20+ Bird Templates & Colouring Pages

You may never find a bird template useful from the first glance. The reality is, they are quite useful whenever you want to create something or Bird Colour Pages that will impress kids at home or at school. They are best used during fun moments when kids want to put their leisure time to proper use. Here are a couple of ways you can use the bird templates to impress your kids. You can also see Baby Animal Templates.

Bird Template

  • bird template11

activityvillage.co.uk | These are very simple templates of birds comprising of various images. They can be used in the sketch and the drawing books of the kids as they can be drawn quite easily. The images have been drawn in different directions.

Dove Template

  • dove template

activityvillage.co.uk | Dove is the symbol of peace and thus free dove templates can be widely used when you want to use that particular theme or rather are searching for a white color to elaborate your subject matter. These look quite impressive.

Duck Template

  • duck template

activityvillage.co.uk | Ducks have always been a source of entertainment especially for the kids and thus downloading the beautifully drawn duck images will be a center of attraction. You can use them when you have a pond theme or any other farmland. They are available in four sizes.

Duck Template

  • duck template 2

activityvillage.co.uk | These are yet another kind of elegantly created free templates that you can use for different purposes. You can add them into children’s rhyme books or you can also use them in books meant for toddlers where they need to identify the animals and birds.

Goose Flying Template

  • goose flying template

activityvillage.co.uk | Goose flying templates undoubtedly can be quite useful for a number of purposes. You can use them if your theme is based on freedom. Therefore, you can utilize them especially on Independence Day and on other occasions to explain its significance.

Kiwi Frame Lined Template

  • kiwi frame lined template

activityvillage.co.uk | Kiwis are the national bird of New Zealand are and are also a flightless bird. Therefore, these bird templates can prove to be handy if you are dealing something flightless bird or your project is based on information on New Zealand.

Kiwi Frame Blank Template

  • kiwi frame blank template

activityvillage.co.uk | The Kiwi templates can be designed differently. In the earlier template design, we saw kiwis with lined templates, whereas these are blank template kiwis. Other than that there is not much of a difference between the two. You can choose the templates according to your needs.

Kiwi Template

  • kiwi template 1

activityvillage.co.uk | These are very simply designed kiwi templates that you can use in kid’s book to enhance their knowledge of the birds. Moreover, you can also use these simple bird templates on various events for the decoration purpose which will grace the occasion.

Owl Template

  • owl template

activityvillage.co.uk | Owls usually come at night and they are associated with darkness or sombre and gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, if you want to express grief over an incident you can use these attractive looking free bird templates. You can use owl templates to signify Goddess Laxmi’s vehicle.

Swallow Template

  • swallow template

activityvillage.co.uk | Swallows are a group of passerine birds and can adapt to ariel feeding. So, if you want to increase the knowledge of the kids regarding the various species of birds, then you can try using these swallow bird templates after downloading it from the website.

Stork Template

  • stork template

activityvillage.co.u | Storks are beautiful birds that have long legs and necks. They have several species and so you can utilize their templates to decorate and also educate the children. In addition, you can use different types of colors which will certainly embellish the beauty of these bird templates.

American Robin

  • american robin

The American Robins are other bird templates which you can use for colouring the pages. They are migratory songbirds belonging to the thrush family. Thus, in case if you are basing your theme on birds that sing beautifully these can be ideal choice.

Baltimore Oriole

  • baltimore oriole

The Baltimore Oriole templates will look cool and classy when you decorate them on wall papers or use the templates to talk about the special blackbird common in eastern North America. It is worthy to inform children about these birds.

Bird Bath

  • bird bath

The bird baths are artificial ponds or puddles which are created with the intention of providing drinking or bathing water to the birds. The bird bath templates will definitely attract the kids with vibrant colors and can be used in the story books rhymes etc.

Black Eagle

  • black eagle

The eagles are carnivorous birds which are known for their long flights. They are dangerous and reside basically in forests and hilly areas. Therefore, you are choosing a theme to depict flesh eating birds then black eagle templates can help the cause.

Brown Thrasher

  • brown thrasher

Cactus Wren

  • cactus wren


  • peacock

Parrot Template

  • parrot template

Love Birds Template

  • love birds template

Humming Bird Template

  • humming bird template

Normal Bird

These are bird templates drawn normally without taking any type of bird into account. You can download this type of a bird template and use it in scrapbooks, in the classroom or as a craft object. You can always get this one in multiple sizes in PDF format. You may also see Animal Coloring Pages.

Dove and Dark Bird Template

These ones look interesting for real. They will make whatever you use them on look a bit more impressive. You can us the dove templates on normal holidays and special holidays like Peace Day and Christmas day. The duck templates are useful as pond themes as well as farmyard. You may also visit Animal Drawings.

Goose Fly Template

This is one of the best bird templates, which has quite a history of its own. It was used as a decoration on walls, and you could download them as use them for the same purpose, making your home’s walls look appealing, beautiful as well as live.

> Conclusion

The free bird templates are a great way to educate your children about different species of birds. At the same time the bird color pages will also attract the kids and they can enjoy with these templates during free time. You can use them in your drawing or scrapbooks as well.

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