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11 Grid Blog Themes and Templates

The idea of displaying all of the available posts directly on to the first or main page of a website was originally an idea that most people would think to be inefficient and reduces the time a site visitor will spend on the site. But putting this inaccurate and outdated concept behind, most site viewers actually spend more time in total viewing the site when it is designed with a grid WordPress theme layout. This is because the viewers will be able to select what topic or article they want to see from that blog site.

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This is mainly because of the fact that a site implementing a grid website theme layout is capable of organizing all of the popular and most commonly viewed topics and posts into one single page making the site viewer select and open all of the links if they find it interesting.

Personal Grid Blog Theme

Matraman is a theme that is made in a rather clean-cut way. From the color scheme that incorporates light and dark colors to achieve a sense of balance and clarity to the theme, to the grid layout being implemented to accommodate the actual design of the Web page, Matraman grid blog theme is made in a way that it can be considered optimized or efficient in terms of accessibility from both mobile devices and desktop platforms. The usage of the grid theme layout is intentional so as to easily accommodate all of the articles and posts available for the reader to view. Aside from the obvious advantage of having a great design theme, Matraman grid blog provides its users with a few useful features as well such as:

  • Custom audio and video support that would allow you to easily add video or audio files to your site with little to no hassle at all.
  • Unlimited color schemes to decorate your Web page template in more intricate and unique designs.

Modern Grid Blog Theme

Merapi is a take on creating a modern and simple Web blog through the use of a WordPress theme developed by ThemeAwesome, which features different color schemes that allow for an almost infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to decorating the blog site, thus making this Web theme suitable for different blog topics such as news, websites, stories, video blogs, personal blogs, basically almost any available topic for a blog is compatible with this free WordPress theme.

The responsive feature of Merapi allows for an easier access to several platforms aside from the usual personal computer platform, which allows for a greater range of viewers. In addition to it being accessible to several platforms, this theme is also optimized in a way to make browsing the site made with this theme run smoothly. You are also given access to quality customer technical support after the completion of this purchase, which will allow you to more easily develop your site and keep its software up to date.

Minimal Grid Blog Theme

Responsive Gird Blog Template

GridBox focuses on the concept of creating quality Web pages through the usage of grid blog design themes. The reason as to why they implement this type of theme can be easily explained through viewing the above image of the demo. In the image you can see that the site looks fantastic. Aside from the gorgeous way they set the grid layout, you can also see how well the color scheme for the background of each grid complements the foreground or the picture itself.

Aside from being allowed to design your grid layout as well as different color schemes to match your preference, you are also given access to functions such as the options panel to the website so as to allow you a greater influence into tweaking your blog site even more.

Another advantage GridBox users could have is that they can access features such as custom-made widgets and functions for specified users on your Web page.

WordPress Blog Theme

Art Gallery Responsive Blog Template

When we think about art, the first thing we think about would be the different styles and designs available, and as a result we end up looking up several magazines and articles and viewing them side by side. Well, there is no actual need to do that since most sites nowadays implement a grid theme layout that incorporates the grid theme. What is a grid theme? A grid theme is, as shown above, a theme or design that uses the concept of displaying different posts and articles in a one-page template so as to have the person reviewing the site to easily determine their choice of preference when it comes to reading an article.

Blogging WordPress Grid Theme

Blogging is always an effective means of sharing information, but the main problem of blogging nowadays would be the fact that most people are incapable of finding a blog that catches their interests in terms of content and design. Research suggests that it is actually efficient to create a Web blog that consists of eye-catching themes and decorations that the theme called Blogging has achieved effectively by implementing a grid-based layout that utilizes the room provided by the grid system to create an effective and eye-catching themes for your website.

This is achieved through the use of simple yet effective HTML5 and CSS3 coding along with search engine optimizations that would almost guarantee an increase in Web traffic through your PC. Also, you are able to generate some income thanks to the easy input of advertisements to the website.

Fashion Grid Blog Theme

Grid-Based Blog Template

Demi is considered a classic theme and is viewed as such because of its implementation of the basic color scheme as well as the usage of a simple user interface. This is a must-have theme for those who wish to design a website that has a classic yet modern feel to its functions. Although color scheming is a rather basic task to accomplish and is often viewed as irrelevant to the actual function of the site, the fact of the matter is that proper color scheming is important since it will affect your viewer’s perception of your site.

Although it is considered as a classic theme, this theme is quite capable of appearing more modern and unique thanks to its impressive features; features such as easy-to-make-and-use custom widgets that will allow you to create directories into different forms and functions you need it for. Another useful thing about this theme would be that this theme also provides its own built-in tweet-this-quote function that allows access to social media sites much easier and more welcoming.

Unique Grid Based WordPress Theme

GridBlog is a free Web blog theme that any person can use to kick-start their very own blog. Now, you may be thinking that since it is free the quality of this theme would be limited or changed in some way, but the fact of the matter is that this is a fully functional site theme template equipped with all of the standard features every other site theme has, such as the following:

  • Responsive for any and all devices, meaning the site you are making will be easily accessible through any device.
  • Sear engine optimization, which will guarantee an increase in Web traffic to whatever site you are using this theme for.
  • Language packs for easier translations.

Free things may seem to have a reputation of being defective compared to the paid version, but that is no longer the truth. There are tons of free things that are good, if not better, than the actual thing.

Bloggit is a simple grid-based layout theme that is made for an easy start-up theme wherein if you have no idea how to manage or create a theme, then using this theme will help you identify the exact methods of creating a site simply because of its built-in documentation function, which will guide you to the completion of the site.

Another rather advantageous function Bloggit has would be the construction and implementation of a breaking news alert system wherein the function of this feature would be to headline the latest news and updates about your site so as to have your viewers more easily locate the latest news. This is boosted even further with its easy directory management and creation function.

There are other features as well such as an AdSense feature, which would allow the site manager to add in intricate and useful advertisements to the site so as to generate some other form of revenue, to improve the site even further.

Actually, coding and manually creating your site is an option; however, there is barely anything to do when using this theme template, mostly because of the way the HTML and CSS website codes were made so clean and simple that you can easily trace the function of each code and be capable of editing the codes fast, clear, and efficiently.

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