Top 10 Drupal Business Templates & Themes

Drupal, best suited for big establishments and businesses, is a platform for content management. Earlier versions of  Best Drupal Templates required the expertise of webmasters to maintain and operate. Now no more! Drupal 7 has made things easy for you. You can use Drupal to create the perfect ambience for your business web page.

With a varied range of themes to choose from, you can use these clean and functional themes to suit your needs. Though limited in ‘looks’ the scenario is fast changing with more and more Drupal themes being inaugurated. It is Drupal’s stability, performance and power which make it an enduring business theme application.

Drupal supports SSL, social networking, blogging, permission features, events management, user management and document management. Drupal also supports web sites which are complex, and allows external integration easily and add-ons to enhance functionality.

Most of the following features are common to Best Drupal business themes. A 3-column flexible system that has 8 more collapsible areas with the unique “top slide-box”, Drupal’s content can be moved across the screen. The menu which is mega drop-down is an optional that has been built-in; it can be easily activated in the settings for the theme page. Rotating banners are integrated on the jQuery cycle.

Highlight content or point at the URL – you can do quite a lot using Top Drupal Business themes to maximize the usability of your products’ web page. The themes are progressively enhanced with CSS3 so that you can customize your page. Accomplish WCAG2AAA with Drupal. Manage your headings better. Transform your ordinary business site to a smart, neat and exciting web idea!

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The Danland Drupal theme has a simple and clean layout and design. You’d be happy to also know the theme is wired with Drupal versions 6.x and 7.x. The theme installation gives you access to great lineup of features. The template is apt to be the backbone of all kinds of portals.

Corporate Clean

Supported by More, this Drupal theme, Corporate Clean is a sure winner! Corporate Clean has a fully responsive grid that allows you to view your page on any of your mobile devices. It has a 7.x – 2.x release system. Features include 12 regions like Search area, Banner, Help, etc; support up to 3 column layout; clean and simple design; array of background colors; menu support for multilingual purposes; module with core Color; Superfish linked menu and jQuery plugin. Corporate Clean also has Breadcrumb display. What more could you ask for?!


A tableless layout with a 3 column wide banner image, Marinelli is a sleek Drupal business theme ready to change the ‘look’ of your web page. With 8 collapsible regions and the clever ‘top slide box’ you can comfortably move the content of your settings from right to the center. Activate the in-built mega drop down optional menu for primary links. jQuery based rotating banners allows you to upload these from the theme settings and play around as you wish them to be.CSS3 enhanced, you can now manage your headings much better than ever before. When you use Marinelli you can achieve WCAG2AAA. Compatible across browsers like Camino, Safari, Chrome and Opera, Marinelli looks beautiful on IE7, FF 2 and FF3.

Blue Masters

Blue Masters is a beautiful, elegant and smart Drupal business theme that offers a wide range of unique features which will ignite the creative streak in you! With a PSD template crafted stunningly, Blue Masters is the ultimate in Drupal themes. More supports Blue Masters; follow Facebook or Twitter to get updates. A total of 12 regions and 4 block custom front page, a JS slideshow, extra banner, CSS multilevel menu that is also a drop down one, and a great choice of colors, are some of the features of Blue Masters. Go on customize your business web page with Blue Masters!


Stylishly cool, Corolla is a colorful Drupal 7 business theme that gives you numerous options to customize the effect of your web site. Corolla is a 7.x – 2.x and 7.x – 3.x subtheme version of Adaptivetheme with a responsive design layout that is completely compatible with all mobile gadgets like your smartphone and tablet. Corolla has 6 color schemes with an in-built support for Superfish module and a configurable layout with loads of options. Google fonts and settings, Breadcrumbs settings, column 3 – 4 panels, horizontal block login and 18 regions, are few of the features of Corolla you would love to experiment with.


Another of Drupal 7 business themes, Company is great for web portfolios and businesses. This is a theme with a fixed width, Company supports layouts for 1 as well as 2 columns. It has 16 regions with an extended area for footers, with 4 blocks of footer and also a jQuery scroll to add to its unique features. Other interesting features include multilingual support, a drop down multilevel menu, Image slideshow and Caption text.


Simple and clean, Corporate, a Drupal 7 theme, is best suited for businesses. It supports three column layouts and has 16 regions. Features include multilevel menu, JS slideshow, pre-designed schemes of color with a professionally responsive design, amongst others.


Elegant is indeed smart and elegant! A Drupal business theme, Elegant offers almost all the great features incorporated in the application. A customizable Nivo slideshow, CSS Typography, 3 block footers, customized front image, color options, etc, Elegant leaves no room for complaints. Go ahead and check out this beautiful theme.

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