9+ Circle Designs


Looking for out-of-this-world and unique circle designs? Check out our circle design templates that will satisfy your cravings for circle designs. The circle shape has a variety of uses. It has wowed and fascinated thousands of people throughout the history, from discovering the Earth’s shape is somewhat spherical to the Have a Nice Day shirts with the famous yellow smiley face back in the nineties.

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To give you more time and energy, you can check out and download our designs. You can choose from the categories which among them will fit your personal or business needs. We have in stock a whole selection of shape designs too, not just circles. Circles may seem irrelevant because of its familiarity, but in the world of designs there is more to the roundness of the circle.

Abstract Circle Design

abstract circle design1Download

Geometric Circle Design

geometric circle design1Download

Celtic Circle Design

celtic circle designDownload

Colorful Circle Design

colorful circle designDownload

Grunge Circle Design

grunge circle designDownload

A Variety of Circle Designs

Circles may seem to be simple, but there are also subject to a variety of designs—from the most traditional ones to the modern and postmodern designs. The designs we have in stock in this article come in easy-to-modify PSD, Vector AI, and EPS formats and are available to download for free or licensed at a modest amount. Here are some of our designs that you’ll surely love:

  • Abstract Circle Designs
  • Geometric Circle Designs
  • Celtic Circle Designs
  • Colorful Circle Designs
  • Grunge Circle Design
  • 3D Circle Design
  • Circle Logo Design
  • Hand- Drawn Circle Design
  • White Circle Design

Regarding abstract circle designs, circles are incorporated or integrated in abstract art. We all know that abstract art emphasizes on the nonrepresentational aspect of art, while most of the time circles are used to convey emotion and artistic expression

Circles are also used to display Celtic art such as our designs above. Most of the Celtic designs have corresponding spiritual meanings and symbolisms. Historians say that Celts were not people who constantly wrote things down. In order to pass down their traditions from generation to generations, they expressed it through word of mouth, arts, and symbols. These are great designs to try on.

Also, if you’re tired and bored of ideal and glossy designs, the grudge circle designs are perfect for you. The design is characterized by realistic designs and textures such as dirty stains, torn images, and overall grit and character.

The following are just sneak peaks for you about the designs we offer.

If you are looking for the awe-inspiring symmetry in which lines can take form, check out our collection of geometric designs to inspire you into creating your own iterations of this art form.

3D Circle Design

3d circle designDownload

Circle Logo Design

circle logo designDownload

Hand-Drawn Circle Design

hand drawn circle designDownload

Circle Shape Design

circle shape designDownload

White Circle Design

white circle designDownload

Circles Are Everywhere

Every day, it is inevitable that you will not see the shape of the circle. From the food that we eat to the things that we use and wear, the shape of circle is very popular.

Designers around the world use shapes to portray an idea and to set the mood. According to research, circles tend to channel positivity and a message of harmony to its audiences. It represents reliability and consistency.

Have you heard about the circle of life? It connotes that, like a circle, we don’t know where life begins and when it will end. It is a continuous cycle of birth and death.

Because of its simple design, circles are easy to handle and use in the field of design. To help you start up or choose a perfect circle design, here are some tips to take note of:

  • Choose a design that would fit the overall theme.
  • Take note of color schemes and combinations.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something different.

These are just hints for you to take note of, but at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to choose from among the printable circle templates designs that will be suitable for your business or personal venture.

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