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Organizing an event takes a lot of planning and promoting especially if you are holding a huge event. Today, there are different mediums that you can use to promote your event. You can register and log in to various social media platforms to post the announcement or personally hand over a physical event announcement to your audience. The latter is the traditional method and it has proven to be effective especially in reaching a wide audience and properly disseminating the information. And, in order to fully utilize its potential, a captivating design is needed.

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The design of the event announcement depends on the type of event you are holding. If you are organizing a rock music festival, then the design must be appropriate and relevant to it. If you are promoting a circus, then the design must have the elements that relate to a circus. There are various designs that you can create for each event and you will have more than enough choices with the list of designs and templates that we are about to show you. We have curated a list of beautifully creative event announcement designs and templates that both you and the audience will surely love. You can easily purchase and download them with a single click or tap of the purchase button. Check them out!

Mother’s Day Event Announcement Template

mothers day event announcement template 788x563

Graduation Event Announcement Template

graduation event announcement template 788x524

Funeral Event Announcement Template

funeral event announcement template 788x636

Senior Graduation Event Announcement Template

senior graduation event announcement template 788x524

Announcement vs. Invitation

Traditionally, announcements and invitations for any kind of event are done separately. Meaning the hosts or organizers create an announcement card and send them to the guests way before the actual date of the event and send the invitation after some time. This was done for the reason of following the standards or the etiquette. But, in recent times, this has totally changed.

Today, announcements and invitations are merged into one because quite honestly, it is practical to do so. Both the announcement and the invitation have similar information written on them, like the title of the event, the date and time, the venue, and the contact details. And since people are more into saving as much as resources as they can and think of other methods to do so, they have thought of merging the announcement into the invitation or vice versa. This is a move that not only benefits the hosts or organizers but the guests as well. Who would want to keep two cards with the same details in them? It’s a waste of space for the recipients if you ask us.

The hosts or organizers are extremely mindful of the expenses, especially if the budget is limited by the depth of their pockets. An event requires a lot of attention on the finances as there should be more than enough even if there is already a mitigation plan. The goal is to not go over the budget or more importantly, not go near the red line. There are a lot of things to pay for, like the decorations, the food, the venue, and even the lights and sound system if you are planning to rent them.

So, to promote your event in an economical way, merge the announcement and invitation. Also, doing so means a great hurrah for the environment since you are conserving the resources that are needed to create the announcement, like the paper that will be printed on. With everything that has been said, it’s time for you to scourge for the perfect design for your event announcement.

Women Conference Event Announcement Template

women conference event announcement template 788x524

Circus Event Announcement Template

circus event announcement template 788x526

Rock Music Festival Event Announcement Template

rock music festival event announcement template

Retro Circus Event Announcement Template

retro circus event announcement template

Tips for Making the Perfect Event Announcement

In every promotional tool, there needs to be a balance between the content and the design. These two elements must work hand in hand to produce an effective promotion. If you are promoting an event, the details of the content should be accurate for the people to decide if they are free to attend the event or not. Also, it should have a compelling title or tagline so they would be compelled to go for it. And for the design, it should be stunning enough to impress the audience and pique their curiosity about the event. To know more about you can unleash the full potential of these elements, read the tips that we have provided below.

1. Content

The content is only half of the equation to produce a satisfying result. As an announcement, it is expected to have all the necessary information about the event that you are promoting. Check the list below and save it in your checklist so you would know what information you should include in your event announcement.

  • Title. This wouldn’t be an announcement if there is no title to inform the audience about the event’s purpose or reason of being held. The title usually has a format that makes it stand out from the other parts of the content. It can have a larger size or a different font style to make it more distinct and noticeable at first glance. Also, the title should be brief and concise and should be able to let people understand what the event is all about.
  • Name of the Host/Organizer. The name of the host is as important as any other details in the content. It is usually placed below the title or anywhere that you think would be appropriate.
  • Time and Date. This is one of the crucial details that one must be careful of. In setting the time and date, make sure that it is already final. People will be allocating their time, money, and effort for the event, so you have to set in stone so as not to disappoint them. But, if it is inevitable to change the time and date, make sure that you inform them ahead of time regarding the changes so they can make adjustments accordingly.
  • Dress Code. If you require the guests to attend the event wearing a certain dress code, put it in the content. Setting a dress code provides for a more entertaining event, but don’t expect that everyone will be able to comply. Sometimes, guests don’t have that many time and resources to come up with the dress code.
  • Other Contact Details. Aside from your telephone or mobile phone number, you can also include your email address and social media handles. Providing so will give the audience more options to contact you to confirm their attendance or if they have questions regarding the event. Also, it will help them weigh which option would be convenient for them to take.

Floral Fiesta Event Announcement Template

floral fiesta event announcement template

Horse Floral Birthday Event Announcement Template

horse floral birthday event announcement template

First Holy Communion Event Announcement Template

first holy communion event announcement template

Baby Shower Event Announcement Template

baby shower event announcement template

Bridal Shower Event Announcement Template

bridal shower event announcement template

2. Design

The design is the other half of the equation for attaining the perfect event announcement. Creating the design can be tedious as there are a variety of things that you have to consider. But, despite being already overloaded with task regarding the event, allocating a significant amount of time to creating the design will help you release some of the pent-up stress. Also, to give you motivation for creating the design, think about why you organizing or hosting this event and who you are doing this for. This will give you the right amount of push to take the designing of the event announcement seriously. To know more about the tips that you need for designing, check them out below.

  • Choose a Theme. The theme of the design relies on the type of event you are holding. For example, if you are holding an event for a bridal shower, then the theme will be chosen based on its relevance to the type of the event. You can come up with a floral theme, a vintage one, or something else entirely as long as the essence of the design for a bridal shower is still there.
  • Gather Relevant Images. The images can be icons, shapes, graphic art, or photographs. Gather as many images as you can because there may come a time when you need more. Aside from having a backup stash of images, gathering more than what is needed gives you a lot of options to choose from. This will help you explore more sides of the design that you didn’t think you will discover.
  • Pick a Color Scheme. Colors give life to the design, that’s why it’s important to choose a color scheme that will keep the design alive and beautifully attractive. For the color scheme, you can experiment with different combinations. Doing so will give you a lot of options for the colors until you can identify the perfect one for the theme.
  • Choose the Size. The size of the announcement doesn’t have a standard, so you can choose from the predetermined ones or customize one of your own. With regards to the predetermined sizes, you can refer to the size of the paper that you are going to use for the event announcement.
  • Set the Layout. Setting the layout means knowing how wide the margin around the border is and arranging the elements (text and images) of the design in various positions. This will give way to an easier and more convenient method of applying the design after.
  • Put Your Personal Touch. Imprinting a part of yourself to the design allows for a better and more satisfying design. You will be proud of the design since you have imparted a part of yourself into it. Also, putting in your personal touch will make the design have more sentimental value. If the guests will know about this detail, they will surely love and appreciate the design even more.

Are you ready to promote your event?

Promoting an event requires hard work and determination. You have to consider a lot of things in creating the best promotional tool, most notably its content and design. Other than the design and content, you have to look for alternative ways in which you can effectively promote the event like doing gimmicks as you hand out the event announcements to your target audience. This will allow you to further push the potential of the event announcement and utilize its maximum capability. We hope we have helped you in deciding what design to use for your event announcement. We wish you the best of luck for your event!

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