New Drupal Templates & Themes 2015

The latest and biggest Drupal themes are here for the taking; so if there was ever a good time to upgrade your Drupal website it’s this 2015. Stylish and loaded with hundreds with new functionalities the themes are preset to adapt to most site requirements. With the latest additions for complete JQuery support, the new Drupal themes are expected to offer full compatibility even for cross-platform plugins. The responsive design and the flexible framework of the templates ensure optimal performance.

> New Drupal Themes & Templates Released in December 2015

Drupal-Themes-&-Templates-Released-in-December-2015If you’re looking for highly-customizable Drupal templates & themes that are both feature-rich and unique, these new designs for December are a must have. With easy to use interfaces and plenty of customizable whitespace, these unique templates will add color and novelty to your Drupal site. Retina ready and fully responsive designs ensure that your site is not limited by the device it is being viewed on.

> New Drupal Templates & Themes November 2015

Drupal-Templates-&-Themes-November-2015The popularity of Drupal as a platform has been increasing. The latest Drupal themes and templates offer benefits and advantages that just cannot be ignored. These themes are fully customizable and have extended API support. Moreover their SEO friendliness and cross browser compatibility make Drupal themes and templates an apt choice.

New Drupal Templates & Themes October 2015

Drupal-Templates-October-2015Look no further than 100% mobile ready, Bootstrap empowered, and retina ready graphics enabled latest Drupal themes from the catalog for October 2015 to revamp your websites’ look and feel. With AJAX galleries, sidebars, customizable logos, headers and footers, and more, these themes are winners all the way. Compatibility with 3rd party apps also adds more feathers of success to the cap of these latest Drupal themes. Shortlist the ones that are ideal for your websites and walk over your competitors.

New Drupal Templates & Themes September 2015

Drupal-Templates-September-2015Finding it hard to get the right Drupal templates? Well with the new template releases for this September you’re in for a surprise. Custom designed and intelligently functionalized, the latest template range includes all categories from business site templates to blog/magazine style templates. Also the included website builder framework allows developers to add personalized elements to the templates as well.

New Drupal Templates & Themes August 2015

Drupal-Templates-August-2015With Drupal making some drastic updates to its firmware, the August offering of new templates are in tune with the new changes as well. Receiving accessibility improvements for backend administration and complete cross-browser compatibility even with the latest Microsoft releases, the latest themes are sure to make web design a whole lot easier.

New Drupal Templates & Themes July 2015

Drupal-Templates-July-2015With new unique designs and refreshing themes in store, the July release of Drupal templates definitely look promising. But the latest templates include innumerable technological updates as well. With an improved responsive design and clean HTML5 coding the templates are faster and lighter. Also the addition of new JQuery functions extend support to even more complex plugins to be added.

New Drupal Templates & Themes June 2015

Drupal-Templates-June-2015Site crashes will soon be a thing of the past, as the latest release of Drupal templates are here to take the CMS platform by storm. In tune with the new Drupal updates and updated to the latest Bootstrap framework edition, the templates don’t just get bug fixes but a complete rework of the coding. And with the extended drag & drop site builder options, getting the site up and running will no longer be a hassle.

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