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10+ 80s Party Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Parties have been a common recreational activity for people decades and decades back. It helps them release their stress and meet new people. Parties are for people of any age bracket that takes on different themes. These themes help make the party designs more fun and lighter. You may also see flyer samples.

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The 1980s saw a huge emergence of dance songs as part of the “New Wave” culture. Paired with flashy fashion and catchy electropop beats, the 80s paved the way for the greatest artists to be known in the music industry. These artists include Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Police, The Outfield, Rick Astley, Cyndi Lauper and many more.

When throwing a party, you need to promote it to the people. One of the things that are useful in promotions is flyer designs. These papers are very important and given out to people in public establishments and streets.

80s Party Flyer Template

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Size: A4 Inches + Bleed


Classics 80s party Flyer Template

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80s Electro Party Flyer Template

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80’s Party Flyer/Poster Template

Are you having a hard time picking a template for your flyer? Go through our collection and see what suits your style.

Why Use Flyers

Flyers are distributed at almost every corner of the city. It ranges from black and white to fully-colored glossy pages. Flyers are also called leaflet, pamphlet, catalog, poster, and handbill. It comes in different sizes such as A4 (roughly letterhead size), which measures 297 millimeters (mm) by 210 mm; A5 (roughly half letterhead size), measuring 210 mm by 148.5 mm; DL, which is 210 mm by 99 mm in size, and A6 (postcard size), which is 148 mm by 105 mm. The design has to be thought well to attract the people.

Flyers have different uses aside from promotions and marketing, depending on the event promoted and its content. Here are some of them.

80’s Flyer Template

Rubik’s cube and vinyl compact discs are a big part of the 80’s trend. Including such items in your flyer will attract readers. A couple of bright and strong colors are needed as well. Disc jockeys for the 80’s party are welcome. After all, hearing a remixed versions of the 80’s hits is a pleasure to the ears.

Back To The Night 80’s Flyer

1. Encourage Participation

If the flyer is about an event, make the design and the words encouraging to the reader. One example of this is a flyer for a competition of any kind. A competition for a flyer will surely encourage people to join and give it a shot, win or lose. Another example is a prayer meeting flyer which will encourage people to attend.

2. Ask for Donations

Flyers can also be used to ask donations if it is for a good cause. Be specific in putting information. Put what to donate, where to give the donations, who to look for when giving the donation, and why the donation is important. This will urge the people to donate no matter how big or small. A donation is already a heartwarming thing especially when it is from the heart. Add in more information such as email address and the bank account of the company should monetary donations will be given.

3. Spread Awareness

Flyers can also be used to spread awareness to the masses. One example of this is a flyer on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing. In the recent years, it is an important advocacy that’s been pushed by people following the recent increase of HIV cases. Put more information on your flyer in the designing process.

4. Let Customers Know about Promos

For those in the food and store businesses, letting their customers updated about the latest promos through flyers is an important thing. Flyers are an easy way to reach out to customers as it is given easily without the people giving it back in return. More information should be put on the flyer.

5. Create a Call to Action

A flyer is also an instrument for a call to action, either on a pressing issue or something that’s really important. An example of these are flyers that you find at the entrance exams in colleges. It is urging the students to take an exam. When it comes to calling for action through flyers, sharp writing matters.

Disco Revival Flyer Template

Disco balls were a thing in the 80s. The beautifully designed flyer template has a colorful look. The design of the disco ball is just done right.

Old School Flyer Template

An overwhelming shade of yellow and gold makes this template striking to the eyes. The old school aura is maintained in the design which makes it perfect for old school hip hop events and underground music parties.

80’s Retro Flyer

This totally radical template is a perfect design for your 80s grooving. The flashy design speaks of a wild party filled with 80s music.

80’s Party Flyer Template

80’s New Retro Wave Flyers

What makes this template unique is the edges that seem like the marking that can be seen on old photographs. This is one good indication of a party that’s set in a particular decade. The combination of colors is amazing as well.

Retro Party Flyer

80’s Music Flyer

80’s Dinner Party

Classic 80’s Party

80’s Electro-Music Flyer

The Complete 1980’s Megamix Bundle

If you want to have several designs to choose from, purchase this bundle and choose among 68 seamless patterns, 10 customizable logo, and slogan designs, and 8 customizable design templates with bonus vector illustrations, patterns, and textures. All of these are editable in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It also comes with two volumes of 1980’s fashion patterns which you can use to enhance the beauty of your flyer. The fonts of this bundle are available in Google Fonts.

How to Organize an 80s Themed Party

Organizing any type of party is kind of a tricky job, let alone one with a theme. The 80s is a theme that needs some kind of an accuracy if you want to get the job done right. After all, this is about reviving the past and the has-been trends of pop culture.

Do these following things while organizing an 80s themed party:

1. Do Some Research

Research is an important factor when organizing a themed party like the 80s. You have to dig in how the people in that decade dressed themselves up and their hairstyles as well. These are the big elements since it is a costume party. Researching more on the 80s such as the games and music is also important. Every single aspect of the party has to have the 80s vibe.

2. Put More Information on the Flyer

The flyer needs to have more information about the party. Specify what clothes to wear and what other stuff to bring if necessary. Your flyer should be designed the 80s way. Put in some familiar faces of 80s music and some pop culture references if necessary.

3. Find the Appropriate Music

With the amount of information we can utilize these days, it is easy to look for songs released in the 80s. Compile them in a playlist on Spotify or in your computer itself. You can go with dance hits or power ballads or even mix both. The 80s is a wonderful decade for music and there’s so much to dig in that era. In every party, the music always sets the mood. Find the best beats to accompany the fun that will last until morning.

4. Prepare Food and Gifts

There has been no significant change in the food we eat from the 80s until now so you could never go wrong in serving pizza, soda, and beer. As for the gifts, Rubik’s cube and cute rubber bands styled the 80s way can be a gift to your visitors. It would also be a great idea to put posters of the greatest artists of the 80s as decoration.

5. Revive the 80s Games

Nintendo is a video game company in the 1980s. Video games such as Pacman and Mario and Luigi were played in this console. You can rent a Nintendo console and do everything to revive the two famous video games for your visitors.

Preparing a party is fun, tiring yet fulfilling. Seeing the happy smiles on your visitors’ faces compensates all your hard work. The 80s is also a great theme to explore when it comes to parties. Music and pop culture references span across generations. You are not just organizing a party. You are bringing people back to a happier time.

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