100+ Best Portfolio WordPress Templates

Portfolio WordPress Templates provide a great way to create stunning, professional Portfolio Websites without users requiring any knowledge of coding.

The Templates come loaded with functionalities that enable you to express your work better and also help in impressing your potential customers. And with the structuring options provided by WordPress you will have no troubles operating the site as well.

So here is a list of the “Best Portfolio WordPress Templates” on the web that will get you going, right away.


As the name suggests, this professionally designed WordPress theme features a clean layout that’s ideal for enabling your visitors focus on the portfolio.


This business styled portfolio template works perfectly for professional designers who wish to showcase their artwork and make customers as well.


This responsive portfolio template ensures a professional design for your website all the way through; it even has a Facebook portfolio app built into it.


The distinctive style in which the portfolio template is created is assured to grab the attention of you visitors, and with its multilingual support you will have no trouble connecting with them either.


As the name suggests, this portfolio template is ideally suited for photographers who want to display their works in style. The template even includes a geo-tagging facility.


The design of this portfolio template has been made with, those who never settle for anything less than perfection, in mind. So essentially whatever your requirements may be, you are sure to get it with this template.


The one page layout and the responsive design ensure that mobile users will have no trouble viewing your site; the template even provides custom icon options.


Coded with the powerful HTML5 & CSS3 markup the template ensures maximum customizability and allows plenty of portfolio layout options.


Take control of your WordPress design with this innovatively designed portfolio template. Edit everything from gallery layouts to color skins with simple options using this template.


Need to restrict who visits your portfolio and who doesn’t? Then this password protected portfolio template is the one you need for the job.

Landing Page

Have tons of photos that don’t exactly fit into any background? Well then create separate backgrounds for each layout using this amazing portfolio template.


This elegantly designed portfolio template not only helps you to impress your visitors but also helps in gaining quick customers with its woocommerce support as well.


Categorize all your portfolio content easily with this easy-to-use WordPress portfolio template. The theme also features a responsive design layout.


The portfolio template not only makes your site look good but also enables you to easily maintain it with WYSIWYG Content Composer.

Business Agency

The homepage layout of this template can be varied to have two different layouts. One having a full screen slider option and another with a gallery style boxed layout.


Modify and build your very own unique portfolio WordPress site with the unlimited layout customization and color modification provided by this template.


The classic black and white theme with its subtle dual tone color hints provides the perfect setting for building a professional portfolio website.


Synonymous to the title, the features the template provides are pretty striking as well. From SEO optimization to the option to add sliders on any position, this portfolio template sure provides it all.


The portfolio design of this template provides a unique look with its odd sized boxes placed creatively to grab the most attention.


If you need to have more control of how your portfolio website looks and feels like, then this template with its powerful admin panel is the perfect option for you.


The minimalistic design of this portfolio template ensures that your works of art are the ones that take the center stage rather than the design of the template itself.


Created with the sole intention of providing maximum accessibility, the responsive design and the simple coding ensure that your portfolio website loads fast on any device and on any browser.


Built with the bootstrap framework, the design of this portfolio template is sure as solid as the name suggests.


The template design features a wide layout slider that slides in a revolutionary manner which makes it ideal for portfolio styled websites.


Display your amazing photography skills with this portfolio styled template that provides excellent gallery layout and display features.


This magazine styled portfolio template enables the user to have complete control over the design of the template providing options such as logo editing and advertising modifications.


This AJAX powered portfolio template ensures that your heavily designed websites will have no trouble loading on any web browser or operating system.


Despite its minimalistic design features the portfolio template still manages to provide unlimited color change options and slider layout variations.


The design of the template features a unique boxed column layout that is ideal for creative portfolio website. The template also has complete localization support as well.


The responsive layout of the template and the smooth and fluidic scroll options make it ideal for use in creating mobile friendly portfolio websites.


Give your portfolio a fresh new look with this amazingly designed portfolio WordPress template. Some of its amazing features include a full width slider and even a full screen background video.


Deriving its inspiration from the 3D textured icons on the IOS platform, this cleverly designed WordPress portfolio template is sure to turn plenty of heads.


