New Joomla Templates & Themes 2015

Joomla theme and template makers haven’t stopped working, and the evidence of that is the pretty damn good collection of themes they have come out with this year 2016. The new lineup of designs is long, and that’s good because if you’re a Joomla fan, you’re going to have a lot of skimming through to do. On our part, we worked to get to the bests of the latest Joomla themes and templates which got unveiled this year so far.

> New Joomla Themes & Templates Released in December 2015


It would be a good idea to start by browsing through the newcomers of July. You will be happy to know that Joomla themes are totally power-packed with features which totally live up to the fans’ expectations and demands – there are multiple designs and layouts, improved options and so much more!

> New Joomla Templates & Themes November 2015

Joomla-Templates-&-Themes-November-2015The latest Joomla themes and templates offer next level features which make your website a class apart. Building your website on Joomla platform will ensure that your website has advanced security features, jQuery configurations, cloud storage, front end editing and faster speed. These features make Joomla a unique choice for web development.

New Joomla Templates & Themes October 2015

Joomla-Templates-October-2015If you have blogs – personal and professional – and you’re looking to wire them in latest Joomla themes we just have this to say: Good move! The templates are loaded with the options and features of course, and they have been designed using the T3 Framework and Bootstrap.

New Joomla Templates & Themes September 2015

Joomla-Templates-September-2015The most awaited feature additions are here with the brand new releases for September 2015. Loaded with function specific plugins and widgets, the latest themes offer complete customization options for easy web design. Also the flexible HTML5 coding and the extended shortcode database offers endless customization options as well.

New Joomla Templates & Themes August 2015

Joomla-Templates-August-2015This august promises to be the best time for being a Joomla user as the theme store is already filling up with new and unique template designs made to leave any visitor awestruck. Fully optimized for cross platform functionality, the new joomla templates also sport a responsive design ideal for use with mobile platforms.

New Joomla Templates & Themes July 2015

Joomla-Templates-July-2015In tune with the new and improved Joomla CMS, the templates in-store for July sure pack a punch. With complete compatibility with JQuery, Java and Ajax plugins and built on the stable Bootstrap framework the templates are designed to minimize crashes and improve performance. Also the clean CSS3 coding ensured maximum customization.

New Joomla Templates & Themes June 2015

Joomla-Templates-June-2015Sporting the new web design trends the latest templates for June 2015 come in a wide range of styles including metro and tile based designs. Also the additional functionalities such as preset home layout options, color variation presets, drag and drop plugin installation and automated dynamic element resizing make the templates ideal for building complex sites too.

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