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Most Popular Joomla Extensions (Infographic)

Extending the functionality of your Joomla web projects is as simple as the click of a mouse button, all courtesy the swashbuckling collection of top class Joomla extensions. Whether you want to create single shot backups of all your Joomla projects or wish to have precise and SEO optimized sitemaps created for your Joomla empowered websites, Joomla extensions will do it for you.

most popular joomla extensions infographic

> Most Popular Joomla Extensions (Infographic)

Infographics of Joomla extensions are extremely flexible and unrestricted and be used to define your content such that it becomes easily decipherable. The extension comprises of wide range of features like analytics extension, newsletter extension, security extension, SEO extension etc which gives you a world of possibilities to use it. All the Joomla extensions are lightweight and have been specially designed to ensure that they gel in with your website or blog seamlessly. Among the most popular extensions for Joomla are contact form extensions that come with features such as unlimited fields, cool layouts, amazing display effects and multiple uploads. Integrating your Joomla website with your social networks and those of your viewers is amazingly easy, with multiple social media integration Joomla extensions doing the trick for you. Transform the working of your Module manager into something truly special with extensions bearing features like user level groups, multi templates, URLs and more. Also, adding content tabs wherever you like is possible in Joomla with the help of tab extensions. Embedding PHP or HTML styling codes into your website is possible with the use of extensions, and on similar lines you can place articles anywhere on the website. Responsive menus, stylish sliders, content migration tools, and a whole lot more – the world of Joomla extensions is as exciting as it is expansive. Infographics are easier for the audience to understand which is why using these in your content would make it more noticeable and popular. However, if you don’t know how to design infographics, go ahead and pick the popular Joomla infographics extensions. With these you can illustrate your data in the easiest possible manner.

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