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17+ Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes for Agencies & Realtors

Real estate is defined as the property of lands and the buildings on it and includes other resources like water and mining. It is also the profession of selling land and houses to potential customers. Real estate properties include apartments, condominiums, commercial, and industrial establishments. The people who are working in the real estate industry are real estate agents. They take charge of the process of selling the properties to whoever wants to purchase one. You may also see WordPress themes and templates.

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Real Estate Agent Realtor WordPress Theme/Template

Graha Theme

Graha has a feature that allows you to manage multiple agents. It also has a Google Maps-based property listings, which makes it easy to track properties.

Factors for investing in real estate

Real estate is about purchasing properties and you have to spend a hefty amount of money for it. Investing in real estate is important as early as now.  The properties to be invested in is useful for future purposes. Before investing in real estate of any kind, know your money’s worth. Be aware of the factors that you need to go over thoroughly. Here are five factors to look out for when investing in real estate.


Location is the topmost factor to consider when investing in real estate. You have to know if your residential property is near peaceful areas, neighborhood areas, sceneries, and amenities. If these checkpoints are present, then it is a go signal. For commercial real estate, the location is a major factor for gaining profit if it is near transport hubs, markets, freeways, and warehouses.


Before diving into investing in real estate, ask yourself the purpose of doing so. Not knowing your real purpose in investing might lead to financial difficulties in the long run. There are two options for that. First is buy and self-use, which gives you the benefit of owning the property and using it in any way you want. You also get to appreciate the property you bought in the long run. Second is the buy and lease, which means you have to have a stable income to pay rent. This also means you have to deal with legal issues, possible disputes, managing the tenants, and repair work. Think of a purpose first then the options for investment will come after.


Know the value of your future property. The property’s value means the present worth of its future benefits. This includes the transferability of the property, demand (the desire to own the property and the financial means to support it), scarcity and utility (capacity to satisfy future owner’s preferences and needs). However, value doesn’t equate to cost and price. Price is the amount paid for an item while cost is the actual money you spend for something. There is a fixed price for every piece of property but the value is either high or low.

Cash flow

Investing in properties means making an expected cash flow on future expenses and other stuff. The cash flow usually comes from a rental income. Other times you have to avail for a loan. It is convenient, but it sometimes comes with risks. You might be paying more than what you availed of. It’s best to decide the type of loan you want to avail.

New or existing establishment

Since construction is a part of real estate, it’s your call if you want to have a new establishment or use an existing one. New establishments offer good pricing, clearly documented amenities, and choices in customization. Existing establishments can be leased. For new establishments, check reviews from previous constructions and review the property deeds. Take note of the maintenance costs, taxes from past owners, and outstanding dues as this may affect your financial stability.

Casa London Theme

If you want a theme that has an extensive use of widgets and individual header settings, the Casa London theme is the one you’ve been looking for. The theme has a lot of flexible features for its homepage. The design looks sleek and beautiful as well.

Hot Real Estate Theme

This theme is used in advertising real estate properties, houses, and apartments. A Photoshop Data File (PSD) file is also available along with the theme.

Real Area Theme

The exceptional design of Real Area makes it useful for real estate agencies, companies, and other business establishments. It has a well-developed property management system that monitors the progress of rental and for-sale properties.

Hexo Theme

Hexo is designed using topnotch quality PSD images and coded in HTML5 and CSS3 elements. It is a perfect design in starting a real estate business.

Four kinds of real estate properties

There are so many kinds of real estate properties, but it can be broken down to four major types.

1. Residential. This kind of real estate deals with the owning and construction of homes. It includes single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, vacation houses, duplexes, and high-value homes.

2. Land. This deals with the wide expanse of land properties such as farms, ranches, and lots. These lands will be up for construction and development anytime.

3. Commercial. This type of real estate is owned to generate income. Examples of the commercial real estate include medical and educational centers, shopping malls, hotels, offices, and leased spaces for establishments. Apartments also fall into this category.

4. Industrial. The industrial real estate is used to store and produce goods, and it includes warehouses and manufacturing buildings. They are handled carefully since they distribute goods.

Real estate agencies have expanded their presence online. Looking for a theme for your real estate website does not come in easy, so to help you with this, we collected more than 20 WordPress themes related to real estate. Check them out below.

LT Real Estate Theme

The theme is targeted for real estate websites. It comes with unlimited colors that can make the theme more attractive.

Eastend Theme

Eastend has extensive options and functions. It gives you a lot of room to display your content and products to your customers.

907 Theme

907 is a powerful theme with parallax features. It is versatile and ideal not just for real estate but for other websites as well.

Realty Elite Theme

Realty Elite is packed with features such as Advanced Search and Google Maps Properties Search. Its simple design is suitable for real estate agents, companies, and rental businesses.

Realtor’s Help Theme

The theme is made out of black and white tones which make it look elegant and classy. This works on all devices.

This theme is made for real estate business, but can also double as a website for exterior and interior designs. It focuses on content by using light colors and subdued images.

Perfect Rent is designed using pastel colors to make it look easy on the eyes. The overall look of the theme is sleek and elegant.

Prestige Theme

The theme has a clean design and it is packed with features that help you display your contents beautifully. This is a good theme for those working in high-class, luxury real estates.

Real Broker Theme

This theme is very easy to use. Every code of Real Broker is optimized with search engine optimization (SEO) elements which will put your site in higher rankings.

Lux Theme

Lux has an attractive design that catches the attention of your site visitors. While other themes can be used for other purposes, Lux is only suitable for real estate alone.

Skyline Theme

This theme is solely built for real estate agents. The backdrop of the city skyline makes all the difference from the other themes.

We hope you like our collection of real estate themes. These themes are worth a try. Aside from this collection and the information about real estate, keep in mind that as we grow older, we need to have some sort of investment we can use for the future. Investment is a make or break game. We need to have a kind of property that we can be sure of. In that way, we see where the money we worked hard for will go.

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