7 Top Colleges & Universities Drupal Template & Themes

Drupal is an open-source web development platform. Some of the busiest websites on the Internet use it, and it has a myriad variety of applications, being adaptable to any virtual design. As a platform for website development, it is unmatched in its category. If you are looking to build a university website, Drupal offers unmatched responsive drupal themes that are clean and modern.

university drupla templates

Multi-Purpose Drupal Theme

multi purpose drupal theme

TB University – Education Drupal Theme

tb university education drupal theme
The clean and minimal design of this template with an uncluttered layout would definitely add charm to your University website or blog. It supports various appearance forms for the content like slideshow, carousel, quicktab, accordion etc. This template with its responsive design offers impressive user interface as it supports features like comments, article posts, forms etc.

Powerful Education Courses Online Drupal Theme

powerful education courses online drupal theme


This Drupal 7 template has a unique layout design what with gradients, regions and blocks having been properly marked for content. Thus, diversifying the content in the layout is quite easy. Use this to start an educational blog or a university website. The minimal design gives it a modern look and the clean layout ensures premium user interface.

You can pack many different types of content into the unlimited pages that Best Drupal themes for universities allow you to add. Create pages, Taxonomy forms, and format image styles, modify and create content types for the best theme for your university. The best themes will include embedded interactive content, like chat options for help. This is especially useful in case your institution has many foreign students coming in who need specialized help. Another exciting aspect would be the ability to embed multimedia into the pages, which really enhances the all-round experience. This would mean that mini-classes could be made available online, or crash courses on whatever has already been taught. Your university could reach out to the public with a series of these with content pulled from YouTube. Social media integration is easily achieved through the best of Top Drupal templates. Clean fonts make legibility easier, which means reaching out to a wider number of people. University websites should have a minimalistic, but solid look with understated contrast in colors. Free Drupal themes for universities help you achieve the look you desire with the least amount of fuss.

> Conclusion

With all service organizations opening shop on the internet, it is inevitable that universities also go digital. Creating an interactive website or an interesting blog ensures that you can reach to maximum number of people. In case, you want to design your website without external help, go ahead and check out the wide range of Durpal university templates. Designed by professionals, these comprise of all the important features that would come in handy to create a user friendly web page.