Powered by AJAX, the sliders and gallery layouts provide plenty of customization options even for beginner WordPress users; the template has complete Woocommerce integration as well.

Simple Key

The theme comes loaded with plenty of shortcodes and has a HTML5 ready coding that makes it easier to customize the portfolio arrangement of this WordPress template.


Get your portfolio website to be more interactive and learn what your visitors think about you art work, with this buddypress enabled portfolio WordPress template.


This fast loading, OOP WordPress framework powered portfolio template ensures that your creative works are displayed the way you intended them to be.

Full Scene

Choose from a number of layout options that suit your taste with this innovatively design portfolio WordPress template.


The template has complete social media integration and provides maximum control over the design of the website with its custom page builder option.


The full page gallery styled layout is sure to make a striking impression on all your visitors. The portfolio template even provides 10 different blog styled layouts for your website.


The template provides complete media support with its jQuery coding, enabling you to upload videos, music, and even video sideshows on your portfolio website.


The clean and responsive design of the portfolio template ensures that your visitors will have no trouble viewing your website on any screen resolution.


This elegantly designed portfolio template creates the perfect platform for displaying high quality photographs of nature.


Inspired from the modernistic design of the metro style gallery layout, this portfolio WordPress template is sure to provide your website a refreshing look.


Customize almost anything you like, right from menu options, sidebar widgets and even slider options, with this highly flexible portfolio WordPress template.


The template features a masonry block styled grid portfolio layout that works well with the interactive retro design of the background.


The template is designed with the AIR framework which makes it both lightweight and ultra-responsive suitable for mobile friendly portfolio sites.


The irregular grid layout backed by a crisp minimalist design sure makes this portfolio WordPress template a viewing pleasure.


The innovative high contrast coloring and the metro designed layout of the template provide it an authentic look, making it ideal for business portfolio sites.


The template provides two amazing homepage layout options: with one you will be able to display videos in the background and with the other, display your best work in slide shows.


The template features two functionalities in one. Enjoy the classic vintage design and also get a platform to showcase your portfolio using this amazing WordPress template.


Ideally suited for photographers the template features a unique horizontal layout that works well on mobile platforms and smaller resolutions too.


The template provides you complete social media network integration that allows you to update and share your portfolio with viewers around the world instantly.


This flexible portfolio theme can be customized to even have a blog styled layout and also features SEO optimization and social media integration.


The template has been built with WPZOOM which automatically ensures that your visitors can view your portfolio website on any browser – glitch-free.


This portfolio template features a special ‘add this’ plugin that enables your viewers to share what they are viewing with their friends around the world with just a click of the button.


The simple yet unique design that the theme utilizes combined with the WordPress ready functionalities make it perfect for portfolio styled websites.


The template provides specific customization options to its users which enable you to create custom skin designs for each of your portfolio page layouts.


With a full screen image background slider and a strip gallery layout on the homepage, the template provides the ideal setting for photography portfolio site.


Designed with the retro black and white scheme the template provides the user with unlimited sidebar options to add useful plugins wherever required.


Get the maximum customization options with this flexibly designed WordPress template. Modify everything from element color to gallery layouts with just a click of the button.


The template empowers the user to easily add, create and modify data with simple drag and drop options using its powerful admin panel.


Let your imagination run wild with the design of your website as the content it represents. Use the powerful admin panel provided with this amazing WordPress template to mold the website anyway you want it.


Designed especially for those looking to creating portfolio sites for mobile users, the template provides a full screen experience that will lighten up the screens of any resolution.


The jQuery powered portfolio template ensures that your website has all the functionalities required for an interactive website; the template even includes an active contact form.

Show Stopper

The template has complete compatibility with all latest WordPress versions and even has woocommerce integration allowing you to setup shop instantly.


The fast loading features and the minimalist one page design of this portfolio WordPress template let you get directly to the point with your customers.


Navigating through this innovatively designed portfolio template should be a breeze, making it ideal for media content heavy websites.


