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23+ Job Board WordPress Themes & Templates

Most adults go into job hunting in the hope of finding a good source of employment. For first-timers, it is a chance to start what could be a fulfilling career. For those who just resigned, it is a chance to start over again. Job hunting is a game of chance. You would only know in the end if you have been accepted or rejected.

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In looking for a job, your resume should contain the most important information about you. That includes your name, contact number, birthday, email address, and home address. You must also include your employment history because your future employer will assess your past performances to determine your eligibility for the vacant position.

Employers are rolling out job vacancies for job seekers on the newspapers and the Internet. You can find the job vacancies in newspapers on the classified ads section. In these ads, it only has the position to be filled, the name of the company and contact number. However, Internet job openings often have more detailed descriptions of job vacancies.

There are many job vacancy websites that feature the details of job vacancies from business organizations online. These vacancies can be from media, accounting, business process outsourcing, and other kinds of businesses.

If you own a job vacancy or job board website, and you are looking for a good theme for your online portal, take a good look at our collection of WordPress themes.

Job Finder Theme

Opening Theme

Prime Theme

Job Help Theme

The Directory Theme

LT Recruit Theme

Job Haus Theme

Job Portal Theme

Intense Job Board Theme

Simple Job Board WordPress Theme


Handyman Theme

Jobseek Theme

Jobmonster Theme

Work Scout Theme

Job Board WordPress Theme

Job Press Theme

Factors to consider when looking for a job

As much as job hunting is a great need for us, we have some things to consider before looking for a job. It is not something that is easily decided. You may get hired by several companies, but end up not getting picked because it took you so long to make the right decision. You might also land a job that will bore you in the long run.

When looking for a job, take into account some important things to help you in making the right decision.

1. Paycheck

This is important when looking for a job. Compare and see the difference of the paychecks of the companies you applied for. Pick which one has the best offer that will match your needs and lifestyle. We work to earn money. Think about it carefully before jumping into the great unknown.

2. Career growth

Think if your future job can make your career grow. You do not have to be stuck doing one routine over and over again, and not being able to move up the corporate ladder. Career growth is very important in a person’s life. You get to learn many new things that will make you satisfied with your job in the long run. Career growth also allows you to explore new opportunities and put more achievements in your credentials.

3. The set of skills

Find a job that matches the set of skills you have. What matters is doing a job that is aligned with the skills you have which can increase your productivity. In addition, it keeps you motivated and challenges you to do better every single day. Use every day as an opportunity. For some who end up working at a job that requires another set of skills different from their own, it is a challenge to do things right. But one thing that is of great advantage is they will learn new skills and expand their horizons. Skills are learned and honed despite the circumstances. You need to make the most out of your job by being open to more learning.

4. You love the idea of it

You applied for a job not just to earn money but also because you love the idea of it. You want to do a job you love that it makes you feel like you are not working at all. It also brings you satisfaction if you love what you are doing.

5. Fits your personality

Choose a job that fits your personality. You might end up doing one that does not suit you. You can do more when the job matches who you are. It keeps your creativity flowing and motivates you to be better every day.

Job Hunt Theme

Mesh Jobs Theme

Nine to Five Theme

Jobify Theme

Pet Sitter Theme

Elegant Job Board WordPress Theme


The Jobs Theme

Job Board Theme

Preparing for a job interview

Job interviews can make you feel very nervous. You do not know the questions you will be asked and how the interview would go. It is also your one chance to do well so you can get the job you applied for. It only takes a few minutes, but it can make you think you experienced the longest minutes of your life.

Before going into a job interview, you have to physically and mentally prepare yourself. There are many things that could possibly happen while the interview is going on. Take note of these tips in preparing for a job interview.

1. Dress up well

What you wear matters when you go to a job interview. Pick semi-formal clothes to have an air of professionalism. First impressions always matter to the employers.

2. Practice interview questions

List down the possible questions that might be asked during the interview, those you expect and those you do not want to be asked. Write down your answers and practice them again and again.

Some of the questions that could be asked are your expectations of the salary and your age. Practicing the questions will help you be more prepared and sound more professional when the day of the interview comes.

This also includes your strengths and weakness. You also have to practice articulating them. Put more emphasis on your strengths and accomplishments and tell them your weaknesses. In this part, honesty is the key to getting through the whole interview.

3. Imagine how the interview would go

It is better if you can already visualize the interview. You would know what to do already. It helps you think of possible scenarios and find a solution for each of them. It is good to have a clear vision of the interview before going into it.

4. Be at your best behavior

In job interviews, you are expected to be on your best behavior. Your future employer will look at how you behave. This is a determining factor for your acceptance in the company. Do not forget to wear your best smile.

5. Be confident

Lastly, in job interviews, boost yourself with high doses of confidence. It helps to make you feel less nervous during the interview. Confidence is a big tool in getting through the nerve-wracking job interview and in almost every activity that needs it.

We hope you like our collection of job board themes. Remember that job interviews can lead to two things—getting accepted or rejected as a job applicant. Do your best in your future job if you get accepted and, if you get rejected, cheer up and find another one. It is a matter of careful thinking and a stroke of luck. The world never runs out of opportunities. You just have to know where to find and explore the thing you want the most.

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