20 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Working on WordPress will never be the same once you install wordpress membership plugins as you will have access to a wide array of customizable features which will make your website so much cooler. These wordpress membership plugins are so brilliant that they transform WordPress website into a completely functional top of the class membership site.

These are premier plugins which are very easy to install and simple to use and add flexibility to the website as one will be met with all their membership needs. These plugins will make one’s website the best in the business as it will provide access to forums, videos, and support as well as downloads online content and much more. The icing on the cake lies in the fact that these plugins are free and you can choose exactly how your content can be distributed as you have the privilege of an infinite number of levels of access.

The steps for installation are very easy, one simply needs to download the plugins and follow the instructions which are provided in the configuration guide and the installation manual. These installation manuals and configuration guides are also downloaded when one downloads the plugins which will take their WordPress site to a whole new level.

Icha All-in-One Enterprise

These templates are been designed and crafted with fine finish and superior looks that gives these WordPress membership plugins with a whole new creative touch. Loaded with unique style along with email recovery options available eases the working experience of the user.

PMPro Membership

Loaded with unique style and creative outline these templates are pretty useful in making a designer template for the customer. Pre-loaded with live demo options along with easy customization these templates are best suited for designing professional websites.

Membership Plugin

Along with customer management support loaded with reports and analysis these WordPress membership plugins are been installed with creative design that makes them suitable for client. Featuring an easy user friendly interface these templates are appropriate for setting up stylish websites.

S2 Members

These templates are been designed and crafted with a superior design and stylish web background that ensures a suitable website for the client. Loaded with unique customizable features these websites are easy to access and thus makes them appropriate for usage.

Custom Login & Access

With a sophisticated style and stylish WP login page these WordPress membership plugins are been designed with a restricted dashboard access. These templates contain a customizable login page along with safe and secured password facility that allows the customer to keep their information with privacy.


With added plugins for security these WordPress membership plugins are been created with superior design and fancy looks that makes them appropriate for usage. Mostly used by data storage companies these templates contains in built plugins for keeping the data of the client safe and secured.

SMS Register

These templates are the latest entry to these WordPress membership plugins. Loaded with unique design and added security these templates are quite handy as they synchronize the data with a registered mobile number thus keeping the data safe without any mishandling.


Featuring social media plugins along with buddypress and woocommerce press compatibility these templates are pretty useful and handy and thus make a stylish website for the client. Along with multiple registrations along with content restriction these templates are handy and effective.

Active Visitors

  • Active Visitors

With a simple design and plain design these templates are been created with stylish looks and creative design that perfectly suits the client’s needs. These templates are further powered with Ajax technology and 100% customizable theme option that ensure a great deal of creativity for the clients.

Modal Login Register Forgotten

  • Modal Login Register Forgotten

These templates are been designed with unlimited color options along with two form layouts thus creating a whole new deal of creative style for the users. Further these templates contain a customized email registration and a suitable login page for the users.


  • PrivateContent

With an advanced user management system along with restricted menu bar options these templates are been crafted with a superior style and classy looks that helps the client in making a suitable website. Further these templates contain a suitable import and export system and fancy background that ensuring creativity at its very best.

WordPress Guest Posting Plugin

  • WordPress Guest Posting Plugin

Designed with a crafty background along with beautiful design these WordPress membership plugins shows a great deal of creativity to satisfy the clients. Mostly used for business purposes these templates are handy and quite productive thus making them best for business.

My Profile

  • My Profile

With a customizable user interface along with photo editing section these templates are the latest entry to the WordPress theme. Featuring a simple yet elegant style along with users profile image uploading facility these templates are one of its kind.

User Profiles Made Easy

  • User Profiles Made Easy

Loaded with elegant user profile with custom field options along with fancy web background design gives them a complete new look. With a fancy login and registration forum along with customized user profile these templates surely grabs all the attention of its viewers.

Orbital Login

  • Orbital Login

These premium WordPress themes are been designed and crafted with a superior style and fancy design that makes them suitable and appropriate for usage. Loaded with unique style these are pretty effective and thus serves well to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Plugin Directory

  • Plugin Directory

These templates are been designed to provide an unmatched performance to the client with its blazing speed and faster performance. Featuring a stylish and unique background these are pretty useful and effective and thus help in designing a proper website.

Membership Report

  • memberpress

Designed by experts these premium WordPress theme plugins are been installed to provide a superb performance to the clients. With a unique style and fancy web icons these templates are pretty useful in serving the requirements of the clients.

Membership Plugin

Loaded with download manager along with pre-installed sequential course delivery system these templates are pretty effective in general usage. Crafted with an eye-catchy design and creative background these templates are the latest addition to these kinds of website themes.

WP Premium Members +

These templates are designed to manage premium contents on a given website. Loaded with sophisticated tools to manage the pre-advertisements these are handy and quite useful for the clients.

5sec Link Remover

  • 5sec Link Remover

These are basically designed for making money from the contents present in the blogging websites. Featuring a stylish design and fancy web background these are pretty effective in modifying the text and its attributes according to fulfill the client’s needs.

These templates have been designed by professionals. They are loaded with user-friendly interface along with customizable theme options. They are the best for your business.

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