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18+ Medical Joomla Themes & Templates

Now that the whole world is moving online, more and more people want to avail of all kinds of services online. In fact, they would even want to purchase their medicines online. Medical practitioners and medicine shops now have launched official websites of their own through which they can provide health care. You can also see Medical WordPress Themes.

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They even maintain blogs through which they impart important information about medicines and healthcare. Have you decided to start a website like that too? Then you could always take the help of these Joomla medical template solutions found online.

Dentist Medical Joomla Template

Are you a dentist who has started practice only recently? Then you can make yourself known with the help of a website. Now to create the website for yourself, you can take the help of this dentist medical Joomla template. You can make a list of all the services you provide along with the facilities that you have at you dental clinic. That would surely be of immense help to your patients.

ET Metrix Medical Joomla Template

Dentist Medical Joomla Template

Business Medical Joomla Template

Health Medical HTML Joomla Template

Hospital Medical Joomla Theme

Clean & Responsive Medical Joomla Theme

If it is a nice Joomla medical theme you’re looking for, then you could always take the help this amazing template. It would allow you to list all you services and even mention the facilities you offer. Also, this template comes with a bunch of cool features which can come in handy- Dropdown menu lists Sliders Galley pages included Customizable filters

Home Health Care Services Joomla Template

As the very name suggests, home health care is like providing the hospital like care at your homes. This is mainly done in the case of old people or terminally ill patients who do not want to stay in the hospital for longer periods of time. Do you specialize in home health care? Then you could always use this home health care theme template to advertise your services.

Medical & Health Joomla Theme

Now that you’ve decided to shift your medical business online, you’ve made the right choice. However, you still have to make sure that the website you get is well designed and fulfils all your needs. For that, you can use this medical Joomla template. The best part about this template is that with this, you’ll be able to monetize your websites. You get the feature here which allows your users to make payments. You will also be getting-

  • Custom widgets
  • Fully responsive layout

Medical Responsive Joomla Template – $75

The first thing that you notice about this template is how simple it is. It has been designed keeping in mind the purpose. That’s why it has been kept easy to use and handle so that everyone can access it. The main emphasis of the template is on the content and the images. Apart from that, the design has been kept to a minimum which adds a charm to it. A responsive template is always preferred when it comes to medical theme templates. The best part about this template is that it is brightly colored and that makes it look all the more attractive. That would certainly reassure your patients. You can also edit and customize the template any way you want to. You can add bright images, edit the text and even change the color schemes. How great is that?

Responsive Medical Joomla Theme – $48

If you want to start selling medicines online, then you can do so with the help of this health Joomla template. It would allow you to make a list of all the medicines and products related to health care that you’re selling. Your customers can then simply go through the products and make an informed decision. All you really have to do is download the template.

Home Health Care Services Joomla Template – $75

Home health care can definitely make your lives much easier. You would be avoiding the huge hospital bills and at the same time, you will also be getting hospital like care from the comfort of your own homes. But if you’re offering home health care, then you should mention the facilities and services that you provide. You can convey that with the help of this specialized theme template.

Who said health care theme templates had to be boring? Just take a look at this template. Splashes of warm colors make the template appear cheerful and bright. Yet, the design of the template has been kept relatively simple and to the point. It also comes with the following features-

  • 100% responsive
  • Easy editing of titles and other details
  • Easily accessible across all major servers
  • Numerous color styles

MedBro Joomla Medical Template – $39

If you’re starting a blog or a website related to the field of health care, then you should make it a point to use only templates that contain themes which go with the overall ambience. Now for that, you could take the help of this template. It consists of a simple and to the point design. Most of the emphasis is on the text and images which is always a good thing.

Dental HealthCare & Medical Joomla Theme – $75

If you’re looking for medical Joomla themes, then this is the template for you. This has been specially developed for dental care clinics or doctors practicing dental medicine. You will be able to advertise your services in the website so that more and more people can find out about you. Also, you will be able to customize and edit the templates according to your requirements.

HealthCare & Medical Joomla Theme – $48

When it comes to hospitals and medical clinics, most patients dread visiting them. However, you can make yourselves more approachable through a website. Here, you can add images like the ones provided in the template. You will also be able to customize the details already provided in the template. Now if you want to save on time and reduce your workload, you can do so with by sticking to the pattern given in the template.

OT Medical & Healthcare Joomla Template

The main focus of this template is on the text itself. This is important especially when you’re dealing with something as important as health care. You need to make your patients fully aware of all the medical facilities you have, the doctors who are on call and the policies you abide by. Now to do that, you can take the help of this hospital website theme template. So what are you waiting for?

Hot Clinic Medical & Healthcare Joomla Theme – $39

As you can see, the template allows you to divide the page of your website into three neat columns. The text has already been provided in the columns. However, if you’re in the mood to try something new and unconventional, you could take the help of this template. In one column, you can add a brief description about your institution and in the others, you could write about your services and testimonials too.

Medical Responsive Joomla Template – $75

This responsive medical theme template would be perfect for you if you run a health clinic or a hospital. As a matter of fact, this is a multipurpose template and can be used in multifarious ways. For example, if you’re planning to sell medicines online, you can do so with the help of these templates. So what are you waiting for, try it out yourself!

BT Medical Responsive Joomla Theme – $48

With a message like “a hospital you can trust” you can never go wrong. That’s the one thing that constant plagues the minds of patients. You can put their minds to rest with the help of this template. This message is sure to reassure your anxious patients. You will be able to edit the template and replace them with details about your own medical practice.

OT Clinical Medical & Healthcare Joomla Responsive Template

If you’re looking for responsive medical theme templates, you certainly cannot afford to miss out on this one. You will be able to edit and customize this medical template and make changes to it as and when the need arises. You would also be getting the following features which may come in handy-

  • Solid color schemes
  • Search engine optimization provided
  • PSD files included
  • Documentation provided

Download Health Care Joomla Template – $45

Do you run a sort of fitness website? Then you should pick a template that goes with the overall theme of your website. In that case, you can take a look at this template. It consists of a bright pink color which definitely adds a different charm to the website. Apart from that, you will also be able to edit and customize the template. So what are you waiting for? Click the download button today!

Responsive Medical Joomla Theme – $75

With this template, you’ll get lots of new features that you can use. For example, you get a number of columns where you can mention about the services you provide. If you’re using it at your clinic, you can also mention the names of the doctors who are on call at your clinic. Most clinics also provide a number of medical tests and examinations. You can also mention that in the template.

Cool Cutomizations and Various Options

The templates come with Bootstrap, which makes it very easy to set up and initialize, allowing users to focus on content and design. This helps those involved in medical and healthcare fields, as they often lack coding knowledge. You can use pictures to highlight particular healthcare products or solutions, then set up galleries and slideshows for visitors to browse through.The designs of these templates are excellent, letting you choose a theme that matches the style of your site, with color customization options that are fully editable. Look Out Medical Bootstrap Themes.

Amazing Features that Highlight the Great use of these Templates

  • You can easily monetize your site by setting up the services of online payment gateways that facilitate easy payments.
  •  You can sell various healthcare products like drinks or medical products. With options such as integration of Google Map plugins, customers living nearby can also find a store in the real world, if you own one.
  •  Set up the best support by employing an in-house doctor or health expert through the live support feature.

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