14 Agency Business Card Templates

Business cards can serve as a branding tool for business owners. Handing out a well-designed and professional-looking business card to potential clients allows a business person to make a good first impression.

If you are running an agency and you would like to have your own luxury business card, opt for simple and clean designs with the right mix of style and professionalism. To help you out, we have collected some templates that could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Agency Business Card Template


The cover of this business card is simple and editable. It offers a lot of room for minimal design, but note that it is best not to overdo it. All the contact list details are at the back of the card so the front has a clean, uncluttered look.

Art Director Business Template


Just like the first template, the cover stands alone and the contact details are at the back. With its black and white business design, you can never go wrong when you choose this template for its simplicity and class.

Personal Business Card Template


This template really has that personal feel. If the first two templates have the cover and agency name on the front page, this one only has the logo on the cover. As usual, a black and white design exudes class and elegance, making it perfect if you want a more understated look for your business card. Contact details are at the back of the card in a simple and clean font style.

Elegant Business Card Template


This time, the template sports a black and light gold design. The contact details are at the back, but they don’t take up too much space. These details can be found on the bottom of the card. Social media information is also included to make it easier for clients to contact the agency.

Corporate Agency Business Card Template


What is good about this corporate agency template is that it includes a quick response (QR) code that can redirect information when scanned by a smartphone. This puts a more modern spin on an otherwise classic-looking design.

Simple Minimal Corporate Card

Simple Minimal Corporate Card

For a corporate card like this one, it won’t hurt to experiment with colors. White and blue give off a crisp feeling of cleanliness. Though it leaves a lot of space for design, keeping it minimal is better.

Multipurpose Business Card Template


Putting orange together with black and white does not look bad at all. It’s good to add some variety to avoid being boring. It also has a QR code that helps in providing more information to recipients of the card.

Business Card Template


While black and white remain a good combo when it comes to design, white and gray also work well. You can put the logo and contact details on one page and go for a much simple design. It uses free fonts and has the CMYK color model.

Minimal Business Card Template


Literally minimal, this template is best used when you wish for the cover design, agency name, and details to appear on one page only. Despite the limited space, this style is pulled off with flair. The QR code at the center does the job of providing more information when scanned. Adding red makes for a great accent along with the classic black and white look. This extra dash of color only enhances the overall aura of the design.

Corporate Business Card


It’s refreshing to use green for an agency unique business card. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and fully editable with a CMYK color mode. This template is also available in blue, orange, and red.

Watercolor Business Card Template


This template has a light purple watercolor look that goes well with white. It is an ideal choice for female-focused organizations.

Personal Business Card


This editable template is compatible with Adobe Photoshop in the CMYK color model. Its two versions, in black and white, offer a sophisticated feel to the usual free business card.

Creative Individual Business Card Template


This design is bursting with colors along with minimal dashes of the famous black and white combo. The cover is vibrant, catchy, and youthful to the eyes. Aside from Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the template is also compatible with Illustrator and InDesign.

Creative Business Card

Creative Business Card

Plain designs for a creative marketing agency can be an excellent and strategic choice. For this one, light blue against white is a welcome diversion from all the usual designs. Leaving spaces in the design is much better than crowding it with so many details.

Designing an Agency Business Card

After choosing a template for the agency business card, take some things into consideration before customizing your blank business card design. These factors will be your guide on how to design your card effectively so it would look more attractive to customers.

Contact details

Aside from the phone numbers and emails, agencies should also add links to their social media pages. As we all know, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter reach all types of people at any given time. People these days are very active on social media, so it is important to have a presence on these sites in order to reach more potential customers.


Always take note of the colors in a design. Mix and match shades to gauge if your final output looks good on print. Different hues are readily available for all colors, especially in Adobe Photoshop. Use colors that complement the overall mood of your design.


Slogans are important for agencies. This type of phrase gets people’s attention. A few words with a complete and provoking thought can get people to take action.


Make your cover attractive and enticing. This will also get your customer analysis attention aside from your slogan. Covers are the first thing people see and, as the saying goes, first impressions always last.

For agencies to start building goodwill with clients, they must have a well-designed business card. So pick your favorite from the designs we have listed in this article and purchase it today.

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