning letter can be often times a daunting and challenging task. That is why we are here to make your life easier. Check out and download the following templates that we have provided below.

Sample Letter Written Warning Template Free Download

sample-letter-written-warning-template-free-download-1 ncat.edu

Company Warning Letter to Employee

company-warning-letter-to-employee-page-001 cdn2.hubspot.net

Warning Letter for Professional Misconduct

warning-letter-for-professional-misconduct-2 ucdavis.edu

Warning Letter For Poor Performance

warning-letter-of-unsatisfactory-job-performance-1 ncat.edu

Final Business Warning Letter Template

final-business-warning-letter-1 eriercd.org

Employee First Warning

employee-first-warning-page-001 cdn2.hubspot.net

Official Staff Warning Letter Template

official-staff-warning-letter-template-page-001 med.umich.edu

Construction Safety Warning Letter Template

construction-safety-warning-letter-template-page-001 uc.edu

Professional Warning Letter to Employee

professional-warning-letter-to-employee-page-004 leadership-skills-for-life.com

Warning Letter for Absence

absence-warning-letter-format-1 scribd.com

Formal Written Warning Discipline Notice

formal-written-warning-letter-example-page-001 drury.edu

HR Warning Letter Template

hr-warning-letter-format-page-001 civilservice.louisiana.gov

Student Conduct Warning Letter

student-conduct-warning-letter-page-001 citruscollege.edu

Professional Written Warning Letter Template

professional-written-warning-letter-template-1 speedupcareer.com

Warning Letter for Safety Non-Compliance

warning-letter-for-safety-non-compliance-page-001 uc.edu

Warning Letter to Business Partner Template

warning-letter-to-business-partner-template-2 hr.ucdavis.edu

Business Warning Letter in PDF

business-warning-letter-in-pdf-page-001 files.consumerfinance.gov

Sample Sales Staff Warning Letter

sample-sales-staff-warning-letter-page-001 fda.gov

Employee First Warning Notice Format

employee-first-warning-page-001 hubspot.net

Work Performance Warning Letter Template

work-performance-warning-letter-template-1 sph.unc.edu

Early Warning Notice Template

early-warning-notice-template-page-001 files.consumerfinance.gov

Tenant Late Rent Warning Letter Template



Final Warning Letter before Termination

final-warning-letter-before-termination-page-001 assets.complianceexpert.com

Unprofessional Behavior Warning Letter Example

unprofessional-behavior-warning-letter-example-page-001 umshare.miami.edu

Work Delay Warning Letter Template

work-delay-warning-letter-template-1 ncat.edu

Final Warning Letter for Payment

final-warning-letter-for-payment-page-001 carrolllibrary.org

Sales Staff Warning Letter Example

sales-staff-warning-letter-example-page-001 fda.gov

Small Business Warning Letter Template

small-business-warning-letter-template-page-001 fda.gov

Final Thoughts

Every company has potentially a problematic employee who does not adhere or observe the company policy. With the help of a disciplinary letter, you can control erring employees from deviating away and set them back on the right track. You may also want to check out and download our professional warning letter templates and use them as your reference in writing one for your company. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our free downloads!