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Architecture is the art of planning and constructing buildings for human and business use. But there is more to it than endless best drawings and mind-bending measurements. Every building we see is a product of their hard work. They spend countless sleepless nights putting their ideas and inputs into a concrete work plan. It is a tough job, but after the building has been constructed, it is considered an achievement and a work of art.

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Architects are either work for a firm or on their own. Either way, they need a unique business card to represent themselves to their prospective clients and the people they plan to work with. It is one way of showcasing their identity and gain enough recognition in their field.

If you are an architect and you plan to design your own business card, feel free to go with these cool and stylish templates. These templates are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher.

Architect Business Card Template

architecture business card 767x537 e1511333844941

The two-dimensional, white and yellow pixel-like cover says it all. It is perfect for an architect to use this template for his professional business card. It has the perfect balance of black and white on the back with a quick response (QR) code. You can put the company description on the code for clients to know more about you or your firm. It measures 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches and is small enough to fit in your wallets.

Multiple Minimal Business Card

pv1  788x524

For this template, it shows a bird’s eye view of an urban area. This is perfect for architects if they want to go for a more visually appealing cover. The clean design at the back is in stark contrast to the cover and it looks really good. It is print-ready with two PSD files and two TEXT files.

Black Architect Business Card Template

excellent black business card 767x537 e1511333900676

Black with a touch of gold brings out the class that is suitable for both men and women. It is oriented vertically unlike other designed business cards. The cover is simple and uses a somber shade of gold. It exudes elegance in all aspects.

Architect Business Card Design

blue black 788x557

Veering away from the usual black and white design, the template uses two shades of blue for every card. It has well-organized layers and can be edited. The design, though simple, adds a classy quality to the template.

Simple Architect Business Card Template

architecture business card template 767x537 e1511333983983

The reversal of black and white on the cover and back of this business card template is a fresh diversion from its mish-mash counterparts. The shade of white on the cover is more muted by a few notches. It also uses clean fonts that go well with the colors.

Corporate Architecture Business Card

corporate architecture business card template preview 1  788x591

This corporate business card template can be used by architects or anyone in the creative area. The design is multi-purpose and fits all the creative needs. It is print-ready with the CMYK color model. It is also fully-layered and organized with folders.

Simple Minimal Business Card Template

simple business card mock up 767x537 e1511334105626

This minimal business card template measures 3.5 inches by 2 inches vertically. Go for this design if you still want a black and white motif but with lesser details. You only have to change the font and the logo to something you like.

Architecture Business Card


With a worm’s eye view of the building, this template has a sharp focus for visuals. It has CMYK settings and it is easy to customize. It also has an easy color change scheme with a 300 DPI High Resolution. And one good thing, it is available with square and round corners as well.

Black Business Card Template

black business card black mock up 767x537 e1511334218762

If you prefer to have black dominate your personal business card, then this template is good for you. While most of the background is black, it uses white-colored fonts, which makes it simply classy. It is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in size so there is a little need to put some additional details.

7 Architect’s Business Cards Template

bundle 2 788x525

This bundle includes 14 PSD files and seven color variations to choose from. Each color has its own distinct flavor when used as a business card example. Text layers can be easily edited. It gives out the corporate architectural vibe with its cover design and how the details are arranged. The variation of colors is not boring.

Architect Business Card Template

01  788x524

For those looking for a brighter yet minimalist design, try out this template. It is modern and fully customizable. It is compatible with editing in Photoshop and the colors can be changed according to your preference. This is also print-ready, so there is nothing to worry about.

City Building Corporate Identity

city building corporate identity

The template’s urban style design captures the architect’s daily grind. This can be used for any commercial or personal activities. All details are editable and it is print-ready. It includes a business card layout, letterhead template, envelope and signage designs, and flyers.

Architect Card

mockup  788x573

Another way of establishing your business and profession as an architect is by putting a photo of a building in your design. Photos serve as visual aids and supplementary designs to the blank business card. The cover shows the upper portion of a building. It will surely give clients an idea about the nature of your work. The template is also ideal for events, branding, and other purposes.

Architect/Construction Business Card

3  788x591

The template comes in a few color variations (green and black; red and black; red and white) aside from the blue and black design. It is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in size with bleed and trim lines. The file is in high-resolution.

Dark Business Card

dark business card 58 preview 4  788x524

The most squeaky clean of all the templates, it relies heavily on the kind of font that it uses. It does not have many details to modify and does not lose its mysterious touch. For architects who want to choose a template, this one is a must-try. As this is print-ready, print it on black or dark background of paper for a better effect. The template is compatible with Photoshop CS2 with two PSD files.

Things to remember when designing a business card

Designing a template for a cool business card can be quite tricky and difficult. Here are some things to remember during the designing process.

Choose an easy-to-edit template

It is always the basic step in making a business card. You will not go far if you do not choose a template that is easy for you to edit. There are many to choose from, so choose whatever suits your taste.

Be keen on details

Details are an important part of a business card. Make sure it has the correct spelling of the contact list information and the right shade of colors for the background and the logos. Any glitches in the design can be easily seen so it is important to keep a sharp eye.

Add some finishing touches

Now that you have completed your design, it is time to add some finishing touches. Adjust the placement of some details. Put in additional colors or remove some. Check the file format. After doing the finishing touches, prepare for printing.

Finish, check, and print

Finish off some parts that need to be done and double check your work. It pays a lot to double-check since it is a graphic designer. Do not forget to check the file format if it is suitable for printing. Once everything has been ironed out, print your newly-designed business card format.

While there are a lot of templates to choose from, it is best to choose carefully. Since architects have an eye for design, they can pull off a sleek and sophisticated cheap business card for their own use.

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