10 Christmas Newsletter Templates

During the holiday season, specifically, when it’s near Christmas, there are a lot of events that are going to be held by many different people and organizations. Since there are a lot of events for the holiday season, these people need to find a way to promote it to others.

So there is a need to create a document where they can present this information to those who may be willing to participate in their events. This is why there are newsletter templates that can be used to promote these Christmas holiday occasions.

Christmas Shopping Offers eCommerce Newsletter Template



Christmas eCommerce Newsletter Template PSD Format



Christmas Snow Email Newsletters Photoshop PSD Download



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Premium Christmas Fever E-newsletter Template PSD Design



How to create a Christmas newsletter

We’re nearing that wonderful time of the year again where we’re going to celebrate the Christmas holidays with our loved ones. It’s also the time that you’re going to send out greeting cards so that you can spread the holiday cheer. So while you’re sending out your holiday Christmas cards to your loved ones, then you should definitely include a Christmas newsletter. With this, you are able to give your family an up-to-date status on what’s happening in your life. So here are the steps that should help you in doing so:

Tailor your news to your recipients

You’re going to have to think about who you’re going to send your newsletter to. What kind of information do you want to share with your recipient? There are a lot of things that you could possibly share with your recipient. Examples would include your own marriage, you moving in with your new partner, the vacations that you’ve taken, the pets you just got, a graduation party that you’re going to have, and much more. You don’t really have to go too into much detail. All you’ll really have to do is share all of the happy milestones that have happened within the past year.

Pick out Christmas or any other holiday-themed stationery

There are a lot of holiday stationery available with pre-printed themes on the paper which you can use for printing your newsletter. You can find a variety of these online as there are so many free ones available, but you can also decide to buy those that have high-quality designs. Alternatively, you can make a colorful Christmas theme on your computer program which you can directly print it out on a plain piece of paper. This should save you more money and time.

Designing the newsletter

There’s a lot of software that you can use to design your newsletter. Programs such as Open Office, Microsoft Word, Pages, or even WordPad can help you start preparing your newsletter. If your program already has pre-set newsletter templates, then this will make things easier on your end as you can use these to make professional results. It’s best that you choose a pleasing and elegant font so that your recipient will have an easier time when reading it. After you’re done choosing a font, then you should choose a  fairly large typeset so that it will be easy for the young and the elderly to read.

Keep the tone of your letter upbeat

You’re going to want to keep the tone of your newsletter as casual and as upbeat as possible for your readers. One of the most important things that you’re going to have to take note of is that you shouldn’t fill it with tales of the many amazing achievements that you and your family have had. All this is going to do is make your recipient feel like you’re just bragging about your life and that’s not the point of the Christmas newsletter template. However, you shouldn’t make it too depressing by sharing tales of woe and agony regarding all of the hardships that you’ve had to face within the past year. Just remember that it’s near the Christmas holidays so you want to share information in a way that shows love, warmth, and compassion. Also, remember that what you’re giving your recipient is an update on your life, not a sermon, so try not to make it too long.

Closing the letter

You should close out the sample newsletter by wishing your friends and family a wonderful holiday season. You can also decide to wish them a safe and prosperous new year. Just make sure that you don’t forget to add this as you’ll want to close your letter in a way that will make these people feel the warmth of the holidays.

How to make a Christmas organizational letter interesting and professional

Before you start making one, here are some questions that you need to consider first:

  • What kind of news are you planning to share regarding the Christmas holidays?
  • Is this going to be printed or will it be an electronic file?
  • Will you let other people contribute articles or are you going to do everything yourself?
  • When are you going to hand these out?
  • Will you advertise this?

Once you’ve figured out the answer to these questions, follow these tips to help make it a success:

  • You can hold contests and place the information on how one can enter and what they would win the newsletter.
  • Write reviews for books or movies so that your readers will be delighted with what you’re interested in.
  • Write a blog about all of the Christmas articles that you’ve written and placed it in the newsletter so people will be able to enjoy them.
  • Remember that everything has to remain professional.
  • Lastly, just have fun with it and enjoy yourself.

