8 Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Themes & Templates

Bootstrap was originally called the ‘Twitter Blueprint’ by the original creators who incidentally also found Twitter, the microblogging site.

These themes are the best at allowing your site to perform consistently, as Bootstrap is known for its ability to consistently harmonize and set up various elements of a site so that it functions efficiently. Also the fact that the sites are designed after the popular Twitter theme does not hurt either.Free & Premimum wordpress templates download.

Initialize Sites With Great Ease

One of the biggest advantages to using these free themes is the ease with which they can be set up. As the themes support Bootstrap the site may use this feature to allow users to build them easily. The Twitter design too is easily configurable to suit the needs of the website.

The themes allow the sites to be responsive and thus be opened through tablets or smartphones. The basic purpose of Bootstrap was to kick-start the creation procedure of online applications and this remains its biggest draw, encouraging neophytes in the art of coding to actively build great, interactive sites.

Reap Great Benefits By Using These Themes

With Bootstrap enabled, these themes provide top performance, loading at great speeds even when burdened with a large amount of content, even multimedia in the form of videos and images or GIFs.

The Bootstrap feature ensures the coding is of a sufficiently high quality, thereby ensuring less occurrences of the site malfunctioning. Bootstrap also manages the Javascript and CSS components of the site with deftness.

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MoonLight Twitter Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme – $16

Good Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme – $35

Directory Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme – $35


Jacked Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Template – $10

My Flatonica Free Twitter WordPress Template


Smart Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme – $35

Spot Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme – $35

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