10 Amazing Uses of 3D in Graphic Designs


It gets pretty challenging at times to stand out in graphic designing when every design you could possibly think of has already been done or is too impossible a task to take on. But when it comes to design, no idea is too weird or even impossible; and there are plenty of ways to innovate existing designs. You simply have to approach them with a new perspective, and with new design tools.

Using and creating 3D designs can be ways to achieve that. Make your works look surreal and completely unique by adding a new dimension in your graphic design illustrations, typography, and images. Check out all the ways to use 3D graphic designs below. They will surely come in handy.

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Love Box

love box 788x528

This event poster, for example, uses unconventional 3D shapes to bring the whole look together. In graphic design, it’s perfectly acceptable to go for DIY to create a holistic design for a themed event. It not only gives character to your online poster or flyer, there is now a rawness and authenticity to it; one you wouldn’t be able to achieve with digital graphics alone.

Curriculum 3D

curriculum 3d 788x468 Source

Your personality and shine should never be watered down to just another simulated card or portfolio once presented on/offline. Be playful, clever, and never be afraid to stand out from the competition. Much like this Curriculum 3D design, use 3D text and images to represent your business cards or work portfolios.

Habibs Milkshakes

habibs milkshakes 788x851 Source

Create a distinct image for your product by using 3D typography in poster designs and advertisements. Make the names of your products pop out in memorable 3D typefaces to encourage easy and fast recognition among customers.

All You Need is Ecuador

all you need is ecuador 788x526 Source

If you want to create a compelling ad or promotional flyer, take it from this “All You Need is Ecuador” tourism campaign for Ecuador. It brilliantly fuses together the destination’s iconic features and landmarks to better establish the mood. Intensify the experience in 3D to make it look more realistic and accessible.


durex Source

Experiment with abstract designs to be able to say a lot without actually saying anything upfront. Abstract in 3D would look great for meaningful and relevant ads or posters. They’re a sure way to draw attention and pique people’s interest.

Script with Depth

script with depth 788x683 Source

Take a detour when it comes to approaching typography designs. Although it’s one of the essentials among graphic design elements, you still have to be unpredictable with how you design and present text. Create a sense of depth with typography by adding a new dimension into the mix.

Motion in Air

motion in air 788x788

If you’re more into digital photography and are experimental in the field, this Motion in Air image should trigger your curiosity and interest buttons. Play around with colors, patterns, and shapes, and morph them into something else entirely; a 3D kind of something else to be exact.

Visa Olympic

visa olympic 788x782 Source

Incorporate 3D images in your pop-up brochure designs to keep readers interested on what you have to say. Going for 3D images and designs is an unconventional step to take for a traditional promotional ad. Surprise your readers as well as your competitors by doing something different.

3D Fruit Design

3d fruit design1 Source

Always go for the most unpredictable and uncommon routes when pitching a new idea or presenting a new product. Experiment with 3D abstract renders to grab some inspiration, which you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, and make something of your own.

Keep in mind that 3D is not always about making something look entirely new or to have a particular shape or product look completely out of this world. You can aim for those, yes, but it’s also mainly about making something ordinary look extraordinary just by presenting it in a different angle.

In working with 3D, you should be able to say your work is undoubtedly part of the graphic designs of the month. Be inspired by all the amazing ways you can make use of 3D designs in your work.

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