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Food Blog Themes and Templates

Food is a rather basic yet essential requirement for the sustaining of any organisms existence, in the most basic form food is a source of nutrients and fuel that is broken down within an organism so as to achieve movement and action by means of breaking down the components of the food in a metabolic process.

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Food items are often classified into three groups which are glow, go and grow foods, each food group serves a specific function when it comes to the nutritional intake of the person and to their physical development. We should all be familiar with the three basic food groups mostly because of the fact that almost all of us were taught about this three food groups since birth either by our parents or by others mentoring us on our dietary needs.

We should all be familiar with the three basic food groups mostly because of the fact that almost all of us were taught about this three food groups since birth either by our parents or by others mentoring us on our dietary needs.

Let us discuss further on the concept of the three food groups later on within this article. As you read through and view all of the available food blogs themed templates, so continue reading through the entirety of this article now.

Biscuit – Food WordPress

Natural Foods Ecommerce Website Template

Healey – food & lifestyle

As stated earlier we will be discussing further on the three basic food groups, which are go, glow and grow foods. You may be wondering what is the relevance of discussing about the three food groups in response to making a food blog, this can simply be justified by the fact that you will need some idea on how to create your food blog especially in the case of the nature of the food blog you are making. Now, let us begin with discussing the three food groups.

  • Go Foods

Go foods are often viewed or recognized as a type of food that would help the human body develop energy in response to the consumption of starchy and wheat like substances that would typically provide the person with a burst of energy.

  • Glow Foods 

Glow foods are recognized as the composition of nutrient rich sustenance which is in the form of fruits and vegetables. This type of food group is often categorized as the main source of majority of the nutrients needed by an average person in order to boost their internal functions such as their nervous system, circulatory system and even their immune system since the body requires certain minerals and nutrients for specific functions especially when it comes to cell repair and restoration.

  • Grow Foods

Grow foods are a group of food that is categorized as a type of food consumed that would assist the organism in their physical development in the sense that grows foods help an organism grow their bones, muscles and other organs as well. Grow foods are often consisting of food that is high in protein and calcium which aids in the development of the structure of an organism.

Cooking & Catering WP Theme

A food blog is a rather common type of blog theme being made every day this is mainly because of the fact that the topic of the blog which is about food is as the saying goes a rather tasty topic. This is because most people would tend to pay attention to something that would stimulate their taste buds in a specific way.

Food bloggers know about this fact and will often take advantage of this fact about readers by stating information and facts about certain foods that will make the readers want to visit their sites more often. Thus the need for well formatted and uniquely designed Web blog themes so as to increase the number of potential web site viewers.

Food bloggers have several means of increasing the number of visitors to their sites one of which has already been discussed previously namely the theme of the food blog, other rather effective means food bloggers have at their disposal for the increasing of web traffic to their food blog sites would be to:

  • Socializing on social media. This statement simply implies that it is in the food loggers best interest to socialize and directly interact with people online in social media so as to suggest them to visit your food blog. This does not only mean you have to interact with them directly you could very well just add some advertisements pertaining to your blog.
  • Quality content. This is a rather basic task to keep in mind when you are creating your food blog. This is because the quality of your content be it your images, your written content or even just the user interface of your food blog will directly affect the viewer’s perception of your food blog and will help determine if they would like to share your site or not.
  • Respect other food bloggers. This simply means that if ever you are displaying or showing similar contents or images on your blog post to that of another site then it is important to cite your sources so as to provide due credit to the owners of those contents.
  • Always add contacts. Adding contact information such as your personal mobile or telephone number is a simple yet beneficial task to keep in mind when creating a food blog this is mainly because of the fact that if people can contact you directly it means a two things, they are with in your area and that they may be interested in helping you improve your blog.

KALE: PRO – Food Blog WordPress Theme

TastyBites – Recipe & Food Blog WordPress Theme

Organic Food -Wordpress Recipe

There are two types of websites, we have the dynamic websites and the static websites, both types of websites have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages on their own, but we will be discussing these two types of websites even further so as to give you our readers an idea on how you should design your website in response to your preferences. Let us begin discussing websites with:

Dynamic Websites

  • Dynamic websites pertain to websites that have updated contents or is updated on a regular basis.
  • This type of website is the best choice for bloggers since it would keep your viewers interested and entertained with the constant flow of information from your site.
  • However, the downside of this type of website would be that they are often taxing to the bloggers themselves in the sense that bloggers will need to constantly update their sites with new contents.

Static Websites

  • Static websites are a rather simple type of website that would typically require the blogger to accomplish the minimal amount of work due to the fact that static websites are a type of website that is rarely updated and is often archived as a means of collecting information.
  • Static websites are often viewed as a terrible choice for whenever a blogger will be making a blog site, this is because most viewers of blog sites prefer to visit sites that have updated and unique information.

The choice of deciding which type of website design you want to implement will be directly related to the level of work you wish to perform in terms of maintaining your sites.

Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs


Cookery book – receipts and cooking WordPress Theme

Chili – Restaurant WordPress Theme

You have decided that you are going to make a food blog, but you are now wondering what type of food blog you should be making or maybe you just wanted to know if there are several forms of food blogs, well, the answer is yes. Yes, there are several ways you could make and create your own food blog but that is completely for cosmetic options the real issue or difference each food blog would have against the other would be their topic.

Yes, there are several ways you could make and create your own food blog but that is completely for cosmetic options the real issue or difference each food blog would have against the other would be their topic.

Let us discuss a couple of the most commonly viewed topics for a food blog and discuss why these topics are so popular, to begin the list let us start with:

Health and Diet

  • It may seem strange that a food blog is about the health and diet of a person but it is actually a common and rather often visited and researched topic mainly because most people are concerned about their health especially when it comes to what they are eating.

Food Recipes

  • Food recipes are a must have for any type of food blog, this topic is the well-established standard for any food blog because when people are searching or reading through food blogs they expect to see a list of recipes whether basic level recipes or culinary masterpieces as well as step by step instructions on how a person can attempt to create their own versions of the recipes.

The Savor WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Although there are several ways to create, design, and promote your food blog it will all be directly dependent on your preference and what type of information you want to share. After all, blogs are intended to be a means of sharing whatever information a person wishes to share online to other like-minded individuals.

So don’t be afraid to go above and beyond on how you wish to design your website, and always remember to stick to the theme you are choosing. If you aren’t interested in food blogs then maybe you are interested in other blog themes. If so, then just read through our site for more examples of blog themes.

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