4 Strategic Ways to Boost Brand Recognition


Do you know the biggest challenge a new or startup company has? If you are thinking that money is the biggest problem of a startup business then you are very wrong.

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If you are running a startup company, your biggest problem is how to make your target customer learn about the existence of the business. Even if your company has the greatest and most amazing products and/or services to offer, if your target market does not have the slightest idea about the existence of your business, then it would be impossible for you to make a single sale.

As a business person, your ultimate goal is to promote your business to your prospective customers. Sadly, if you do not know where and how to start promoting your business, then your chances of succeeding in the field of entrepreneurship is automatically reduced by a huge percentage. What you need to think about is an effective marketing plan or strategy that would save your investment and effort from failure.

Significance of Brand Recognition in Startup Business

Although the product competition in the market is tight, using a powerful marketing strategy can make your products and/or service stand out despite being new in the business. When you integrate your effort with a smart marketing strategy, it would be easier for you to boost brand recognition.

Brand recognition is defined as the extent of the target customers to identify the brand through its attributes through its product’s logo, packaging, or tagline. The level of brand recognition is measured by how well people identify the products without being exposed to the name of the company. Once you have a well-established brand, you are likely to boost your potential sales and revenue.

Strategic Approach for Effective Brand Recognition

There are a lot of ways with which you can achieve brand recognition without spending a fortune in promoting your product. It may require a lot of effort, but it is the most cost-effective way you can use to build an increasing base of clientele who will always be loyal to your brand.

1. Take Advantage of the Social Media

Websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapshot, are just some of the greatest social media platforms you can use to promote the brand of your business to your target customers without the fee. You can create your social media accounts and use them to increase and improve your marketing and promotional campaign however you like—as long as you do not violate their terms and conditions. You can provide a link to your official business website so that prospective customers can easily follow and get the latest updates on your products and/or services.

2. Traditional Advertising Methods

Despite the popularity of the Internet and electronic communication, the use of print media advertising, such flyers and brochures, remains effective method in promoting new products and/or services. This is because there are a lot of people who read newspapers and magazines, and you can insert them into the pages of newspapers or magazines so that it can reach your target customers.

Unlike promoting your brand in social media where you still have to urge the people to share your page or promotion, inserting flyers and brochures in newspapers allows people to see and read more about your business offerings. Check out the sample flyer and brochure templates that are provided below:

Amazing Flyer Template for Marketing

amazing flyer template for marketinggraphicriver.net

Free Unique Night Flyer Template

free unique night flyer templategraphicriver.net

Restaurant Bi-Fold Brochure Template

restaurant bi fold brochure templatedribbble.com

Download Photography Bifold Brochure Template

download photography bifold brochure templatecreativemarket.com

Creative Business Brochure Template

creative business brochure templategraphicriver.net

3. Logo

The market is a tough place for a startup business. The success of your business relies heavily on how well your target customers remember your brand. As what was discussed before, one of the most important components of a brand recognition is a logo. In the world of business, your company logo is your identification of your products and/or services in the market. So whenever your customers see your logo, they will immediately associate or think about your company. You may want to view and download our collection of logos that are provided below.

Hotel Brand Logo

hotel brand logocreativemarket.com

Real Estate and Business Logo

real estate and business logocreativemarket.com

Maxim Gym Fitness Center Logo

maxim gym fitness center logographicriver.net

4. Content Marketing

Because most people spend a lot of time online, a lot of business people are taking their businesses online too. One of the most effective tools you can use online in increasing brand recognition is content marketing.

Despite being a practical and cost-effective marketing strategy, content marketing comes with a number of awesome benefits, from increasing organic traffic on your website and generating more leads to reducing sales cycle and increasing your profit.

While it is not always a feasible idea for brand recognition, it is the best move to make if you are looking to increase brand awareness. Writing regular blogs is the perfect way to educate customers about your business offers and how clients can benefit from them.

Sample Content Marketing Plan

sample content marketing plan page 002 788x1020corporate-leaders.com

Successful Content Marketing Example

successful content marketing example page 002 788x1020heinzmarketing.com

Fashion Content Marketing Example

fashion content marketing example page 003 788x1115econsultancy.com

Concluding Thoughts

Looking out into the business world today, you will realize how brand recognition is a powerful tool that can help your business survive against the cutthroat competition. While building your brand may take up months, or even years, with the right marketing tools, you will soon enjoy the outcomes of your hard work, effort, and patience.

Make sure to check out The Essential Guide to Making a Business Plan for more tips.

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