21+ Best Wedding Photography WordPress Themes & Templates 2019 [ Download now ]

Almost every business nowadays relies significantly on an online website. With millions of people surfing the internet every hour of the day, it is crucial for any business to maintain an online presence. One of the critical elements that help a website or the portfolio to become famous, is its the theme. So in this article, we will be discussing with you the top 21+ wedding photography WordPress themes for 2019.

Jphotolio -Innovative Slider WordPress Theme

Jphotolio - Wedding Photography Theme


If you are engaged with a lot of wedding photography wordpress theme, then JPhotolio is one of the best themes for you. It comes with an innovative slider and also allows you to integrate music with the pictures you put up on display. The theme also comes with a security password to prevent any online theft or damage to your website.

Wiso -Easily Customizable WordPress Theme



Wiso is a minimalist and modern looking theme that comes with 30 inbuilt homepage demos for you to choose from. The theme also comes with a fantastic feature to privately share your images with your client. You can keep them protected with your password. Wiso is a flexible and easily customizable WordPress theme that provides several pre-built layouts and templates.

 Luminus – Highly Responsive WordPress Theme



One of the most beautiful and responsive WordPress theme that is available in the market. Highly responsive with any device that you might be using, Luminus brightens up your website. By accessing the control panel, the users can change the colour scheme and adjust the fonts for better readability and convenience.

 Bridal – Pre-built Home Page WordPress Theme



Bridal, a super responsive and seamless WordPress theme that helps you to showcase your pictures and albums to your customers. It has different columns to host various details and information related to your work. It also comes with several pre-built home page themes that are also customizable according to your needs.

Martian – Photography & Studio WordPress Theme



Martian is not only a wedding photographer theme, but it can be used for anyone who is interested in running a photography website. The theme contains 14 pre-built home page styles which can be easily customised by the user. You can create full-screen carousels and add parallax effects to your pictures on the home page.

Kirsten – Multimedia Support WordPress Theme



If you are looking for a theme that follows the minimal and clean style trend, then Kirsten is the best option. The theme comes with several wedding homepage themes that also include fullscreen sliders, video backgrounds, and many other multimedia support features. A robust framework for better responsiveness supports Kirsten.

Ph – Visual Composer WordPress Theme



PH is one of those WordPress themes which can be used as a business template or to create an exciting portfolio. PH includes several home page themes which are available in ecstatic and high-quality designs. Visual Composer supports the customization features of the website and makes sure you get a responsive website.

Framed – Developer Friendly WordPress Theme




Framed is one of the most good looking and sleek designed WordPress theme available in the market. It comes with 7 separate kinds of home page preview. It is fully compatible with various devices. A developer friendly website that is available with 300+ innovative options to customize the website you want.

Bild – Full Page Orientation WordPress Theme



A recently launched WordPress theme that takes minimalist design to a whole new level. Bild maintains the full standards of sleek and clean minimal style statement. The theme features a full page orientation with a hamburger style menu that is also easily navigable. You can choose a larger image to display on the home page slider.

Phototastic – Woocommerce WordPress Theme



Phototastic brilliantly compliments your website that reflects professionalism and aesthetic design. YITH Woocommerce wishlist and Ninja form are some of the pack bundled utility plugins for use. It is also compatible with Yoast SEO verification that allows you to examine the content you put up on your website.

Framed – Retina Ready WordPress Theme



Framed comes with a wide selection of various pre-built demos which you can choose from. You can also use the social media integration feature to show your pictures from your Instagram and Flickr accounts as well. Framed features a private password manager that looks after all your images and prevents any harm to them.

Wedding Emotions – Multiple Layouts WordPress Theme



Wedding Emotions is the best website to showcase all the emotional moment of your wedding celebrations. It has multiple layouts for a different set of designs and makeover. You can use the highly customizable toolbar and include pictures which will help you to showcase your previous works on the homepage.

Kinetika – Full Screen Slideshow WordPress Theme



Easy to install and customize anytime you want, Kinetika is a robust and very fluid theme which comes with 10 different kinds of pre-built themes. Static sidebars, slides shows, and image galleries can be easily made in this theme. The overall framework is stable and very efficient.

 Rare- Fully Customizable WordPress Theme



As the name suggests, Rare is an actual wedding photography theme that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The theme is available with several color schemes they are fully customizable. You can also preview your customizations before finally deciding which design looks the best for your business.

Jphotolio – Integration with Google Direction WordPress Theme



JPhotolio is a very friendly and simple theme that allows you to show more than one image on the home page. You can also protect the images with a password. Light and responsive WordPress theme which delivers excellent versatility and excellent navigation always.

Wedsnap – SEO Friendly Theme

Wedsnap - Wedding Photographer Theme


WedSnap is one of the best wedding photographer themes out there which comes with several developer-friendly features. It is SEO friendly WP theme and allows you to create as many pages you want to along with the feature to add unlimited pictures to the website. The navigation and sidebar are also customizable along with tonnes of other elements that are present in the theme.

Florence – Built-in Slider Theme



Florence adds glamour and aesthetics to the whole website you are trying to build. The overall UI of Florence is vibrant and looks stunning during navigation. The built-in slider gives you the maximum ability to create a custom design that will suit your preferences for your business.

 Photomaker – Designed Sidebar WordPress Theme



Photomaker features a dynamically designed sidebar that allows the users to see different categories and tabs to visit other pages on the website. On the left, you get to select a high definition image to put up on display that looks stunning and dynamic. The theme is also very responsive in every way possible.

Photocrati – Programming Support WordPress Theme



Photocrati comes with several different kinds of pre-built themes which can be changed and customizes the way to want to. A robust framework and programming support this theme. You can upload unlimited video and images to make your website more interesting.

Ever After – Fully Responsive Layout WordPress Theme



Ever After is the perfect choice for those who want to display videos apart from pictures on their website. The theme is clean and simple with a fully responsive layout that is easier to navigate and brings more convenience to the visitors. It will help you flex your content in the best possible manner and goes well with the style statement of 2019.

June – Simple Wedding Photography Theme



A WordPress theme that never fails to deliver the best possible design and the minimalist interface in June. Not only on the computer but it also supports mobile compatibility. The theme comes with several inbuilt templates that are fully customizable. It is one of the fastest and developer friendly themes.


So here are the top 22 wedding photography WordPress themes for 2019 which you can use to give your website a brand new look. Make sure to check them out and create an excellent wedding photography website that will brilliantly impress your clients.

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