Complete with jQuery sliders and lightbox image layout, the template provides the ideal setting for a fully professional portfolio website.


The unique design and animation features of this portfolio template enable the user to get more creative with the representation of designs and artwork.


The template features a revolutionary slider on the header and a blog styled layout below, providing the best of both worlds to the user.


Designed with inspiration from the popular Facebook color scheme the portfolio template has been created with Google fonts to provide better readability.


This beautifully designed portfolio template has a very unique metro layout that features Android style navigation sidebars, making it easier for your visitors to sift through the site.


As the name suggests, this innovatively designed WordPress portfolio theme is sure to provide the competitive edge for your website.


With a homepage slider that features 16 different layout options and a uniquely designed dark and light color schemes, the portfolio template is sure to get head turning.


Expect sparks, especially when you have this killer theme taking care of your online content; a perfect balance of style and functionality.


The template provides complete localization support and even has its very own shortcode generator which makes it easier to modify and edit the layout of the template.


The full width layout of the home page of the template provides exciting options for displaying your portfolio. The layout can also be changed to feature tile shaped arrangement.


The full screen layout with its white strip content area works well even on smaller screen resolutions thanks to its dynamic resizing options.


Despite its full screen layout the template works automatically resizes to suit all screen resolutions and even provides a full video plugin support.


This portfolio template features a flat design that makes it a natural choice when building websites for mobiles; the template also includes an advanced page builder.


The template with its unique 3D features and the flexible modernistic design makes it perfect for creating lightweight portfolio styled websites.


The portfolio styled template provides complete compatibility with all versions of WordPress and works perfectly across all browsers and screen resolutions.


Built on the Foundation 4 platform, the portfolio template provides the maximum customization option you can ask for in a WordPress template.


This highly stylized WordPress portfolio theme provides the user plenty of customization options such as 5 different color layouts and even a custom post options panel.


Optimized for the latest WordPress versions, this modern portfolio template supports all new format plugins and has cross browser compatibility.


The WP ZOOM framework with which the template is built with enables you to add and edit text widgets, medial galleries and call-to-action boxes on almost any place you need.


Create the best possible portfolio website on just a single page using this amazingly designed WordPress template. The template comes preloaded with all the plugins you will ever need to get started.


Compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress the template offers complete functionality to create a perfectly navigable portfolio website.


The template includes all the essential features such as contact page, social media integration, Google map integration built into it.


Can’t find a theme layout that suits your style? Then build your own with the layout builder provided by this flexible WordPress portfolio template.


Perfectly optimized for SEO and marketing, not only will you get to display your artwork in style but also have the opportunity to create business with this intelligently designed portfolio WordPress template.


The template offers the user complete media support and even has its own video and audio players built in to it.


Compatible with the latest 3.5+ versions of WordPress the template provides the user complete customization options with its powerful HTML5 and CSS3 coding.


The creative tile inspired gallery allows the user to create a stylish collage of the artwork, allowing him to stun the visitors at first sight.


The clean and simple color scheme and layout of this template gives the user the perfect platform to create a serene and subtle portfolio website.

No Time

The homepage layout of the website can be switched between a full width image slider or a tile based boxed layout depending upon your tastes.


Inspired by the metro styled theme, the portfolio template provides a clean and minimalistic layout option to display your best works of art.


The features slider included in this portfolio template allows you to customize the way in which the images move through the landing page of your site.


The template provides the perfect balance between form and functionality. While the responsive design takes care how your website performs on smaller resolutions, the advanced admin panel allows you to customize the site anyway you want it.


Built with the SMT framework the template ensures fast loading of website on any OS platform while the dynamic content loaded ensures full responsiveness of template.


The template features a full width design that makes is ideal for portfolio style websites and even has advanced customization options.


The template can be customized to feature either the normal HTML coding layout or the AJAX powered layout as per requirement.


A clean and simple design is what makes this portfolio styled template stand out of the crowd. It enables the visitors to focus only on the content without getting distracted.


This elegantly designed WordPress template provides two distinctive options, either masonry or grid, to display your brilliant creative ideas.

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