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21+ Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes & Templates

Parallax scrolling is a procedure that is used in web designing, where the images in the background appear to move at a slower pace than the images in the foreground. By creating a miraculous optical illusion, this creates a fabulous and bewildering effect on the viewers. WordPress Themes today allow you to incorporate parallax scrolling into your website themes with the help of the below-mentioned templates.

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Restaurant Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $75

To create a stunning website for a restaurant or even a cafe, you would need parallax scrolling that adds a different dimension to your website. To do that, you can make use of this Stunning WordPress Theme that would give your website a two-dimensional effect. It would also be easy to edit.

Portfolio Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $39

Creating a portfolio means that you would have to pay close attention to the overall appearance. It could be a portfolio for your place of work or otherwise. Whatever the case may be, you could use this parallax scrolling WordPress theme to design your very own portfolio that is stunning and professional.

Real Estate Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $75

Are you planning to launch a real estate website for your agency or yourself? Then parallax Scrolling Website Theme would be perfect. That way, your website would be both meaningful and effective. You can add as much detail as you want here and even edit the website theme to add your own touch here.


This parallax scrolling website theme has to be one of the most spectacular examples of WordPress themes. This theme can actually be used for different kinds of websites. Irrespective of the kind of business you’re running or even if you need a website for personal use, you would be able to use this multipurpose web theme.

Investment Services Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $75

This parallax scrolling website theme would be perfect for an investment company or any such similar corporate organization. That is because this template comes with a well designed and neat layout. Most importantly, it has an attractive yet elegant tone that is maintained throughout. Also, the template keeps is rather simple.

Parallax Scrolling Business WordPress Theme $49

This template is a one-page parallax scrolling theme for WordPress websites. You can use it as the homepage of your website. It would definitely grab the attention of the visitors and would also set the tone for the rest of the websites. Also, the web theme has kept it simple yet stylish all throughout.

Creative Agency Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $25

For an agency that is all about creativity and exploring your imaginations, you need to pick a Website Theme that goes with your persona. To do that, you could take a look at this template here. It allows you to include your own images and text as well.

Parallax Scrolling & Single Page Design WP Theme

In case you want to incorporate parallax scrolling to your own website, you could use this template here. You would be able to edit the template as you wish and even add your own material to make it appealing.

Free Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

This parallax scrolling theme template comes free of cost. That is really a huge advantage because you get to use such a specialized WordPress theme without having to pay anything. All you have to do is download the template, edit it and then use it as a theme for your website.

Free Stunning Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are known for their beauty and uniqueness. This template here is no exception. The graphics as demonstrated in this template are breath taking and would definitely blow away the minds of your viewers. Also, you would be able to edit the template and add your own details to it.

Media Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $75

This parallax scrolling themed WordPress template is relatively easy to use. You would be able to download the template, edit/ remove/ add any images that you want, alter the text to go with your purpose and then save it. Having done that, you can insert it into the page of your website you want.


Web themes should always be beautiful and have something unique about them. If that is what you’re looking for, you’re going to love this template. This is a classic example of a WordPress Theme and it allows you to incorporate any additional details that you want to personalize the theme further.

Responsive Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

A web page is nothing if it is not responsive. The kind of website theme you choose will determine the user experience and if your viewers like it or not. If that’s what you’re worried about, then this template is the one for you. You can download this template and then add it to your website to see how well it works!

Photography Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $79

This parallax scrolling WordPress theme website has been specially designed for photographers or photography themed websites. So if you are a photography enthusiast, you’re definitely going to appreciate this template. You can even modify the template you get to add your own details in this case. It is fully editable.

Corporate Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $49

This parallax Scrolling Website Theme from WordPress would be just what your business needs. It comes in an easy to use format and is fully editable and customizable. Also, the web theme template here boasts of a stunning and professional look which goes well with the corporate ambiance of a company.

Responsive Business Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme $59

The website for your company should always be easy to use and navigate through. Your users shouldn’t find your web themes too complicated to use. That is why you need to take a look at this responsive business parallax scrolling WordPress theme. It contains a formal tone and has a degree of professionalism throughout.

Best Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

This parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme has to be one of the best and most beautiful samples of available themes for your website. It is responsive, fully editable and customizable, comes with a number of choices of colors, and is versatile and flexible. You can use this to design any page on your website.

Unique Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

The best part about this theme template would have to be its uniqueness. It consists of a design that is highly unconventional and out of the box. It is definitely multipurpose and would go with any kind of business. You also get ample space to include the details of your company and even images in here.

Free Business & Corporate Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

This WordPress Parallax Scrolling Theme would be perfect if you want to give your website a new look. It would add a different charm to your website. The theme is easy to use, fully responsive and editable, available in quite a few color choices, and versatile. You would even be able to customize the template.

Parallax WordPress Themes can make your websites stand out from the rest. These are web themes that can amp up the beauty quotient of your website. All these templates have been designed by professionals and would be perfect if you are looking for web themes to design your company’s website!

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