15+ Best Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins

If you wish to make your WordPress galleries unique and striking then you ought to use wordpress gallery plugin which will give you a responsive gallery and the images would be aligned in a justified grid. These premier plugins will help one to create limitless number of galleries as well as the galleries can have infinite number of images.You may also visit WordPress Plugins.

The galleries are top class with responsive layout along with lightbox support. The galleries also have keyboard navigation support which aids the user in creation of the gallery. These plugins are so marvelous that they work on a number of platforms such as Android, iOS as well as other mobile devices. These plugins are the best for designing the galleries in your WordPress websites as they have a brilliant feature of drag and drop interface which can be used to reorder one’s images in the form or in the order that he or she wants. You may also see WordPress ecommerce Shipping Plugins.

Smart Product Viewer

  • Smart Product Viewer

This is a template format that has a stunning color play. The background of the theme can be easily changed and edited. This is a template format that has a very neat and formal look and can be one of the greatest supports for the web designers.

WP Electric Carousel

  • WP Electric Carousel

This is a design format that can be easily downloaded from the web world. The user can download this template in the form of word documents or even PDF. The template has a range of retina friendly images.

Smart Before After Viewer

  • Smart Before After Viewer

This is a template format that has an array of very interesting colors. The user can print this template very easily and can get very good printout quality due to the high resolution range of the template format.

Post Revolution

  • Post Revolution

This is a design theme that can support extra pages. The user can insert an array of extra pages so that he template can be used for the purpose of creating some of the best and most attractive websites.

Essential Grid

  • Essential Grid

This is a theme that has a host of responsive features. The template is hundred percent navigable and can be used to create very attractive websites. The user can also be benefited by the host of responsive icons.

AD Portfolio Filter

  • AD Portfolio Filter

This is a template format that has a very simple yet interesting format. The user can change the background theme and also the content matter of the template. The user can also feed in information with a lot of ease.

jQuery Facebook

  • jQuery Facebook Gallery

This is a WordPress gallery plugin template that can be used for the purpose of creating great websites. The array of images provided on the template is retina friendly and are also much easily printable.

Real Time Image

  • Real Time Image Presenter tool

This is a WordPress gallery plugin template that has been professionally designed. The template is supported by a highly organized slide show that helps the web designer to come up with a highly segregated and organized website design.

Tumblr Photoset

  • Tumblr Photoset Grid

This is a format that can be used for the purpose of creating highly effective and efficient websites. The format is compatible with a number of browsers and hence websites created with the help of this template can be accessed across a wide range of devices.

Plus Gallery

  • Plus Gallery

The look of this design layout is very simple and neat. The web designer can use this template to make really elegant and sophisticated websites. The template is highly SEO friendly.

These plugins also provide a very neat and simple shortcut which can be used to insert the gallery anywhere in the website. So, go for these free plugins and give a new appearance to your website which will make it appear totally professional, certified and conspicuous.

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