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Why Employment Rejection Letters Matter

Oftentimes when a pool of applicants are applying for a job opening, not all of them are hired. Some of them do not even get contacted by the employer if their application is unsuccessful. Even when an applicant is scheduled for an interview, it does not necessarily mean an increased chance of getting hired.

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And since we all know that the recruitment is often a lengthy and daunting process, unsuccessful applicants at least deserve a quid pro quo. As an employer, you should at least inform them of the bad news in order not to keep them from waiting for a job that was not awarded to them.

Reasons to Write a Rejection Letter

The most challenging part of the recruitment process is informing the unsuccessful applicants that they are not chosen for the position that they are applying to. Although a lot of us do not find the task of writing a rejection letter an enjoyable and fun, it is polite to let unsuccessful candidates of the outcome of the recruitment process.

  • Shows Professionalism

Being brave enough to inform candidates about their unsuccessful application show your level of professionalism. Although writing a rejection letter means you will be breaking not only the heart of the applicants but also their self-esteem, it is only fair to keep them in the loop about the result of their job application. However, you do not need to elaborate the reasons why they have not been chosen for the job. What matters is that you keep your letter short and polite.

  • Protects Your Company from Potential Lawsuits

In some instances, applicants who do not make it through the recruitment process often became upset, especially if they think they are the best person for the position. Some of them will find loopholes in the EEOC laws. To protect your company and prevent this scenario from happening, it is smart to send a neutral employment rejection letter to all unsuccessful candidates. In this way, you will easily prove that you have treated all applicants equally.

  • Provide Room for Feedback

By writing a rejection letter to unsuccessful applicants, you provide them a room for feedback. You can send them a copy of their resume along with some short notes to help them improve themselves on their next job application. Make sure to include some positive notes and some links that are helpful for their job hunting. Although they may not have passed your standards and requirements, little things like these can help build back their self-esteem and confidence.

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Final Thoughts

Although most of the times you will be tempted to skip the process of writing an employment rejection letter, expressing your regrets through your letter may suprising come with a lot of benefits. So whenever you feel like taking the easy way out, make sure to remember the things that are discussed in this article. Do not forget to check out and download our variety of application rejection letters before you leave.




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