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10+ Blogging Themes for Self and Community

Blogging is an ever present activity that most people will be compelled to do, especially when they wish to share bits of information with other people around the world. However, not all blog sites share the same purpose. There will be a time when a WordPress blog will be dedicated or specified to specific individuals, say, members of a community or other groups.

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Sharing information is basic human nature and is often viewed as an act of free will, this is mainly because information of any form can be classified as useful in certain situations that the information is being used for.

This Live! WordPress blog theme aims to create a simple and friendly user interface so as to allow both the manager of the blog site and the visitors of the site to easily navigate and view whatever information is being shared on the blog site.

Purchasing this blog WordPress theme would allow you to acquire or use the built-in features that come along with the theme such as the following:

  • A feature called infinite scrolling where in this feature will allow you to create your blog site to have a single long page as necessary.
  • Sticky sidebars that would allow you and your viewers to easily keep track of any directories you may have added to your blog site.
  • Allows the usage of animated post images or GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), which would make your blog more attractive in terms of appearance.
  • It also comes with a multi-language support that would allow you to create your content in any language so as to reach a larger audience around the world.


The name of this theme is Blogging, and it is a rather straight-to-the-point theme. It is a theme dedicated to assisting the person in creating a fully functional blog site for the cost of fifty-nine dollars. Aside from this simple yet elegant blog themes and template, you will also be granted access to the built-in features of this blog theme. These features include the following:

  •  You can create your blog in a way that is accessible to both PC and mobile gadgets without losing the quality of user-friendly experience. (This is important because in most cases, bloggers tend to forget that most people are using mobile gadgets to browse the Internet and will often complain about issues with compatibility and/or screen issues.)
  • There are settings that will allow you to freely display related posts and articles to your current blog, which will entice the visitor to continue reading through all of your articles on the site.
  • If ever you do need to change a certain thing about your blog site, this theme comes with a clean and basic code that even people without any experience with coding can easily understand and manage the necessary changes on their own.

Oleander – A Blog & Shop Theme

Oleander is the name of a type of shrub that bears a rather pretty flower, and just like the shrub, the website is also simple but bears a sense of uniqueness and a sense of beauty incorporated into its design. But beneath its simple yet elegant design are a number of features that would make this theme compete with even the most intricate themes available for blogging. Below are some its features.

  • An easy means of creating and managing your very own online shop or store as well as a simple means of editing the sites. This can be achieved due to the simple and clear coding implemented into the HTML and CSS in the creation of the theme.
  • You are even given access to use Instagram as a means of promoting your site as well as every other social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Brooklyn – WordPress Blog Theme

Ever heard the statement simplicity is best? Well, this statement is even more so when it comes to the design and function of this blog theme template. Although its outer appearance is that of a basic designed website, it actually has something to do with the function of the website. This is because a simple website allows for easier access and less resource requirement when loading the site.

But never judge a book by its cover. Beneath the design of the website may contain some basic and simple HTML5 and CSS3 coding, but they are made this way to hide the complexity of actually managing and maintaining a blog.


Just by viewing the demo of the blog site theme template, you will be able to notice that the design alone is a rather modern and complex theme and is done so with the idea that everything on the blog site is taken seriously and is accurate.

This design or theme for a blog site is not just all looks, it is also comprised of some useful features for anyone who wishes to create a site.

  • Eight pre-defined and well-made layout for different types of blog topics. These eight layouts are the default layout, the food blog layout, the gaming blog layout, the celebrity blog layout, travel blog layout, lifestyle blog layout, tech blog layout, and the shop layout.
  • Aside from having several layouts available for you to use upon purchase of the blog theme, there are other features like being allowed to add in external links to social media websites to further boost your blog site’s promotion.
  • It also features the ability to easily include advertisements into your blog site’s Web page so as to generate some revenue for you, the manager of the site.

Magnolia – Biggest & Easy Blog

When we first hear the word magnolia we will imagine one of two things: either about ice cream or, more often than not, about a magnolia tree (a type of tree that often grows its own flowers that appears pink and waxy looking). And we can see here that in the main Web page’s art design there are some magnolia flowers, which would justify the name of the theme for this blog site or website.

