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Create Fast with FREE Proposal Templates’s user-friendly proposal maker will help you access and customize a variety of free, professionally written proposal templates. With our creator tool, enjoy compelling proposal documents you can easily edit and save for later or print, email, and digitally share in just a few clicks!

How to Create a Proposal

How to Create a Proposal

  • 1. Customize Your Chosen Template

    Long and overly detailed proposals have fewer chances of being approved. In most cases, they go straight to the bin. Why make a 50-page proposal when you can keep it short and simple? Make every word count and customize your content to suit your audience's needs using’s ready-made proposal templates with suggestive contents to save you time. 

    2. Identify Problems and Offer Solutions

    Determine your prospect’s problem and seek solutions. When you start writing your proposal, make sure to emphasize how you will address those problems and achieve your objectives. Insert pictures, tables, pricing columns, and charts for added visuals to help support your proposal using the editor tool.

    3. Keep It Visually Interesting

    Nowadays, nobody likes reading long blocks of text. It's too boring for the human brain since we are visual creatures. Avoid monotonous and text-heavy proposals by adding font colors, pictures, and interesting cover pages to catch your readers’  attention.  The editor tool will also help you reposition and rename each page you write on.

    4. Deliver Your Message

    Proofread your work before delivering it to your recipient. Preview your proposal’s look in both PC View and Mobile View to get a better idea of what it will look like on any device and screen size. Once you’re done, download your proposal in various file formats or email it straight from the editor tool to your recipients to save time and effort.

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Data alone is not enough if you want to win your stakeholders’ interest. If you want your ideas to be heard, your proposal should also be visually appealing, less wordy, and understandable at a glance. Feature the importance, benefits, and advantages your proposal may offer with’s easy-to-use templates to get that sweet approval for faster processing.

Close Deals Faster

Reinforcing your proposal with the right information, analysis, and evidence will help you close deals faster. Use the editor tool to organize and proofread your content. You may even send it via email by clicking the send button.

Increase Revenue & Sales

Impress your target audience with your proposal-writing skills and increase your sales and profit. Show them how well you fully understand your proposal and how you may solve the issues on hand. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to for more opportunities and easier proposal-making processes.

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Can I Create a Proposal for Free on

Yes, you can make any type of proposal on for free by selecting a template from the Proposals category.

Can I Print or Share the Proposal via Email for Faster Approval?

Yes, print or share your proposals from for faster approval by clicking the download, share, or send buttons on the upper right corner of the editor tool.

How Long Should an Engaging Proposal Be?

An engaging proposal should not take more than five to ten minutes to read and should be free of grammatical errors, redundancies, and highfalutin words.

What is a Proposal Management Software?

A proposal management software is a tool used for faster, easier, and more efficient ways of creating, editing, sharing, tracking, and accepting proposals online.

What Should Proposals Include?

A well-written proposal should contain a clean cover page, a clear summary, a realistic objective, a comprehensive analysis, a well-thought action plan, and the right amount of budget.