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5 Best Tips to Writing a Great Job Description

While many business people would consider customers the lifeblood of their business, employees or workforce, on the other hand, is considered as the backbone of the company. Yes, we need an efficient workforce to run the company’s operation smoothly and effectively. That is why, as a business owner, it is highly important to retain as many employees as possible and prevent them from transferring to competitor companies.

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Another important factor you will need to consider is to attract more prospective employees to apply to your company. While it is true that there are millions of people out there who are looking and hoping to land a stable job, it is important to understand that there are other companies who also need their services. One of the effective and surefire ways to entice prospective applicants is by writing a concise job description in your job advert.

Consider to download the following job description templates or see the samples below:


Restaurant Floor Manager Job Description Example Template


General Sales Manager Job Description Template


Consulting Civil Engineer Job Description Example


Hotel Sous Chef Job Description PDF Format Free Download


Sample Graphic Designer Job Description


Sample Bank CEO Job Description Template


Pediatric Registered Nurse Job Description Free PDF Template


Job Description for Part-Time Office Clerk

Understanding a Good Job Description

Before we discuss the tips for writing a good job description, it would be a smart idea to get to know the definition of a job description and how it is an essential factor in the hiring process.

The Business Dictionary defines a job description as “a broad, general, and written statement of a specific job, based on the findings of a job analysis. It generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions of a job along with the job’s title, and the name or designation of the person to whom the employee reports”. Thus, it helps to evaluate whether the applicant is able to meet the standards set by the hiring party.

Let us take, for example, that you are looking for the best system administrator. In order for applicants to know whether they are qualified for the job or not, they will refer to the job description in your advertisement.

Check out this collection of system administrator job description templates and use them as your reference.

How You Can Benefit from Writing a Good Job Description

  • Whether you are running a small company or a large one, writing good and clear job description makes prospective applicants understand more how they will function in your company. Thus, it is a great communication tool that helps align the company’s and applicant’s direction.
  • It effectively sets the company’s expectations.
  • It lets the applicants know what you are looking for in a potential employee. Let us say that you are hiring an accountant. Your job description can help you choose better which accounting applicant matches your set of requirements and qualifications. Take a look at this collection of accountant job description templates to get an idea.
  • You are likely more to choose the best people who can contribute to your company’s success.
  • By centering your attention the job requirements and the credential of the applicants, you can use your job description as a guidance or structure of your job interview.


Tips for Writing an Effective Job Description

Although many would think that writing a job description is a simple task, in reality, it takes a lot of time and consideration. You cannot write a job description just for the sake of writing one. However, you can use There are a few things to look into to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency in attracting potential employees.

  • It should provide applicants a clear and comprehensive summary of the duties and responsibilities of the job.
  • Make sure that the descriptions are structured in a classic verb/object and explanatory phrase. Let us take for example from these painter job description templates. The sentence structure for the industrial painter description should read: “Repair shop coats and apply coats of specific paint to motors, gears, switchgear and other similar equipment.
  • It is always recommended to write the verbs in present tense.
  • Always observe clarity and avoid using complex words and jargon so that applicants will have a better understanding of the things that you are looking for in a potential employee.
  • In order for applicants have a clear vision of their day-to-day work activities, make sure to break down and simplify responsibilities in short and clear duties. You also want to check out the Word job description templates as your reference.
  • Do not forget to provide essential details about your company, too.
  • Make sure to provide prospective applicants with an up-to-date contact information so that they can contact you easily should they have any questions and clarifications about your job advert.
  • Entice them to apply in your company by including compensation.


Concluding Thoughts

No matter how you slice it, job description plays an important role in finding the best applicants to fill the positions available in your company.

That is why it essential to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a potential employee; otherwise, your job description may come off vague and lacking details in your job advert. You may also want to use our sample software engineer job description templates.


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