The simple design of this website will often make you forget that underneath the design of the Web page, it will typically consist of HTML5 website design codes as well as CSS3 effects to make the site function more smoothly and effectively.

Tasty Blog Theme

The Tasty blog theme is used for the purpose of creating a food blog and it captures the ideas and thoughts for the blog perfectly by designing the theme to resemble that of certain types of food. Aside from the theme, the design is also made in a way that cuts directly to the case and introduces the reader to the topic and purpose of the blog site.

As of any of the blog site themes available here, there is more to this theme than its basic design. This is because although the design is basically the majority of the effort in making this theme, it was actually inputted into creating a user-friendly interface and functions that would allow for easy site maintenance and management.

Kindred – A Food & Lifestyle Blog

As we may know, food is always an interesting topic when it comes to writing or making a blog. This is because it is a topic everyone can relate to as well as everyone can indulge in sharing information, and personally, we have to agree that the idea of a food blog should always be with a food-themed design so as to get straight to the point when it comes to identifying the purpose of the blog.

The most notable feature of this blog theme template would be the easy navigation it allows for both the visitor and the site manager. This feature is achieved by keeping the design of the theme simple and the codes clean and basic.


Fashion is one of the most common topics for a blog. This is because as individuals we wish to share our own personal opinions when it comes to fashion, in the sense that fashion allows us to be unique and separate us from the rest of humanity.

The fashion blog theme captures this idea simply by designing the theme in a way that is to be considered unique and allows the user to fill in the content of the blog with relevant topics.

Easy site display is just one of the many features that acquiring this blog theme will give you. The other features this blog theme will give you would be to allow you to design the Web page in any way and in any design you desire thanks to the unlimited color schemes and texture patterns that are available, which makes creating the site to match your taste all the more simple.

Another feature is social media promotion and access. This feature is a must-have when it comes to creating a fashion blog. This is because fashion is basically art and art is supposed to be shared with everyone.

Hummingbird – The Ultimate Blog Theme

Hummingbird is a rather interesting title or name for this theme. This is because hummingbirds are often considered as a species of bird that is responsible for pollinating flowers. This sentence can be used as a metaphor to describe how this site would help the human mind grow and expand by introducing new concepts and ideas to the mind. This type of blog theme template is not specified to only one type of blog but can be utilized for any and every type of blog available.

This flexibility is mostly thanks to the way the site is designed as well as the idea that came with the designing of this site. With this flexibility, the site manager for this blog will easily be able to create new topics every day, which will keep viewers interested and satiated.

Aside from clean and easy coding, which is the main reason as to why the theme is so flexible and can suit any topic, the site is also accessible to almost any gadget, be it PC, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Magazine and Blog Theme

personal WordPress blog theme is a theme that aims to provide a feminist touch to the design of the Web page. This is achieved through the introduction of light colors as well as cutely designed images for the main Web page.

Zarya, although a sight with a feminine touch, is not a site dedicated to just females but rather is only made in a feminine way so as to have the viewers feel more relaxed and calm when visiting the site, the same effect where an enraged child could be calmed down with the presence of its mother.

However, do not be fooled. Beneath its girly exterior, this site holds a rather intricate amount of features that make this site rather effective when it comes to making necessary changes at a moment’s notice. Some features are the following:

  • Unlimited color designs and combinations
  • Smooth and easy scrolling
  • Easy implications of custom logos and designs


GridBlog is a free blog theme template that you could use to create your blogs. This is done so as to have the site managers using this theme to have a feel on how well the website themes and designs are made and used. This tactic is rather common when it comes to negotiation and business.

GridBlog is designed in a way that most, if not all, of the articles and posts are visible on the main page within specially designed grids or blocks that will allow the person to easily display all of the information present on the site.

GridBlog, although being a free website theme, is just as effective as another home solely because of the fact that any and every blog theme template available is a dedication to its goal of maintaining and developing quality themes for everyone to use for their sites.

As of any other website theme, GridBlog provides you with several features such as:

  • Unlimited background choices (colors, images, and or textures)
  • 24-hour tech support
  • Cross platform accessibility

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