Steps for making a Christmas organizational newsletter

If you’re going to start making this type of newsletter, then you’re going to need to learn the following steps to make sure that it’s as professional as possible:

Identify the audience you’re writing for

Who’s going to be reading the newsletter? Can everyone else other than your targeted audience read it? These are questions that you’re going to have to find an answer to before you start planning your content. A newsletter that’s intended for your employees but is currently being read by management is going to need a new format as well as new content. Newsletters that are already hitting the target audience may only need a few minor adjustments.

Clarify the purpose of the newsletter

Every newsletter has to have a purpose, and a lot of people have forgotten this. In this case, the one that you’re trying to make is something to send to people during the Christmas holidays. So think of the information that you’re trying to share. Are you stating that there’s going to be a holiday party that everyone is going to participate in? Has your team done well in the past months that they’re going to be rewarded? You’ll have to be clear when putting it in the newsletter so these people will be able to clearly understand what it is you’re trying to share.

Go through the newsletter’s layout

Since you’re making one for the Christmas holidays, then there are a few things that you’re going to have to consider. Does the layout encourage the recipient to read the news? Do the font styles and sizes allow for easy reading? Are the headings and illustrations attractive and do they bring out the holiday vibe? If your newsletter is going to have an index, then is it easy to use? If there isn’t an index, then is your newsletter going to be better if it had one? These are all questions that you’re going to have to answer as the newsletter’s layout is where your recipient is going to read all of the news that you’re going to share.

Go over the last two or three copies of the newsletter

Is this the kind of thing that you would choose to read? Does it give you enough information? Does it inspire and motivate you to participate in this year’s holiday events? Are the contents newsworthy or is the information that you’re trying to share already known to those who are going to read it? Remember that even if you’re going to write the newsletter, you’ll have to take an objective look at all of the contents.

Free Newsletter Template for Microsoft Word



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Free Download Holiday Newsletter Template Word Doc



2 Chryst Christmas eCommerce Newsletter Template PSD



The Buchorn Family Christmas Newsletter Template



Take a fresh look

After you have identified everything from the sample Christmas newsletter’s purpose, target audience, and its possible weaknesses, then the next step that you’re going to take is to find ways to fix these problems so that you’re able to convey the information in the way that you want to. Consider the possible changes:

  • You should consider involving fresh voices in writing new elements of the newsletter.With new writers come new styles and outlooks on the information that you’re trying to share. They’ll be able to inject a new perspective to the issues presented and make it feel fresh to readers.
  • First-person accounts help break out the dry tone that’s very common among different newsletters. So whether it’s a story of your organization helping those in need or if there are a couple of things that an employee has experienced before the holiday that you would like to share, doing it from a first-person account can really help things feel more authentic.
  • Include stories from related or auxiliary organizations. Doing this can help put your company in a much larger perspective and it can also show your employees where you fit within the industry.
  • Try to get some funny stories in there. If you can present it in good taste, humorous stories from within the company can make newsletters more enjoyable to read.
  • You should improve the visual appeal of your Christmas newsletter. Make it as attractive as possible so that readers can really get into the holiday spirit. All you have to do is make it clear and readable with the appropriate pictures and illustrations. Christmas photographs are especially important as this is a Christmas newsletter after all. Just make sure that it looks good so that readers will have a fun time going through it.
  • You can put in contests or trivia challenges. Having things like photo competitions or even story requests in your newsletter will make readers feel they can play an active part. Whether you offer them prizes or if you’re simply going to print the names of the winners, people are always going to check back on the results. Just remember that whatever contest that you’re going to hold has to be related to the holiday theme.
  • Consider sending the newsletter via email. With the help of an email version of the newsletter, readers can easily add relevant dates and any other type of information about events directly into their computer calendars.
  • You should include any news articles that have to do with your company or organization, and you should also include those that relate to the Christmas holidays. Make sure that you place the proper credit from wherever you were able to gather your source of information.
  • You can ask for reader input. Those who are going to read your newsletter are often the best sources of information with regard to what they would like and not like to read. You can ask them for suggestions and ideas on what you’re going to place in your newsletter. Just try to find out what they think is useful and what they might consider annoying to read.

In the event that you’re going to have to create a holiday newsletter, just be sure that you take note of all the steps above to help you make one that’s both professional and enjoyable.

If you would like to learn more about newsletters, such as how to create a free newsletter and where to find its templates, then you may go through our available articles to give you the information that you need.

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