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9+ Gender Reveal Announcement Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

It’s exhilarating to know that a new angel is going to bring joy to the family. But do you know what’s more exciting about it? It is now knowing whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Talk about thrilling! Most of the parents want to immediately know the gender of their baby as soon as possible. But, for those who want to have a more thrilling pregnancy, they try to avoid knowing the gender of their baby and tell the doctor not to inform them about it. This creates intense anticipation for the baby and definitely something to look out for! You may also like baby announcement templates.

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Figuring out the baby’s gender not only excites the family but also the relatives and friends. And, when the moment finally comes, it becomes more memorable and fun to share it with the people you are close with. With this in mind, you can send them an announcement (or invitation) about the grand reveal of your baby’s gender. We have prepared an array of beautiful and cute gender reveal announcement designs and templates for you to choose from. Just choose from any of these templates and download them so you can immediately send the announcement to your family and friends.

Simple Gender Reveal Announcement Template

Cute Gender Reveal Announcement Template

How to Create the Perfect Gender Reveal Announcement?

Gender reveal announcements usually have cute designs that perfectly exude the aesthetics of any template that centralizes on babies. But, you always have the option to deviate from the norm and set a different vibe for it. Aside from the design, you should also take note of the information that you include in the announcement. The information and design must work hand in hand to create the perfect gender reveal announcement. To know more about how you can conceive the best gender reveal announcement, check out the tips that we have laid out below. You may also see engagement announcement cards.

1. Design

The design is only half of the equation into finding the perfect design for any kind of template. Designing a template can be quite a tedious task since you have to be mindful of a lot of things. But despite it all, you can still enjoy every minute of it. You just have to remember why you are doing this and who you are doing this for. The gender reveal isn’t just some kind of show. It’s a special moment where you will get to identify the gender of your child. So, make the best design that there is for your baby! Read on to know more about the tips on making the perfect design for the gender reveal announcement.

  • Choose a Concept. As we said, the child-centric templates usually have cute designs, like unicorns and rainbows and all the fluffy stuff. But, you can still add a twist to it. If you look at our list, you can see that there is a gender reveal announcement that uses a BBQ theme. But even though it has that theme, the essence of the announcement being about the gender reveal is still there. You can incorporate different styles into the gender reveal announcement but without outshining its purpose. Also, you can use different images that showcases various representations of both genders, such as a pistol and pearl, tractor and tiara, and touchdown or tutu.
  • Gather All the Relevant Elements. Once you are done choosing a concept for the gender reveals announcement, it’s time to gather all the relevant elements of the design. For example, if you have chosen the BBQ Gender Reveal Announcement Template, you need to collect images or patterns relating to both the BBQ and gender reveal. For sure, you are going to wonder why there is still a need to gather elements when everything is already pre-made in the template. Although everything is already laid out for you, you still need to tweak it a little. Because in whatever design you create, you need to put your personal touch to it. That’s the secret of having a great design. Designers also do it this way. It’s like imprinting a part of yourself into it. So, if you are willing to go the extra mile and put a personal touch, then gather the relevant elements. If not, then you should skip to the next tip. You may also see PSD wedding announcement templates.
  • Customize the Template. Again, it would be better if you put your personal touch to the design, this means rearranging positions, choosing a different color scheme, or changing some images. You don’t need to make big changes and customization, just a few necessary ones that will make the design look like you personally did the design. Tweak whatever you can tweak and make the best use of it.

Minimalistic Gender Reveal Announcement Template

BBQ Gender Reveal Announcement Template

Chalkboard Gender Reveal Announcement Template

2. Information

The information in the gender reveal announcement is the second part of the equation. Of course, as an announcement, it is required to have the necessary information regarding the grand gender reveal. Check the list below to know about the details that you need to include in the announcement. You may also like birth announcement cards.

  • Name of the Hosts. As the ones holding the event and the parents of the baby, you need to include your names on it so people would know who invited them.
  • Time and Date. In setting the time and date, make sure that it is already final. The attending guests have busy schedules, so you need to make it worth their time and effort when they clear their schedule at the specified time and day.
  • Address of the Venue. This is a crucial information especially those who are not familiar with the venue of the event. If you can, please include a simple map that can easily be understood by the guests. It’s a perfect graphical design element that the guests can use to navigate through the roads and spot the venue quickly. Also, in case they do get lost, they can ask the locals and show the map so they can show the direction to the venue.
  • Dress Code. You can choose to set a dress code or not. But having one makes the grand reveal more entertaining. Also, you can give the guests an option on what to wear, like wearing blue or pink according to what they think the gender of the baby is. You may also see wedding announcement cards.
  • Other RSVP Options. Give other options where the guests can confirm their attendance. Put out your social media handles, email address, and telephone and mobile phone number. Just open your social media accounts from time to time to see if the guests have confirmed their attendance or not, or if they have questions regarding the event.

Gender Reveal Announcement Party Template

Dark Gender Reveal Announcement Template

Awesome Gender Reveal Announcement Template

Watercolor Gender Reveal Announcement Template

Are You Ready for the Grand Reveal?

We’re sure the guests are as excited as you are for the grand reveal of the century! This is everything that you have wished for and now that it has arrived, there’s nothing but intense anticipation and thrill to know the gender of your beloved baby. This is a special gathering that will be full of fun and surprising moments when the time of the revealing comes. Make the most out of it by announcing it through the gender reveal announcement. Invite your friends and family for a fun time that will be etched in their minds and hearts. Congratulations on having a new angel into your lives and have fun in the gender reveal party! What do you think the gender is? You may also see sample wedding announcement templates.

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