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Software and programs are pretty much a huge part of our lives nowadays. We use computers and smartphones basically on a daily basis. Most of the work these days are done in computers. Softwares are easy to use, but it has gone through a lot of modifications and agreements before it can be usable. While an agreement for usage is put on software, an agreement for ending its use also exists. This is called the end user license agreement.

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The end user license agreement or EULA is a contract agreed between the software publisher and the user regarding the end of usage of the software. With this, the user agrees to pay the publisher a certain amount of money for the privileges of the software. The user also assures the publisher that he will comply with the restriction in the contract. The user can download, install and use a copy of the publisher’s software.

The EULA is commonly used when the publisher wants to make money by letting other people use the software. It also protects the software publisher from getting his work resold by the user. This is for the sake of their personal expense. The publisher only gives the user a limited power in using the software. You may also like license agreement templates.

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Aside from software applications, websites, mobile applications, and computer programs are subjected to EULA. Some of the essential components of EULA include:

End User License Agreement

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Mindmanager End User Licence Agreement

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1. The licensor and licensee.

The licensor or the software publisher and the licensee or the user should both be identified in the document. They are the parties agreeing over the usage of the software. You may also like hosting agreement templates.

2. Details of the software.

Include the details of the software in the EULA. This is the subject of the agreement and all its information should be present. You may also see trademark license agreement templates.

3. Grant of license.

This part states the limitations in the usage of the software by the user. It also includes how the software should be used.

4. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities.

The disclaimer of warranties and liabilities states the publisher is not responsible for any damage done by the user to the software. The software is given in its current state and is up for possible alterations. You may also like patent agreement templates.

5. Support.

Every software has a support system. It should be included in the user is provided with support by phone or on site. The time frame for the giving of support is also included depending on the situation. You may also like sample franchise agreements.

6. Law.

The EULA should also state what kind of law applies to both the licensor and licensee in cases of legal disputes in the usage of the software.

7. Infringement.

The acknowledgment of infringement should be included for the user to be responsible for copyright issues of the software.

8. User restrictions and termination.

This part states how the user can use the software and the publisher’s decision in terminating the agreement should the user violate any of the rules in the EULA.

If software publishers don’t use EULA, there is a high risk of having the software being made into another version for free. The EULA prevents this from happening. It’s also another way of making money by restricting the user in creating a similar copy of the software. EULA is important in protecting intellectual properties such as software, which plays a big role in today’s digital age. You may also see content license agreements.

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