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15 Best Lifestyle Blog Themes

Lifestyle is defined as the day to day habit of a person, from what they do the moment they wake up, to the moment they must go back to sleep. In one way or another, every person is curious whether their daily habits are common around the world or if it is a habit only they have. Taking advantage of this subconscious desire for information about what to consider as the norm in terms of everyday living, some bloggers create special blogs dedicated to the discussion of different lifestyle choices.

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Lifestyle blogs, at their most basic core, are just an interpretation of a person’s thoughts and opinions on specific topics. It should not attempt to persuade or force a person to follow its ideas because of the fact that every person has the right to think for themselves when it comes to the decisions they will make for their activities and habits throughout the day.

Beautiful Lifestyle WP Theme

Blogging is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is capable of handling a large amount of content so as to be able to create a dynamic and interesting blog site that will keep site viewers coming back for more content or articles every day.

Thanks to the usage of both HTML5 and CSS3 technology, this blog WordPress theme is capable of the creation of custom markups and widgets that can easily be made to improve user experience on the site. Aside from the usage of fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 design in the theme itself, there are few other noteworthy features to keep track of as well such as the Advertisement optimization feature which allows you to easily display advertisements.

Lifestyle Personal Blog Template

Minimal Lifestyle Blog Theme

Lifestyle & Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Glossy Look is designed to match the standards being set by the trends or styles of today’s modern fashion.

This elegant website theme consists of several features that will allow you to create uniquely designed sites in terms of design and function. One key example of the useful features and functions you could use to design your web page would be the fact that this website theme features seven distinct layout options, as well as a live customizer that will allow you to easily change and design your web page in real time.

This blog website theme is also fully responsive to whatever device it is being viewed on so that anyone with an Internet connection can access the site.

Creative Lifestyle Blog Theme

Escher can be used to create a stunningly amazing blog theme. This cool website theme is capable of supporting animated blog lists and topics (which is rather uncommon even by today’s standards) so as to create an innovative and uniquely designed web blog. Every element of the website is retina-ready so as to allow viewers to read more without suffering any serious eye strains or problems. Its social sharing buttons also allow for an easier means of gaining traffic because content links can be quickly shared on different sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Fitness and Lifestyle Blog Theme

Lifestyle SEO Blog Theme

Schema can be described in a single word and that word is beautiful. From the way the images are arranged all the way to how the content is being displayed, everything on the site serves a function, creating a beautiful and organized web site. Schema is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fast, reliable, and appealing in terms of appearance and function.

Schema is not just all looks, though. It is considered to be one of the fastest loading free website themes available as well as being a SEO-friendly website theme. It even features a built-in speed test tool called Pingdom speed test that allows users to test their connection speed to the site as well as assist the site manager to adjust the site accordingly to increase the speed of the site and make it more user-friendly.

Modern Lifestyle Blog Theme

Beautiful Lifestyle Blog Theme

Fashion is an ever-growing field when it comes to the discussion of the lifestyle choices of a person. Trendomania is a lifestyle and fashion blog WordPress theme that is dedicated to the creation of a unique and new WordPress theme that focuses on both appearance and functionality.

It is made to be customizable to such a degree that you can change or design any portion of the website according to your preferences. This is due to its live customizer feature as well as the customizable widgets that will give you even more control when it comes to designing your web page.

Personal Travel & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme


Lifestyle & Fashion Blog Theme


Florence was designed with the intention of creating a lifestyle WordPress blog theme that is dedicated to the discussion of all things lifestyle, from the basic home arrangement topic to the more complex topics of emotionally supporting others and similar tasks.

You are capable of almost immediately starting your blog site after the activation and installation of this site. This WordPress blog theme features a function called a theme-supported customizer, which is used as a means of allowing you to design your blog site in whatever way you so desire, giving you full control of every aspect of your site.

This ability to freely customize the site is what makes this site extremely flexible and capable of becoming whatever website theme you need, making this responsive website theme a must-have when it comes to designing and creating a website of any form.

Blog Template for Lifestyle

Physical fitness is yet another common topic when discussing the lifestyle of any person. This is because the physical condition of the person is in direct response to their lifestyle choices. So if a person is physically active, that would mean that person is used to doing physical tasks such as exercising, which would indicate that the person is physically fit.

JustFit is a responsive WP Theme built for fitness, exercise, and health enthusiasts interested in creating an online community dedicated to the discussion of promoting physical health and techniques for developing a strong physical body.

Elegant Lifestyle Blog Theme

Healthy Lifestyle Responsive WordPress Theme

Ever had the urge to create a WordPress blog theme dedicated to the discussion of the health and development of a person? Then LifeHealth is for you indeed. This simple WordPress theme is designed to be appealing to the eyes while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

This responsive writer website theme is indeed appealing to the eyes as much as a number of functions hidden within the site, functions such as the ability to design the page according to whatever preferences that you would originally set for your website. This is thanks to the feature known as the drag and drop page builder built into the theme template.

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