15+ Best WordPress SEO Plugins

In today’s era of cut throat competition, it is always beneficial if your website is optimized by search engines in such a manner that when any person keys in any keyword for searching any matter in which your website deals with, your website appears in the top searches.

This is possible through a process called search engine optimization and the wordpress SEO plugins provide you the platform and the facilities to improve your website’s SEO needs in any of the aspects required. These premier plugins help one with not only technical optimization but also they help in writing top quality content by providing the best keywords which helps in search engine optimization. You may also see WordPress Ecommerce Shipping Plugins.

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

This is a template format that can be easily attained from the internet. The user can download this format in the form of word documents or even PDF. The design of this forma is professional and very much formal.

SEO by Yoast

This is a template format that has a range of very lively images. The images are highly retina friendly and can be edited as per requirement. The template is SEO friendly.

SEO Post Optimizer

This is a design theme that is fully compatible. The user can change the content matter of the template and also the background theme of the template. The user can also upload extra information with ease and speed.

SEOPressor V5

  • SEOPressor V5

This is a wordpress SEO plugin template that has a very soothing and fresh color play. The design of this theme is very simple and neat and can be used for a number of purposes. The design of the theme is highly generalist.

Tools for SEO

  • SEO Studio for WordPress

The user can be much benefitted by this highly responsive template design. The user can easily navigate through the template. The template has a very organized and attractive slide show that can contribute to make very attractive websites.

Google Plus

  • Google Plus Author

This is a template format that can be highly recommended for the web designers. This is a template that is compatible with a wide array of browsers. Hence the website created with this template can be accessed across a wide array of devices.


  • Squirrly

This is a wordpress SEO plugin template that has a very lively theme. The colors used are very fresh and festive. The theme of the design is very generalist and can be applied to a wide array of purposes.

WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

  • Rankie

The template can prove to be a great support for the web designers. The template has a highly responsive background. It is fully customizable and can be edited very easily.

Blog for SEO

  • WordPress blog for SEO

This is a template format that can support extra pages. The user can insert extra pages so that he or she can create great and elaborate blogs and websites. The theme is highly SEO friendly.

WordPress Keyword Tool Plugin

  • Wordpress Keyword Tool Plugin

This is a theme layout that is highly print ready. The template is also provided with the feature of a high resolution range. This is a feature that enables the user to get very good quality of printouts.

Premium SEO Pack

  • Premium SEO Pack

This is a template format that has a very simple and neat design. The images that are provided are also very simple and neat in its look. The user can feed in information and edit the template with ease and speed.

smart SEO

  • smart SEO

This is a template format that is available over the internet. The design is very formal and professional. The user can employ this template to create highly SEPO friendly and sophisticated websites.

SEO Calculator

  • Wordpress WDF IDF SEO Calculator

This I a template format that has a very bright background color. The template can support both paragraph writing and also bullet points. It is also highly conducive for supporting graphic representations.

Rich Snippets

  • Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

This is a template design that has a very feminine and cheerful look. The template design can help to create really SEO friendly websites. The template has 100% responsive features and the user can navigate through the format with utmost ease.

Keyword Finder for WordPress

  • Keyword Finder for Wordpress

This is a template format that is highly SEO friendly. This is a feature that ensures that the website which is created with the help of this template can get very easily traced through search engine optimization.

Furthermore, these plugins also provide a page analysis as to whether your alternative tag contains the keyword on which the focus is on the article or subheading are used or not or whether you have written a meta description and if that meta description has the focused keyword present or not. These free plugins also help in optimization of RSS feeds and are compatible with multiple sites. You may also see Best WordPress Plugins.

In fact, these plugins also provide one with the functions of export and import from other blogs i.e. if you have more than one blog you can easily export or import data using these plugins.

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