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Being engaged means that your days of being single are numbered. Your married life waits for you at the end of the engagement period. Your life will then revolve around your family, but that doesn’t mean your ‘me time’ is taken away from you. It’s just that when you get married, your responsibility and obligation now only involves you but also your family. If you are going to have kids, then that is seriously taking it to the next level. You may also see wedding announcement cards.

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Some people get engaged in the most flamboyant manner, like going the extra mile and do it in a public place where a lot of people can see it. This kind of engagement doesn’t need the assistance of an engagement announcement since news about it can be easily spread across all social media platforms. It might even get viral! But for those who would like to opt for a more intimate and private engagement, you definitely need to tell your family and friends about it through an engagement announcement. You don’t have to worry about what design to use as we have specially prepared a list of designs and templates for the engagement announcement. Check them out!

Simple Engagement Announcement Template

simple engagement announcement template  788x624

Minimalistic Engagement Announcement Template

minimalistic engagement announcement template  788x624

Is there a Need for an Engagement Announcement?

Due to etiquette, engagement announcements are traditionally made. The announcement contains all the details of the engagement, such as the names of the couple who are going to be engaged, the venue where the engagement will be conducted, and the date when it is going to happen. This engagement announcement is then sent to close relatives and friends of the couple, which you can tell is definitely an extensive recipient list. But, the engagement announcement is sometimes mistaken for an engagement invitation for obvious reasons.

The engagement announcement is apparently for announcing the engagement, while the other is obviously made to invite people to an engagement party. But, these differences don’t matter that much in recent times. Both of them contain similar details, that’s why people in today’s generation would assume that they are the same. So then why would they be made into two separate entities when they can be unified? That is something we should ask our ancestors for and whoever made this act of wasting resources. But now, traditional means are being neglected and people are merging the engagement announcement and invitation. Wondering why? This is because people are looking for ways to minimize the expenses.

Couples are now being mindful of how they spend their money. The engagement is just an appetizer before the full-course meal, which is the wedding. The wedding is going to cost them so much, so they need to find ways on how they can cut off some expenses. So why not merge them? They don’t have that many differences in content anyway. Usually, the engagement announcement is the one merged into the invitation. So the invitation will also serve as the announcement. You may also see birth announcement templates.

The merging of the announcement and invitation makes you question, “Is there still a need for an engagement announcement?” Yes, there still is. Although the usual means involves merging the announcement into the invitation, the essence of the engagement announcement still remains. If you want, you can double the announcement as an invitation, too. You may also like sample wedding announcement templates.

Adorable Engagement Announcement Template

adorable engagement announcement template

Vintage Floral Engagement Announcement Template

vintage floral engagement announcement

Typography Engagement Announcement Template

typography engagement announcement template

Floral Engagement Announcement Template

floral engagement announcement template

Modern Engagement Announcement Template

modern engagement announcement template

Funny Engagement Annoucement Template

funny engagement announcement template

How Can You Make a Stunning Engagement Announcement?

Don’t fret if you are not good at designing because it will only take your willingness to learn and go through each of the tips to make a beautifully stunning engagement announcement.

1. Choose a Theme

Most couples would opt for a simple theme to avoid taking up too much time planning for it and then making it. But, if you are one of those who is meticulous about the design and wants it to be more personalized, then you need to pick a theme for it. Having a theme allows you to have fun in designing the announcement and also provide entertainment for the guests. Do you want to have a vintage theme? How about a sleek one? Perhaps a black and white theme? You can also opt to have the theme of the engagement announcement similar to the wedding. But you can also certainly deviate from it and choose another wedding theme. Besides, engagement is just the appetizer before the wedding. They should be different, right?

2. Gather Images Relating to the Theme

If you don’t want to set a theme for your engagement, then you can use any image you like. But if you did choose a theme, then you need to collect images related to it. For example, if you chose a beach theme, then it is expected that you will gather images that relate to a beach such as a starfish, sand, sea, palm trees, and tropical patterns. There is no limit as to how many images you want to collect. Actually, it would be better if you collect more than what is needed so that you will have a backup in case you need to change or delete something in the design.

Clean Engagement Announcement Template

clean engagement announcement template

Elegant Engagement Announcement Template

elegant engagement announcement template

Printable Engagement Announcement Template

printable engagement announcement template

3. Select a Color Scheme

Most people don’t know how important colors are, and that colors are the secret to achieving a wonderful design. Choose colors that are complementary to each other so it will give a harmonious output of the design. Since the template is digital, you can experiment by mixing and matching different colors until you arrive at a satisfying result. But, to go out of the ordinary, you can also choose colors that you think won’t go well with other. The results can sometimes get unpleasant. Chaotic, even. But there is such a thing as beautifully chaotic. Choose colors that contradict each other but provide a stunning aesthetic. Having colors that don’t blend well together also creates a head-turning design. Easily capture the guests’ attention and let them marvel at your own masterpiece! You may also see pregnancy announcement cards.

4. Set the Layout

How does setting the layout work? What you need to do is set the margins around the border of the design and pinpoint positions of the images and texts so that they will have enough space apart to avoid cramping them up together. Setting the layout will avoid a cluttered look, which is probably the best thing that you want to happen to your design. Also, doing so will help you estimate how many elements you are going to use. So, in case you come up short, then you know what you need to do. You may also see graduation announcement cards.

5. Pick the Size and Orientation

There is no standard size for the engagement announcement. You can pick any size you want, but make sure that there is enough space for the details to place at. But even if you have the freedom to choose whatever size you want, you have to be mindful of the design will be able to fit in it. Although you can just rescale the design, the reduced size sometimes doesn’t work well. You might even have to take out some elements just to make things still pleasing to look at. You may also see PSD Graduation Announcement Templates.

6. Don’t Forget the Details!

Of course, it wouldn’t be an engagement announcement if there aren’t any details on it. For an engagement announcement, you should take note of the following details:

  • Names of the couple
  • Date and time of the engagement party
  • Name and address of the venue for the engagement party

The details are minimal, but they are more than enough to give people the things that they need to remember about the engagement.

Gold Confetti Engagement Announcement Template

gold confetti engagement announcement template

Simple Engagement Announcement Template

simple engagement announcement template

Navy Engagement Announcement Template

navy engagement announcement template


Being engaged is one of those life-changing moments that will take you by surprise. Whether you already had hinted that it will happen or not, you still won’t be able to prepare for it. The bursting emotions will definitely fly you so high that you won’t be able to recover from it until the actual wedding day. You are going to get married. It’s so surreal, right? The mere thought of it gives you excitement like never before. And, to share this wonderful news, you need to tell your family and friends through the engagement announcement.

The engagement announcement, as we said, can double up as an invitation if you deem it to. And with regards to the design, you can choose to stick with the same theme as the wedding or you can choose a different one. But whatever design you will use, make sure that it has your fingerprint on it. Meaning, you need to put your personal touch on it. This will help you easily design the engagement announcement as the elements of the design will all relate to you as a couple. You can put pictures of your trips together or images of the certain things that you both love and enjoy doing. Make it look like a diary of some sort. You may also see announcement letter templates.

We hope you had fun in choosing a design for the engagement announcement. If this article has helped you, make sure to bookmark this page and share it with your friends who will probably have an engagement in the future. We wish you all the best in the next stage of your life and may you have a happy engagement!

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