31+ Free Tumblr Themes & Templates

In order to experience the best micro-blogging functionality, rely on these beautiful free tumblr themes. Make these themes work according to your will as you can easily customize them. These themes are endowed with sidebars with amazing designs which are highly responsive. You May also See Free HTML5 Website Template.

With numerous scrolling features, the free tumblr themes will definitely help to give the websites an exciting and attractive look. Give your contents a new and rejuvenated platform and increase the number of users following you. With these free themes, you can easily integrate images, videos and audios into your website to help the mundane contents get an exciting touch. You May also See Tumblr Style WordPress Templates.

Free Bright Day Tumblr Theme

Free Simple Tumblr Theme

Free Grid Tumblr Theme

Free Single Column Tumblr Theme

Free Grid Well Tumblr Theme

Free Wallstocker Tumblr Theme

Free Beautiful Tumblr Theme

Free Three Column Layout Tumblr Theme

Free Magazine Tumblr Theme

Free Premium Tumblr Theme

Free One Column Tumblr Theme

Free Simplify Tumblr Theme

Free Respective Grid Layout Tumblr Theme

Free Animation Tumblr Theme

Free Modern Grid Tumblr Theme

Free Minimal Blog Tumblr Theme

Free Modern Grid Tumblr Theme

Free App Blog Tumblr Theme

Free Editorist Infinite scroll Tumblr Theme

Free Responsive Tumblr Theme

Free Footnote One Column Tumblr Theme

Free Fullscreen Video Tumblr Theme

Free Inform One Column Tumblr Theme

Free Ultra Tumblr Theme

Free Rubric Tumblr Theme

Free Artistic Tumblr Theme

Free Effector Tumblr Theme

Free Sidebar Tumblr Theme

Free Style Grid Tumblr Theme

Free Portfolio Tumblr Theme

Free Minimal Tumblr Theme

Varied Kinds Of Tumblr Themes- The List Goes On

When you are in search for some free user-friendly tumblr themes for your website, you will surely not get disappointed as there are just plenty out there to impress and feed your demand. A few of them would be:

  • Candice: It is a very manageable single column theme, being totally responsive it displays your contents the most amazingly.
  • Paper Stacks: Comes with multiple features like multiple color and design layouts, fonts and allows you to change the backdrop of the theme.
  • Lookbook: An interestingly designed grid layout for displaying images beautifully.
  • Callisto: Add links, incorporate your social sites and change the background image with this theme.

Cool Features That Are Eveready To Excite Thee

Get better and get all classy with the best from the rest free tumblr themes. The ‘n’ number of themes comes with ‘N’ number of features to do justice to your website. These themes will offer endless features and you might as well get tired of them. They are easy to install, customize, user-friendly, 100% responsive, allows integration of audio & visual, displays contents in high resolution, comes with multiple column layout, permits changing of fonts via Google Fonts, various sidebar, header and footer options, allows you to integrate different links like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube and what not into your tumblr blog.

Go for the Right Tumblr- Else Get into Trouble

  •  Making the right decision and choosing the correct free tumblr theme is not an easy task as there are just too many to choose from. Depending on your criteria, pick one for designing your website.
  • Web designers who are keen to create a site for photography must go for those themes which have numerous grid layout for proper display of images.
  • Question yourself what you need for your website. Whether you want to flock your site with Social Medias, or you want to upload pictures and contents or both, just a give a minute into thinking and then decide.

Go Lively With The Exciting Colors And Rejoice

Go all the way from sepia to bright hues, it is your call and all you need is just to make the right move and it will be yours. Various colors in high resolution themes are just ready to suit your purpose and re-define the site you are working on.

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