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13+ Inspiring Ballpoint Artworks

Though the romance between pen and paper has become a yesteryear’s topic, the Ballpoint pen remains the favorite medium for many artists and amateur doodlers. They believe the magic is unfadeable. They often share their skills with so many like-minded people across the globe even today. Do you want to see some to believe? Just scroll down for some realistic artworks. Get a grab.

Fantastic Ballpoint Artwork


The concept has mermaids in the blue sea. We have gone deep in the blue. Often, we hear about the mystical mermaids. (well, don’t go too fictitious). Here, the artist goes with a mix.

Watercolor Ballpoint Artwork


Another toon series in the exhibition. It resembles Narnia in the outward animation way. Kudos to the Ballpoint Pen that goes curves and arches all the way. Great work. You can also see Graffiti Artworks.

Zebra Ballpoint Artwork


Take a closer look at this zebra. Can you really believe that a ball-point does all this magic? Hard to believe. But yes, this is a ball-point pen artwork; a masterpiece in every sense.

Realistic Ballpoint Drawing


This is ridiculously amazing. But nothing is impossible if the artist is capable enough to handle the show. From the hair to the beard, the artist has left no stone unturned to furnish this masterpiece. Let’s not protrude much. Because the more you watch, the more you admire.

Butterfly Ballpoint Sketch


Butterfly in blue? If the art is captivating, the viewers will not think of the possibilities and realities. Here the artist’s adeptness has become evident as he has performed wonderfully well with the limited sources available.

Photorealistic Drawing Ballpoint Artwork


Generally, it takes hours together to draw a still photograph. Imagine the amount of effort the artist paid to craft the image so livelier. Master in making, isn’t it?

Fox Ballpoint Artwork


Nothing is exceptional for artwork. Dog, fox, cat, and/or tiger. See this fox for instance. Its fur is so realistic and the image throws a challenge for many practice holders.

Signpentink Ballpoint Artwork


An image depicts a thousand words. The artist has exactly tried the same. The image takes a poetic approach to mesmerize the viewers. Coming to the concept, when art meets culture, the output always turns out to be magnificent and receives plaudits from all over. Same is the case here. The glorious queen with the crown and other ornaments like petals is a daring attempt.

Skull Ballpoint Drawing


Are you a bone fan? Then this skull garland can be a measurable and memorable favorite for you. Ballpoint Artwork is pretty complicated, and this drawing comes with increased complexity. We don’t know if it’s the artist’s conscious choice or an assigned job. But the work is appreciable.

 Women Ballpoint Artwork


Art work with a magnifying glass? It shows the artist’s level of commitment towards the work. However, the artist has the knack to hide his secret artistic skills and revealed just ‘the man in the mask’.

Vintage Ballpoint Artwork


Shinee Ballpoint Artwork

We know that Ballpoint pens are good for writing. But they are not limited to that. Of course, you cannot say no after witnessing so many wonderful works. Is it so that your hands are itching too after going through the collection!?

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