2+ Employee Announcement Templates – PDF

Employees are the main reason for the daily operations of a business. They do most of the legwork to keep the business afloat. They are expected to follow the processes set by the company once they get accepted for the job. Employees have a special kind of bond since they see each other day in and day out. As an employer, you see them going about their daily operations and you also get to see that bond. It is also your responsibility to endorse a newly-hired employee.

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For doing this, you need to write an employee announcement. This is a brief announcement circulated in the office and announced personally. In a written format, the tone of writing should be formal and it should keep track with the length. You can also introduce a newly-hired employee to your current employees in a personal way by holding a small program or a short speech.

Sample Letter to Staff Announcing New Employee

sample letter to staff announcing new employee


Wheelock College Employee Policy Announcement

wheelock college employee policy announcement


How to Write an Employee Announcement+

An employee announcement is written to announce the arrival of a new employee. It does not need to be long and as an employer, you need to do this right away. Employee arrivals should not be announced late so the employees can be notified about it. They got some time to spare in adjusting to the new addition of the group.

1. Write the Basic Information

Put in the name of the employee, his position the company, his job description and his photo. The job description can be summed up in one or two sentences. You can also include the employee’s contact number within the company and the company email address. Do not leave any important information out while writing the announcement.

2. Focus on the Credentials

Provide a brief background about the employee such as his credentials and working experiences. Give some focus on it so the current employees will be informed of what he can do. As with the introduction, you need to keep it brief. You can just include the most important ones about his background.

3. Keep it Short and Simple

The word length should be at least 250 to 300 words. That is brief enough for an employee announcement. The shorter, the better. You don’t have to explain everything about the employee. You just need a few good sentences to write about him. Always remember to write in simple words.

4. Be Positive and Upbeat

In your message, have a positive and upbeat tone. You would not risk the employee feeling bad about the future tasks in his job or with the people around him. Maintain the upbeat tone all throughout the whole written message. It should have a positive effect on everyone who reads it.

5. Leave a Message for the New Employee

In the end, wrap up the employee announcement by leaving a positive message to the employee. Cheer him up and the rest will follow. This makes the employee feel valued and more determined to do his tasks well. Wishing someone well has a good effect on their mentality.

New Employee Announcement Email

new employee announcement email


How to be a Good Employee

Getting a job is not just a matter of coming in and out of work every day. You also have to do your part as an employee and make friends with the people in the company. Being a good employee takes skill and the right attitude.

1. Say Hello to Your New Workmates

Be the first one to say hi to your new workmates on the first day. It makes them think that you’re friendly and approachable. Saying hi is one way of reaching out to people without any hidden agenda.

2. Focus on the Job

Focus on the job and learn to do it well. As you stay long in the company, you are expected to learn the daily grind and be able to carry out the tasks properly.

3. Be Well-Rounded

Do not just stick to your job description. Do some other tasks that you can do and be good at it. Employers expect their employees to be well-rounded in terms of doing tasks.

4. Behave in a Professional Way

In the office, behave in a good way so that your coworkers will respect you. Professional behavior is expected of every employee so they can respect each other. Behavior creates a first impression on outsiders who just visit the company for business purposes.

5. Learn and Learn
Learning is an endless process, and you learn more when you do your job. You might make mistakes along the way. There’s nothing to worry about it. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new. Everything you learn can be applied in the future.

6. Take Criticisms Constructively

With every mistake, there is criticism. Some are constructive, while some are destructive. Take them without any hard feelings and learn from it. This will help you in becoming a better worker.

7. Maintain a Good Record

For maintaining a good record, you need to be always on time. You also need to be present every working day and do your job well. Employers offer incentives to employees who have good attendance and productivity records during a certain time period. It can be on an annual, biannual or monthly basis.

8. Foster Good Relationships with People

Treat your coworkers with respect and say hello to them every time you see them in and outside of the office. Good relationships will get you through the rough times since many people will help you out whenever you have problems at work or in your personal life.

9. Ask Help and Questions When Needed

You can’t know everything about the job. Once in a while, you stumble upon questionable tasks that seem so hard to solve. Ask questions to your coworkers on how to do something when needed. A little helping hand is beneficial when you badly need one.

10. Be Resourceful

The job is tough at times. You need to be resourceful so you can get it done. Look at what you have and use it to the best of your advantage. You have to plan on how to use the resources wisely.

11. Be Productive

Use your time to do more tasks related to your job. It increases your productivity rate. Avoid being too lazy at work or spending more time on personal calls and other stuff. Use the energy you have to do more.

12. Help Others When Needed

You should also help others as much as they help you out. It’s a give and take relationship. In addition to that, you give encouragement to them that they can do it.


If you found this article is helpful, read up on our other articles about writing announcements on our website. Employee announcements are brief, simple and easy to write. Moreover, it should make the employee feel worthy and ready to face the challenges in the workplace.