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Ghost themes are very simple to develop and come with easy maintenance options. They basically use the handlebars template languages that tend to be minimal in terms of logic. It creates a certain kind of separation between HTML based templates and any kind of JavaScript based business logic via the helpers. Such kind of separation offers easy collaboration between the designers and developers while developing the themes. Anyone with knowledge in Handlebars would definitely find it easy enough to realize the effectiveness of Ghost Themes.You May also See Ghost Blog Templates

Gallery Portfolio Ghost Theme $19

Fashion News & Magazine Ghost Theme $40

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Minimal Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme $19

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Free & Clean Ghost Theme

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Animation MultiPurpose Theme For Ghost $19

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Responsive Parallax Theme For Ghost $19

Flat Masonry Ghost Theme $30

Responsive Masonry Ghost Theme $19

Benefits Of Using Handlebars

Using Handlebars, it becomes easy enough to develop static CSS and HTML for themes as per your needs and requirements. Once developed, get it substituted in the Handlebars expressions wherever you would be requiring dynamic data. One thing to keep a note at: every single handlebars expression is contained in either triple or double curly braces for easy spotting. You May also See Furniture Website Templates

In order to make Ghost understand the HTML files to be the theme files, it is necessary to use .HBS file extension. In fact, when you use Ghost themes, you need to provide certain names to the files. It is important. Every single of these files would be used for different part of the website or blog. You May also See

Ghost templates are basically hierarchical. What this means is the fact that one template can easily extend another template that prevents the HTML files from being repetitive. Support for partial templates is an added advantage. This allows the developer to share HTML blocks between multiple levels of templates. All these features make it possible to minimize the code duplication while keeping individual templates focused on getting a single job carried out for easy maintenance and keeping the theme lightweight.

What Makes Ghost Themes So Effective?

Ghost is basically a happy medium between static file generator and dynamic CMS style application. In short, Ghost Admin is often described as dynamic client side app. However, the blog pages are primarily generated on the server side and then sent to browser as Static HTML files. This kind of a scenario makes the Ghost Themes extremely fast while making the blog pages suitably cached.

Those who are familiar with the concept of MVC, dealing with Ghost themes would never be difficult enough. The router at the server would be taking request for URL and then figures out the right kind of controller to be used for the purpose. Information from the controller is being collected by the controller. The Ghost theme template accordingly puts all the collected information to provide finishing touch to the page. Go to the contexts section on structure page to learn about this in detail.

What Happens In Production Mode?

While being in the production mode, entire set of template files are being loaded and cashed by server and then being sent to browser. Once you try to make change to the .HBS file, the actual reflection would be seen only after restarting the Ghost theme. However, such a scenario never takes place while being in the development mode.

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