6+ Winning Raffle Ticket Templates – GIF, PSD

Raffle events are always fun activities. People who enter raffles do so for one reason: to win. Prizes in raffles can either be cash, an expensive gadget like the newest model of a smartphone or laptop, a car or motorcycle, or even gift cards, although the prizes are certainly not limited to the ones mentioned.

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In a sense, raffles are a form of gambling. People purchase an item before being allowed to join the raffle. Most of the time, the minimum amount of purchase is quite expensive. People join raffles and rely on probabilities to win. Unless multiple entries are allowed in the raffles, the probabilities of winning are extremely low. Entrants will have to rely on luck if they want to win that brand new car or $1,000,000 gift check.

These days, raffle ticket designs are not only used for raffle events. They have branched out and have been used in other events as well, from weddings to baby showers and even outdoor corporate activities. Here are some raffle ticket designs you can use for any event.

Top raffle ticket designs

Baby Shower Raffle Ticket


This baby shower raffle ticket design uses a striped gold with digital glitter design. The golden glitter perfectly fits the event as it resembles a vintage candy store design. This design has one of the best glitter-based designs in any online design shop around, and for $3, it is a bargain.

Book Raffle Ticket


This book raffle ticket design has a simple color palette but still has an attractive overall look. The secondary blue color adds color while the zigzag patterns add to the detail of the design. The design also uses large and bold text for easy reading.

Floral Raffle Ticket


Floral arrangements are a sight to behold in real life, and are also a sight to behold in graphic design. Flowers add a natural and calm aspect to designs, as evident in this floral raffle ticket. A variety of flowers are grouped together and placed on the upper corner of the ticket design. The ticket design is finished with diagonal bold black stripes which are added to the design’s left and right corners.

Crown Diaper Raffle Ticket

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This baby shower invitation gives guests a chance to win raffle prizes by bringing any size of diaper. This unique concept which uses raffle draws are a great way to entertain the guests. Additionally, guests don’t need to concern themselves with what gifts to bring as the hosts already indicated that diapers will be enough. This beautiful raffle ticket design resembles a royal event, as an image of a crown is placed at the center of the invitation while glittery orange stripes fill up the design background.

Advantages of using raffle ticket designs

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Raffles are popular

Raffle events are held around the world and provide entertainment for different occasions. They are hosted by companies and corporations for employees during special company events like Christmas and anniversary parties. They are hosted by government entities for community-centered activities. They are hosted by schools and universities for both students and alumni. They are even hosted by individuals for family reunions.

Raffle events at their most basic are lighthearted activities where entrants don’t mind if they win or lose. Entrants still anticipate winning even if their chances are low. And unlike real gambling in a casino, the risks involved in raffles are nothing compared to the roulette or a game of poker.

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They look unique

Similar to other ticket designs, raffle tickets don’t follow traditional design patterns. The small sizes of these ticket designs look cute yet engaging and they don’t need to have an extravagant design to look attractive. The curved patterns in the cinema and raffle tickets are absent in other designs, and the paper used in printing is different as it can vary from a vintage cardboard paper to a more modern glossy tough paper.

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They are versatile

Also similar to other ticket designs, raffle ticket designs are versatile and can be used for any event or occasion. There is no limit on where and how these designs can be used. Although the most common use for raffle ticket designs is for raffle events themselves, they can also be used for business, entertainment, and family events. Guests will appreciate the look and creativity of raffle ticket designs as they offer something fresh. So get creative and use raffle ticket designs in your next event.

Other Raffle Ticket Designs

Multipurpose Retro Ticket

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This multipurpose retro ticket can be used for any event and has the right size so that text is still readable. The ticket uses a retro style font and is available in two colors: white and brown.

Baby Girl Diaper Raffle Ticket

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This baby girl diaper raffle ticket shower invitation has a very cute design which incorporates an image of a baby wearing a pink diaper. This design serves the same purpose as the other baby girl diaper raffle ticket template where guests donate diapers and get a chance to win prizes.

Gold Raffle Tickets

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Nothing beats gold as the go-to color for designs. It elevates every design and compensates for designs which lack images or stock photos. This golden raffle ticket template resonates with Willy Wonka’s golden invitation to his chocolate factory as the golden colored background lights up the entire ticket design.

Tips on Making Raffle Ticket Designs

If you haven’t found your desired raffle ticket designs here, although it is recommended you should purchase them since they are very attractive yet affordable, you can always make your own from scratch. Follow these tips if you are planning to make your own raffle ticket designs.

Designs need to be consistent

As in every design, consistency should be a top priority. Whether in the design color and appearance or in the sizes, consistency should be observed to maintain a level of professionalism and satisfaction. Since raffle ticket designs are printed and handed out to numerous guests, consistency is important so that guests can get to observe and appreciate the process it took to make the designs. In contrast, if a number of guests notice different paper was used to print the ticket designs or not all designs maintain the same look, it will definitely cause serious problems and pose a risk of guests not attending the event.

Use appropriate measurements

If you haven’t purchased any of the designs listed above, which contain a standard size and will have to be adjusted if they are too large or too small, use appropriate sizes for your own raffle ticket designs. Raffle ticket designs, in general, are tiny and can fit in any pocket or hole. Increase the sizes of your tickets if you are planning to add numerous details and colors. If the raffle ticket design will be used as a wedding invitation, inserting all the details in a 2 x 4 inch-sized invitation is impossible. Additionally, these peanut-sized designs easily get lost or misplaced and guests certainly won’t appreciate it.

The standard raffle ticket sizes hover around the 1-2″ x 3-5″ size. Increasing the measurements will not only make the text readable, but also make the images and other details clearer and more visible.

Incorporate images or stock photos

Similar to other ticket designs, raffle tickets are small in size compared to flyers or posters. Although raffle ticket designs don’t necessarily have to be used for raffle events, they should retain their core appearance as a small yet attractive design. Adding some images or stock photos will add a layer in the raffle ticket designs to make them more visually appealing. There is no limit to the images that can be added as long as the design doesn’t look overstuffed and crowded. The design’s main purpose is still to inform the guests of the event, so make sure the event details are clear and readable.

Similar to most of the ticket templates above, they look better when they have images on them. The diaper raffle ticket template which has an image of a toddler wearing a pink diaper is cute and will certainly encourage the guests to join the event and win that “great prize” as stated in the ticket design. Additionally, for raffle ticket designs which give entrants a chance to win a new car, images of the car model to be won (and, if possible, the available car color) should be incorporated in the ticket design.

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Use bright colors

Raffle tickets usually use simple black text since they are mass produced and cost more if a variety of colors are used. But depending on the event where only a few hundred people are invited, using different colors would be preferred to complement the images and stock photos which are already incorporated in the ticket designs. Bright colors are a good choice for raffle ticket designs since raffle events are fun activities which guests always look forward to. Yellow and lighter shades of blue, red, and green all look great in raffle tickets and can be used for the font, background, and border colors.

Black and white are very common in raffle ticket designs but if you do decide to use them, try to pair them with other colors. This is true for pencil-sketched designs where color is absent, but adding color even to the design borders and some text will make the designs look better.

Using bright colors also fits a number of events, especially baby showers and weddings where lighter colors are used in the invitations and other design materials.

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Have some raffle elements in the design

Although raffle ticket designs can be used for any event, adding raffle elements will inject some creativity in the designs. Raffle prizes are the most common elements associated with raffles. Insert stock images of a dollar sign or bills in the design borders or design background. Raffles can also be associated with the carnival since numerous chance or luck games and activities are played inside carnivals. Use images of carnival rides and equipment such as tents, multi-colored buntings, the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and carousel.

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