Pink WordPress Themes To Add A Soft Touch To The Websites


A delicate color like pink helps add a soft, gentle touch to websites that want to create a soothing, easy atmosphere. It is easy on the eyes and very cheerful, allowing your website to look brighter and lending it a sense of elegant fragility.

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That might be a perfect means to attract greater traffic, should the theme match the site’s target audience and its objective. These sites are highly responsive allowing people on all sorts of devices such as tablets.Best free and Premium WordPress Themes and Templates.

Create Beautiful Sites With This Amazing Color

Websites such as those meant for children’s toy stores or clothing stores catering to a specific demographic or section of the population will benefit the most from these amazing website themes, which possess the best designs with great detail and colors that have a high pixel density, which means the quality of the designs will be top of the line. The themes are available for free as well as in premium versions that offer a variety of options.

A Versatile Color That Is Integrated Into Efficient Themes

These themes come with high level of coding that makes them very stable. Most of the premium themes and some of the free ones also receive frequent updates that keep your site supported by the latest technology in web design.  You can implement all kinds of functionality while maintaining the thematic unity of the site, allowing you to create pink backgrounds, pink sliders, pink galleries, pink widgets and so much more.

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Delicious Pink Responsive WordPress Theme – $43

delicious pink responsive wordpress theme 43 788x893


Equipo Responsive WordPress Theme – $43

equipo responsive wordpress theme 43 788x907


Lameso Pink Responsive WordPress Theme – $39

lameso pink responsive wordpress theme 39 788x787


Insurance Responsive Pink Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

insurance responsivef pink responsive wordpress theme 75 788x1014


template monster 680 banner

Stylist Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $75

stylist pink responsive wordpress template 75 788x735


Pinkmalion Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $43

pinkmalion pink responsive wordpress template 43 788x646


Miranda Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $75

miranda pink responsive wordpress template 75


Candy Queen Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $43

candy queen pink responsive wordpress template 43 788x971


Cafe Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $75

cafe pink responsive wordpress template 75


Dream Life Pink Responsive WordPress Theme – $43

dreamlife pink responsive wordpress theme 43 788x754


Pink Fashion Responsive WordPress Theme – $68

pink fashion responsive wordpress theme 68 788x1045


themeforest 680 banner

Babysitter Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $75

babysitter pink responsive wordpress template 75 788x1012


Music Press Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $39

musicpress pink responsive wordpress template 39 788x796


Girls Book Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $39

girlsbook pink responsive wordpress template 39 788x831


Girls Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $39

girls pink responsive wordpress template 39 788x758


Octo Pink Responsive WordPress Template – $10

octopink responsive wordpress template 10


Fashion Pink Responsive WordPress Theme – $39

fashion pink responsive wordpress theme 39 788x1008


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