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Are you attending a show or concert anytime soon? Then you have must already purchased your ticket either in the event venue or online. Show tickets have the best-looking designs since the designs are part of the event’s promotion and marketing. They are made to excite ticket holders and are also designed to be converted into souvenirs once the event is over.

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Are you planning to host a show or do you have an idea to use show tickets as designs in your event? Then check out these show ticket templates. They are the best and the most affordable designs around the web so you’ll probably fall in love with one of them.

Show Ticket Template

show ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
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  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Art Show Event Ticket Template

art show event ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Fashion Show Event Ticket Template

fashion show event ticket template
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Blue Concert Ticket Party Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 11 17 20 33 e1507715326175

This blue concert ticket party invitation template uses a simple color and text style but still manages to create an attractive design. The design also uses a futuristic font which matches the light blue background. A bar code design is incorporated for added visual attraction with the final look perfectly resembling a real show ticket.

Birthday invitations have transformed over the years. What started as simple construction paper invitations with basic calligraphy have evolved into different concepts being applied to make the invitations, like these show ticket-inspired designs being turned into birthday invitations.

Black Ticket Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 11 17 21 12 e1507715298353

This black ticket invitation template for a birthday celebration resembles a midnight cinema show due to the dark color being used in the background. The text also resembles cinema-inspired font styles with the heading emanating from an actual cinema house sign board. This engaging and interesting ticket design can also be used for movie ticket-inspired designs.

Green Concert Ticket

screenshot from 2017 10 11 17 22 45 e1507715259131

This green concert ticket template has some nice vintage 1990s-inspired font styles and design. The throwback theme in this template is a perfect match for events having vintage-inspired concepts. Events don’t need to be old school to use this template though, as it can be used in events which don’t follow a specific theme.

Ticket Stub Party Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 11 17 23 02 e1507715245337

This ticket stub engagement party invitation has an elegant look using its black-colored backdrop. The dividers and some of the text positioned vertically complement the black backdrop very well. The design has a nice resemblance to a movie clapboard.

Pink Birthday Party Admission Ticket Card

screenshot from 2017 10 11 17 23 18 e1507715214301

Here is another birthday party ticket template, but now colored in pink to signify a girl’s 21st birthday. This show ticket template incorporates concepts associated with a show including the “VIP Admission Ticket” heading and bar code design. Different shades of pink are spread across the template and a cake image is also incorporated in the background.

Event Ticket Mock-Up

2 e1507715379310

This event ticket mock-up uses bright lights to full effect in this magnificently designed template. Silhouettes of people raising their hands while watching a concert complement the pink and purple hues of this show ticket template.

Harvest Festival Concert Ticket

harvest festival concert ticket template preview 1 e1507715356903

This sample harvest festival concert ticket template uses a nice background image relating to a harvest. The background image is adjusted to have a low opacity to make the event details readable.

Band Concert Ticket

3 e1507715368299

Most of the time, the best way to promote a show is to attach the images of the performers themselves as seen in this band concert ticket template. The black and white hue even elevates the overall look of the template.

Why use show ticket templates?

background 219668

The designs are magnificent

Depending on the performer, different types of ticket template designs have their own themes and concepts. For example, aggressive and dark=colored themes are seen in ticket templates for rock concerts while calmer and lighter colored themes are used for piano and acoustic concerts. Either way, the show tickets for these events look magnificent and arouse a sense of excitement in ticket holders.

If a group of performers will be holding a show such as a play, then the designs of the tickets will be based on what the group’s performance will be. A Shakespearean play like Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet, for example, calls for a 15th century style design for the show tickets. Furthermore, more contemporary plays like The History Boys and Buried Child use modern-looking ticket designs which also suit the decade of the plays’ settings.

laptop 1483974

They are pre-designed

The great thing about pre-designed downloadable show ticket templates is that you don’t need to exert great effort in making show tickets from scratch. There are hundreds of pre-designed show ticket templates across the web. All you need to do is choose the best design that fits your show or event, and you’re good to go.

There are also independent designers who offer their services and make the ticket designs themselves for a price. All you need to do is send them a message and you can discuss with the designer what contents (colors, images, effects, font styles, etc.) will comprise the ticket design.

mobile phone 426559

They are an effective marketing tool

advertisement posters and flyer designs are already effective marketing tools to promote the show, but another tool that is often overlooked are the show tickets. Although fans still need to purchase the ticket first to actually see it, promotion increases exponentially once they have been purchased by hundreds of excited and passionate fans.

Once tickets have been released to the public, then expect the very fast dissemination of news that the performer will be doing a show within the city or nearby area. The ticket promotes not only the performer, but the organizers, partners, sponsors, and the ticket designers as well.

The same thing goes when you create show ticket templates for your own event, whether it is a birthday party, movie night, or baby shower, to name a few. Unlike show tickets for actual shows where they need to be purchased, show tickets for your event provide a much needed boost for your event’s promotion if flyers, posters, and other print media will be used. Occasionally, the ticket design alone will be the deciding factor if the guests attend your event or not.

photo 256889

They can be collected as souvenirs

The show ticket designs are already classified as art as the said designs contain the faces of the performers combined with after effects and color combinations. Even if text are only used in the designs, the precision and detail of how they are made are of top quality and equal those show ticket designs of celebrity performers. It is only fitting that these ticket designs are collected and maybe even displayed in a glass cabinet.

If you are planning to create your own ticket designs, make sure they are top notch so that guests will also be collecting them as souvenirs.

graffiti 1380108

Ticket designs also promote the designers 

Any design that is well-made is bound to attract the attention of a few people who are looking for designers. Also, highly detailed designs attract possible investors who are willing to partner with the designers to start their own design company. The occurrence of the latter actually happening is rare, but nonetheless whatever attention the designer receives can definitely boost his own brand.

If you have the skill set to make your own designs, then you should go your way and promote your brand. Don’t wait for people to come to you, instead advertise the designs you make through various channels.

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