5+ Joomla Templates for Filmmakers – Helping an Auteur Online

Filmmakers and directors create websites primarily to showcase their works so that they reach a wider audience on the internet, building their reputation. These film-maker templates for free & premium Joomla templates are incredibly useful for creating sites that serve the purposes of such filmmakers. They are available both for free as well as premium and are completely responsive, allowing people to watch the videos made by these people on any device.

Outstanding Support for the Works of Filmmakers

The templates of Joomla have several useful features filmmakers can use when creating videos of all kinds. There are several slideshow options the templates can be used to set up. These allow visitors to go through the videos easily. Then there are the full page sliders that enable the visitors to begin watching videos at the landing page itself.

The Lightbox effect can be used to highlight the videos, bringing them in front while darkening the rest of the page. The best feature is the one that lets you match the design of each page to the theme of your video, creating a synchronized, aesthetic look.

A List of Things that Makes these Templates Perfect for Filmmakers

  •  Filmmakers can set up blogs along with these sites to help promote their videos, where they can discuss their works, linking the videos in the content.
  •  There are options for using social media networks, so that visitors can share your work on sites like Facebook.
  •  You can set up various kinds of pages, like a contact page displaying your credentials.

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Filmmaker Joomla Template – $70

Best Filmmaker Joomla Template – $39

Responsive Filmmaker Joomla Theme – $55

Download Filmmaker Joomla Template

Filmmaker Responsive Joomla Theme – $75

Simple Filmmaker Joomla Template – $75

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