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15+ Best Drupal Backup & Migrate Modules

Drupal has one of the best backup modules that can be adapted for any platform and any function. Entire MySQL codes, database and a large number of raw files can be stored safely and securely using this platform. The process is made even more easy by several options available to you. To streamline the process, you can choose what files to include or exclude by default, and the backup and migrate feature allows you to simply dump your files to a dedicated server. You may also see Drupal Themes & Templates 2016. This way, your loaded preferences sort through everything and a ton of the work for you. Cache data is a big space hog, and you can program the backup function to exclude these and other unnecessary files. A backup of the file directory can be made as well, with the inbuilt smart delete options making managing the backup easier. You can also see Fitness Joomla Themes & Templates.

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WP Migrate

This is a template format that can be used to create some of the most effective backup platforms and also a fundamental basis for web creations. The features of this design is super responsive and attractive.

Backup and Migrate


Backup and Migrate Dropbox

This is a template format that is easily available over the web world. The user can easily download the template format in the form of word document, PSD and PDF. The users can also make changes and edit with speed.


This is a drupal backup and migrate module template that can be used by various types of organizations. The template can be effective in creating efficient backup systems. The template is navigable.

Migrate Aggregator

This is a template design that is compatible with a wide array of browsers and can be accessed across a wide range of devices. The template is fully print ready and has a simple design.

Migrate Generate

This is a template design that can be used by the web designers to come up with a very effective and efficient backup system. This is a template format that is SEO friendly. The design is simple and very sober.

Migrate Upgrade


Commerce Migrate Ubercart

This is a template format that has a host of great technical qualities. The template is supported by a super slide show. The template is print ready and also superbly navigable. The template is easily downloadable from the internet.

Open Atrium Migrate

The user can create effective web creation and backup systems. The template has features and technical facets that makes the design easily understandable. The user can easily track and trace files and information in this system.

Web Experience Toolkit: Migrate

This is a drupal backup and migrate module template that can be used for the purpose of creating super responsive and navigable backup systems. The user can save a lot of time in the task of systematically segregating and storing his files and other information.

Gallery2 migrate

This is a template format that can be very effective in the task of creating a backup system. This is a format that can be helpful in saving a lot of time of the user. The design is 100% responsive and navigable.

Hosting backup garbage collection

This is a template design that is SEO friendly. The template is super responsive. It is fully editable. The user can not just change the content matter but at the same time can also change the background theme.

Backup & Migrate Manta

The template format is print ready with a great resolution range. This is a template that can be very effective in creating great backup systems. The search process is simple and anyone can easily followed.

Backup and Migrate SFTP

The user can easily download this template design from the internet. It is available in the form of word document and PDF.

You can even backup to FTP, or S3 and even email! Professionals will be pleased with the level of Drush integration, multiple backup schedules and AES encryption for backups, which secure all your data very well. Drupal backup modules are among the best in the industry, offering a full range of functions that is best in class. This is one of the most widely used platforms for web development, and being open source, cannot be beat at the price point. An industry standard, Drupal backup modules offer unparalleled functionality along with the most features, along with ease of use anywhere in the industry.

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