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If you are up for creating your own little world of social space, the BuddyPress plug-in is waiting with its arms wide open. To give your website an absolute recognition, BuddyPress themes are just fantastic. Going for these templates will not only help you save time but also serve your viewers with amazing outlook. These themes help the users to navigate throughout your website un-hindered. You May also See BuddyPress Templates

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OneCommunity BuddyPress Theme $64

onecommunity buddypress theme 64


Multipurpose BuddyPress WordPress Theme $29

multipurpose buddypress wordpress theme 29


BuddyPress Theme For Social $99

buddypress theme for social 99


Cinema BuddyPress Theme $59

cinema buddypress theme 59


Music BuddyPress WordPress Theme $55

music buddypress wordpress theme 55


BuddyPress Theme For Responsive Boss $129

buddypress theme for responsive boss 129


Fashion WildCommunity BuddyPress Theme $59

fashion wildcommunity buddypress theme 59


Social Media WordPress Theme $39

social media wordpress theme 39


Socail Network BuddyPress Theme $59

socail network buddypress theme 59


United Community BuddyPress Theme $64

united community buddypress theme 64


Magazine BuddyPress Theme $53

magazine buddypress theme 53


Social market Place BuddyPress Theme $89

socail market place buddypress theme 89


Group Community BuddyPress Theme $64

group community buddypress theme 64


Responsive WordPress Theme $49

responsive wordpress theme 49


Social Portfolio BuddyPress Theme $179

social portfolio buddypress theme 179


Community Connect BuddyPress Theme $59

community connect buddypress theme 59


MultiPurpose BuddyPress Theme $59

multipurpose buddypress theme 59


Events Responsive WordPress Theme $49

events responsive wordpress theme 49


Social Blogger BuddyPress Theme $89

social blogger buddypress theme 89


Sweet Date WordPress Dating Theme

sweet date wordpress dating theme

Political Election BuddyPress Theme $78

political election buddypress theme 78


Organization Responsive WordPress & BuddyPress Theme $64

organization responsive wordpress buddypress theme 64


Entertainment BuddyPress Theme $59

entertainment buddypress theme 59


Social Network BuddyPress Theme $64

social network buddypress theme 64


> An Un-Ending Number Of Choices

Surely! While going through the varieties of BuddyPress themes you are bound to get mesmerized and baffled by the many choices you will be served with. Let us find out some of the best ones that will surely complement your website. You must be very careful while picking up one of these themes, as each one of them are endowed with special functionality. Therefore, make wise decisions and depending on your project, make use of these templates. BuddyPress themes are very efficient with their mesmerizing appearance and features, so it needs just the right kind of assistance to create wonders.

Multi Layout And Customizable Themes

If you are looking for something that is both extravagant and simple at the same time, then you better not go for anything other than top rated Buddypress themes. These themes have a customizable background image which you can change as and when required. Also, these themes have multiple layout and design options which make working with it interesting.

> Professional BuddyPress Themes

This particular category of BuddyPress themes is cited as one of the most popular one, as its themes offer an utmost professional outlook. Here’s a quick look at features you can expect in any of these themes –

  • A separate panel resides where the features of your website can be tabulated.
  • Multi-functional templates allow integrating audio, video, media components, and much more.
  • With social options and live chant facility, these themes have won over several hearts belonging to web designers and developers.
  • These themes are user-friendly as they can be installed very easily and has high-quality third party plug-ins to multiply the features of your website.

Social BuddyPress Themes

If you are looking for something cooler to work with and thereby produce an amazing website, social Buddypress themes might just work for you. With multiple page layout and animation effects, this theme can do great justice to your time and effort. You can just compose your own layout using the Visual Composer Plug-in. Features like product quick view, Tooltips, Tag cloud help in escalating the popularity of the website.

Dynamic Buddypress Themes

The major USP of these themes would is its efficient and fluent customizable options. The readiness with which one can edit this theme and incorporate ideas into it is absolutely amazing. It has multiple column layouts and displays the content in grid and slider view. Features like image rotator, advanced theme options, flawless navigation help these themes become a designer’s friend.

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