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How to Write a Relationship Contract Agreement

Whenever you make a deal with someone, you want to make sure that the other person is willing to keep his/her end of the deal. But it’s not ensured that the other person will comply, and that’s the reason why both have to come up with an official way to ensure they both keep their end of the deal. You may also like agreement letters.

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One of the best ways to do that is to set up a contract agreement that contains information on how the parties involved are going to go through the relationship together. So, this article is going to focus on how you are going to come up with a relationship contract agreement.

Relationship Contract Agreement Template

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Sample Relationship Agreement Form

General Relationship Agreement Form

What is a Relationship Contract Agreement?

Before you start making this type of document, the first thing that you need to understand is what exactly is a Relationship Contract Agreement sample. This is a document that’s written and signed by (usually) two people who are in an intimate relationship. It’s basically a complete understanding between the parties that are involved in terms of how their relationship is going to work.

While it’s not exactly legally binding, it’s still something that the parties involved have agreed and signed to.

You’re basically writing down what you and the other party thinks a relationship should be, what kind of commitment the two of you want, the rules that you’re both going to set up for yourself and more. You may also like confidentiality agreement templates.

Once that has all been established, the next thing is just to print it out, have the right signatures affixed to it and a relationship simple contract agreement is born.

1. What Should You Include in Your Relationship Contract Agreement?

There is essentially an infinite number of possibilities that you and the party that’s involved can place in the relationship contract. Ultimately it’s all up to those who are involved with the creation of this document, but here are some examples of the most common things that have been prioritized in almost every relationship contract agreement samples.

  • Details regarding date nights. Obviously, if there are two partners then of course date night is always bound to happen at certain points in the week. This should discuss the rules regarding date night such as how often it should happen, what these date nights should consist of, who will be the one to plan them, the balance between whether date takes place at home or somewhere outside, who pays for the bill if there are any and much more. You may also see simple agreement templates.
  • How each party involved in the relationship contract agreement is responsible for taking care of themselves. This should include everything from their own health, their own happiness, emotional growth, personal development, etc. You may also like divorce agreement templates.
  • At no point will either party threaten the status of the relationship. Basically, none of those involved in the agreement will make hints that the relationship should end for a short period of time, especially if it’s because of an argument that can be solved. You may also like referral agreement templates.
  • Details regarding the relationship balance between independence and intimacy. This is basically for those couples who want to be together, but not stuck together at all times. This part would usually discuss the alone time that couples would have. So how much time they’ll be spending with their friends and apart from each other, the vacations that they are going to take alone, the amount of alone time that they’re going to spend and more. You may also see business agreement templates.
  • Honesty. This is one that involves just about every relationship contract agreement. The point of honesty is so that the parties involved will know everything that’s going on and it’s a simple matter of trust. So this should point out that both parties must always be honest with each other in regards to anything that they discuss. You may also see sample divorce agreement.
  • No tiptoeing around delicate and important issues. While there may be a couple of problems that most couples would usually want to avoid, there are those who decide that they would rather deal with every problem by facing them head-on. So those of the latter would include a statement saying that neither party will avoid certain problems even if they contain sensitive information. You may also see free agreements.
  • The division of household chores. Every couple who end up living together is bound to do chores, and you want to include a statement regarding who does what. So you can point out that on certain days of the week that you will be the one to clean the living room and wash the dishes, and then your significant other will handle the other days. Be sure that there is an equal division of chores as you don’t want one stuck with more than the other. You may also like partnership contract templates.
  • Setting parameters on how those involved in the agreement will be celebrating events such as birthdays, anniversaries, major milestones, parties and more. This ensures that both understand and will know what to expect during these celebrations. You may also see settlement agreement templates.
  • Agreeing that both will not hide any secrets from each other. Although this can also be covered in the honesty section of the agreement, it’s best that you have a separate statement for this as it’s an entirely different matter altogether.
  • How the parties involved will face certain disagreements. There will be those couples who wouldn’t want to go to bed or work while they or their partner are still angry. So this will discuss how certain issues are going to be solved in a calm and collective manner. You may also like subcontractor agreement templates.

2. Should there be Consequences for Breaking these Agreements?

While this is a sample agreement contract from the start, you have to remember that those who are involved are still human and that they are bound to make certain mistakes at some point. Try to remind yourself that this isn’t really the kind of document that’s meant to threaten the other if he/she doesn’t abide by all of the rules.

This is a document that should serve as a guideline for those who are involved so that they can better understand their commitments to the relationship as well as what they should do to keep it strong. In a realistic world, everything in the agreement contract will be upheld without any problems whatsoever. That obviously won’t be the case and there will be times where someone is bound to mess up. You may also see printable agreement templates.

The point of the contract is to ensure that the relationship goes strong. So if you are the other person involved fails to commit to any of the agreements made, you can point it out in the document where the two of you can discuss the manner without the need of serious consequences such as a legal lawsuit. You may also see postnuptial agreement samples.

The Benefits of a Relationship Contract Agreement

Obviously that there’s something that benefits the parties involved whenever this kind of agreement is made. So here are the following benefits one can have once a relationship contract agreement is made:

1. Clarity

It’s just like when an employee wants to make it clear when on how their expectations on employee performance, this kind of document will clearly point out what it is that both parties want upon the creation of this document. This will help you see whether your partner is the type who wants everything in the relationship to be fair, or if this person is trying to take advantage of you by setting up rules that only benefit him/herself. The latter will allow you to avoid making a decision that could cost you your financial stability, mental health, etc.

2. It Will Let You Know about Your Partner’s Needs

When a company does a needs assessment, it figures out everything that the company needs in order for it to function well. In this case, it’s exactly the same. Setting up this kind of document will help those involved figure out just what it is they have to do for the other to make the relationship work.

So that’s everything from fulfilling each other’s physical and emotional needs, or even when they require to have intimate sexual relations every now and then. You may also see basic agreement templates.

3. Communication

If your relationship contract agreement involves a ton of statements in regards to honesty or how the parties involve should settle certain problems, then there should be a definite improvement in communication. You may also see partnership agreement templates.

By allowing those involved to calmly talk about their problems with each other and making sure that there are no secrets, then this can only mean that the relationship is going to turn into one that will be undoubtedly strong. You may also see separation agreement templates.


While you don’t exactly need a relationship contract to outline what it is you want, sometimes there are just those couples who want to make sure that they have a constant reminder in regards to what they should do and expect from the relationship. If you think that you and your partner are one of those couples, then hopefully the information here will help you in creating your own relationship agreement form.

If you would like to learn more about this particular topic or anything that’s related to it, then all you have to do is go through any of our available articles until you are able to gather information that should be able to help you out. You may also see sample separation templates.

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